Can you guess where i work....

Yeah, its part time. Ugh such a lame uniform. But its extra money which is good!

(keep reminding myself of the money to make me go there in the evenings... its torture smelling the pizza's and not eating them... haha)

Feet... Winter edition

I went through a phase of taking pictures of feet... dunno why, but hey they look kinda cool!

Ooh there is a winter/spring on there ^^ - With the Croc's.... nice.

Weekend organising..

This weekend, was going really good. Spent some time with mum, we dog proofed her garden ready for the dogs going there in the week. I recieved some belated Birthday presents, which im sooooo grateful for!!

Got £10 gift card for Primark, so should be handy for my next discount clothing fix.
A paint-by-numbers, havent done one for years, i love painting, its so relaxing.

Also got a new Movie, Valentines day on dvd, quite a good film, so many people in it, and i kept getting confused between Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway... why do they have to look alike?

Also above, you will see the Ikea Dvd racks that mike put up, we now have 4 of them up in the Lounge- so thats 144 dvds on display... colourful. (also means we have space for 144 more Dvds in the cupboards with the rest of the collection... hehe)

I also made the little Ikea table look better, and less cluttered too.. thanks to some fabric my birthday present was wrapped up in. Nothing like a bit of recycling to make the decor look better.. :)

Before After

I also started reading this at the weekend, its good. REAL good.
Go buy it, or read it on Stephanie Meyers website for free.... i bought it because obviously i need to have it in my collection!!

Thats enough from me today, im watching Gilmore girls and drinking tea...

Black tea, just the way i like it ♥

Snoopy, is another thing that i love, and have loved since i was 2. You gotta love this little vintage mirror i have in my lounge.... i also have about another 20 mirrors stashed away, but thats for another time... *sluurrrrrp* im off Tea time.


Im a terrible hoarder, but this is my 'Dressing Table' ... its actually a big cupboard with two drawers, and a 2 doors which open up with a shelf inside... its one of them items of furniture that are too big, and old but you just love em'

I like it to be organised, but its more of an organised chaos i think.

It gets worse, Here is my wardrobe; this is only half my clothes... ughhh

I need to get rid of some, (i have sorted some out for charity in the tub on the floor) But i made a vow to myself from now on im going to get rid of clothes when i buy more.

Damn you Sales!!

Friday Photos

Well thats my friday...

Finished off with Pizza, some carrot juice and some Tv.


Yesturdays lunch was actually quite Yummy..

Spicy Cous Cous with Quorn (fake chicken) ..

Im loving my New Big Tumbler glasses, i can actually have a FULL glass of juice or water and it lasts, and it looks cheery :) - and even better they only cost £2 for 3 glasses!!!! woooo Bargains!

My first post...

I decided that after doing the blog for my Dogs... over on its a dogs life, that there was things on there i couldnt post about as it wasnt 'dog' related...

So, here i am... With my OWN blog...

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