Pay Day Cosmetic wish list

I have been itching for payday to hurry the hell up, i have a strict budget becuase im trying to get debt free this year... So im thinking that this pay these are the things i want to treat myself too..

Rimmell 1000 kisses - In the colour Tirimisu ... (i think, ill have to do some more swatching on my hands.. )
They are on 3 for 2 in Boots amongst other make up items. 

I would really like a Revlon version of these too as they are equally as lovely, but i think there better quality as the swatch on hand lasted 2 days!!!! (i scrubbed it and it wouldnt come off! haha)

I cant remember what colour revlon one i liked, so again ill have to swatch them all... Again there in the 3 for 2 in boots.

Another thing i really would like to get is a bronzer, I saw my cousin had this Bourjois once which smells and looks like chocolate! its £6.99 but again its 3 for 2.

yummmmm chocolate!

As everyone's aware i love Soap & Glory make up, i haven't really bought any of the bath stuff or face stuff (apart from the glow job i received for Xmas) So i was thinking of getting there 15 min Facial peel for me and mike to try.

Its £8, and there is an offer on that if you spend £10 or more you get the Foam call bath and shower wash free, typical the item i want is under £10!!! gah (>.<)

So maybe i can find something for £2 to get it free... we'll see... hmm. maybe a facial massager -

£4, might get rid of my dry skin too..

I have seen a lot of hype about MUA make up, and to be honest I've over looked it in superdrug as it is so cheap I've just thought, well thats bound to be a load of crap... So i might get an eye-shadow to try it out.

I like the look of the Pink Sorbet trio eyeshadow - £2.50

I need a bronzer, and with the MUA one only being £2.50 i think i might just give it a go.

MUA Mosiac Bronzer ^^

Here is to pay day budget shopping! :) I work hard to deserve a little treat... ill update you with what i decide to buy. (After I've paid £60 for the dogs yearly Jabs )

T'is the Season to be 'Springy'

I love the spring time, its better than summer as its more manageable. I dont get way to hot and get frizzy hair, you can wear summer-ish clothes, but wear a nice cardi if you get cold.

This is what i'd love to be wearing this spring time. (Also providing i can shift more weight off ... )

New look - £16.99
Lipsy (on next directory) £28
Geri for NEXT £24
Spring colours for lips ♥

 Next £12.50         

And saving the best to last... this is what i WANT to be wearing, but they are out of budget sadly...

Irregular choice - £85
Spring is of course all about this...

Ahh cuuuuuuute!

Something Yummy!

I got another graze box this week, and OH-MY-GOD!!!

These were so yummmmmmmmmy ♥

So nice, I cant wait for their Spring collection, berry flapjacks... yum!

What a week!

This has been on eventful week... they say things come in three's.. i dont think anything can get worse now.

After my Nana passing away last Thursday, my brother was involved in a serious car accident this thursday.
He was on his motor bike and got hit by a car pulling out of a junction. He is ok and alive, but he has a bad injury to his knee and had to have an operation yesterday to clean it as he got Air and grit and road debris trapped in the joint. He has to have Antibiotics through an IV to make sure he doesnt get a serious infection.
He is one very fed up boy at the hospital, he isnt a very good patient thats for sure! ;)

Im just feeling mentally drained now after all of this, its been by far the worst week of our lives!


I'm so grateful that my brother is alive, it makes you realise how precious life is.

A little bit of saturday shopping

I decided to pop out on Saturday following an incredibly hard few days i just had to get out the house so off i went into town... the day before mothers day, it was awful. So busy, so many people. n.e.v.e.r again will i try to go to card factory on a special occasion.

My head was a bit all over the place so with the added business i couldn't remember what i wanted to buy and i ended up going to all the wrong shops..ugh.

My main mission was to get some moisturiser as mine has run out, and i wanted something more suited to dry skin, seeing as mines decided to change from combo to incredibly dry...

From Super-drug -  All on offer :)

Johnsons face wipes for Dry skin - £1.52
Lynx For her - £1.99
Olay Essentials complete care - £3.60
Total = £7.11

I then went to Boots and bought a new Batiste which is cherry scented. I loved the sample size so much i definatly will be getting this dry shampoo again, its amazing stuff. I also got some cotton pads for my cleanser as i'd ran out, so nothing too exciting there. The Batiste was £2.99.

The Lynx for her smells nice, it kind of smells like water melon. Its basically the same as Impulse though, which is funny as i always considered Impulse to be the female version of Lynx anyway.

I'll write up another time about the Olay as I've never used it before so ill write my thoughts on it at a later date.

Anyway thats what I've been buying to top up my beauty supplies :)

A little bit of Liz Earle...

I have been having such bad skin problems lately, i just cant seem to get enough moisture on my face its gone from being combo skin to extremely dry borderline looking like Eczema on my cheek and one of my eyelids.

So for one week i put E45 itchy cream on all the dry patches on my face but it hadnt really made any difference at all.

I received a Liz Earle Sample for the Hot Cloth cleanser (which came with a muslin cloth) which is different to any cleanser i've ever used before! I was also sent a booklet on the other products they have to offer, which as got me hooked now.

It is a very generous sized sample and i can get a good couple of uses from it. I liberally applied the cleanser to dry skin on my face and massaged it in circular motions, whilst i was doing this i scrunched the muslin cloth under the hot tap to warm up.

A very thick creamy texture.

