Feeling a sense of achievement...

Sounds silly but i feel so proud of myself!

I was having issues with my domain name a month or so ago. I received an email from Google saying i had to have my payments for my .com set to auto renew. Easy enough i thought, how wrong was i.

It took me numerous attempts to sign in to the Google app store, but to no avail i couldn't get in, and it was seriously driving my nuts!

Last night i sussed it, and ran around the room having a one woman party and high fived mike... It was a happy moment. At least it means i dont have to change domains which is what i planned to do as im a quitter when the going gets tough.

I have been feeling a bit more positive about my blog since last night, and gave it a bit of a spruce up. I'm loving it, and i hope anyone who reads it also likes it. I got the back ground from Shabby Blogs and got everything else from a few other websites. I even had a dabble at HTML, and made the social icon thingys work. i have litterally no patience for things like this, i get mad and want to get smashy with my computer. But i did it! yay!

I will be back soon with some festive posts :)


Photo a day challenge for December..

I have been a follower of Fat mum slim on instagram for a long time now. 

I have usually signed up to her monthly photo challenges but always forgotten a few days in, but not this month! 

I'm still going strong 9 days in, and im enjoying it, i think its because its december and festive and a bit more meaningful.

Here are some of my snaps so far..

Day one - Red

Day 2 - Where i stood

Day 3 - Silver

Day 4 - Tiny

Day 5 - In the cupboard

Day 6 - Shadow

Day 7 - 6 o'clock

Day 8 - I shop here
This is where i am so far, and ill post again when im further through the month. If you are doing the challenge be sure to let me know so i can check it out!

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