Before... (sorry about looking rough)
Looking a little red after the muslin polish off...but thats normal for my skin.
 I got a bit of a red face after polishing it off with the Muslin but my skin felt amazing the next day, the patches of dry skin had nearly cleared up on my cheek, I'm going to get the full size product once I've used the sample up, Its £14.95 for the starter pack and its in a pump sized 100ml bottle with a muslin cloth.

Its definatly a new fav of mine already!


A day i'll never forget...

I cant believe im going to write this, i knew this day would come, but it was just so unexpected.

September 2011

My Great Grandmother, aka: Little Nana passed away

She was such a kind lady, she would do anything for anyone, she made the best cakes & home made soups, and she had the softest hands. I will always remember her for the times we spent in her huge garden at the cottage she lived in, how she always stockpiled home made Jams in her outhouse so we could always pick a jar to take home whenever we visited. I remember hot sunny days spent in her garden helping her to clean all the brass, getting high from the brasso, but carrying on anyway. The night i had a sleepover there and she made me cheese on toast (in a saucepan with milk?!) and i was so sick from a bug, but it put me off cheese on toast ever since. I remember her always rushing about in her slippers with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, letting the ash get so long but it never seemed to fall off. It still makes me laugh about the time the phone rang and Nana rushed to get it and kicked the door off my barbie camper van, and standing on my cousins tamogotchi. Nana was greatly loved for 89 years of her life, and will never be forgotten.

So many memories all good, they will always outweigh the last day i saw her. Im glad i was there with her on that day to say my goodbyes, and make sure she was ok. Big Granddad was waiting for her getting impatient  the lights were flickering in the hall outside her room, and her lamp was flickering when i was sat in the chair opposite her bed. There was this sense of calmness when i was with her, which is what makes me believe that she was happy to go, happy to be with Big Granddad once again.

My Nana & Granddad many years ago.
Nana & Granddad on their wedding day (approx 1944)

I love you Little Nana and I'll always miss you, but i know you will be with me all the time in my   heart. ♥

Most amazing notebook!

I had an email from Photobox stating i had £5 free credit from referring a friend..(i dont remember doing this, but i was game for a freebie!)

So i decided to try out one of there Notebooks, all i ended up paying was £1.96.

I think they will make lovely gifts for people, i love mine so much i dont want to write in it!

 Such a simple thing, but im a total stationary geek and i love this notebook!

I've gone Graze-y again...

I was given a gift subscription for graze for 4 boxes, so thought i'd show you what yummy delights i got inside this week... yummmm.

Fits right through your letter box

first opened
Nutritional info & discounts for friends

4 containers with your Graze snacks


Seriously i live for this flapjack... its amazing.
Amazing tasting seeds

little mixture of yumminess

and a free handy napkin!
 If you would like a free graze box then just Quote - 

Its all in the Mind....

I am quite inquisitive and like to learn, especially things to do with my mind, or the way people think and their emotions... this is what i've learnt about myself..

Am i an Introvert or Extrovert?

Well it so happens im on the fence... Right in the middle of the two. Why cant i just be one or the other? haha
typical for me, makes it more confusing as im a bit of everything. (I took three different online tests and both had the same outcome )

So im 50/50.

I also took a personality test on the BBC website 

And this is what it said:

My Results


Some people like lots of stimulation; they want people around them, activity and excitement, whilst others prefer to be able to focus on things in a calm and quiet environment. Most people prefer a blend of the two extremes and your answers suggest that you are quite comfortable in either situation. You can probably cope with things being a bit hectic or a bit quiet but, like most people, you may find extremes in either direction uncomfortable or annoying.


Some people make decisions very easily and tend not to worry about them before or afterwards while, at the other extreme, some people are so careful and cautious that the decisions never get made! Taking a cautious approach can be a good thing (do you want to fly with a pilot that is so free from worry and concern that she never checks her controls and instruments and doesn't bother to communicate with air-traffic control?) and you seem to have described yourself as someone who does tend to be quite cautious and careful. This can be very important in detailed work or areas were mistakes can have a major cost although you may find yourself avoiding risks and many cautious people wish they were bolder.


While some people like experimenting with new things and ideas, others prefer traditional methods and taking a very practical approach to problems.
Your answers suggest that you like to balance a willingness to try new things with making sure you don't scrap an existing approach that works just because it has been around for a while. Like most people you may not enjoy constant change and uncertainty or an environment where nothing develops from year to year, but your preparedness to see the merits of new and old alike can be helpful.


Most people want to be able to get on with others but to some it is the most important thing in the world, whilst others are quite happy to upset someone else if it means that things get done.
Your answers suggest that you can be firm with people when you need to be but that getting on with others is still important to you. Like most people you would rather avoid conflict but are not prepared to put up with being treated badly by others.


Some people like everything to be well planned, tidy and organised, whilst others prefer to deal with things as they come up and appear to work in absolute chaos.
Your answers suggest that you don't like having things too structured or being tied down and you can cope quite well without having to have everything organised. This may make it hard to find things at times or for colleagues to know where you are or what you are doing, but you probably find coping with the unexpected (the things your colleagues didn't plan for!) easier than many.

I know this is totally random... but i find it really interesting! :)





Some monthly randoms: Feb 2012

No theme to this post just some random pictures from February...

I havent been posting much as i have been working really hard, and got a promotion at work!! 
big Woooooo to me!! So thats why my posts have been a bit sporadic! But start of April it will be back on track and more to talk about.

Having a read through weight watchers

Watching Youtube

My new Personalised Notebook

Letter from my friend in Singapore.
Our first V-day as married couple.

My little Ikea slip up table in the kitchen (love my fairy lights in the Vase)

Dog treats ♥

Christening day!

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