Celebrating my sister Bow's 18th Birthday

You may have seen i posted yesturday to say happy birthday to Bow, well we all went out for dinner to celebrate her turning the legal age of 18!

Scary stuff... i remember when it was just me and Louix, and mum telling me she was pregnant... feels like a few years ago, not over 18!!!

We went to a restaurant called Chimichangas's which is Mexican and the food is amazing. Better than Chiquitos, which made me ill!
My Jack cheese & mushroom Quesadillas

Bows Chicken Fajita's

Mikes Cajun chicken and Ribs

 We had a really nice evening and Bow got to open her presents from us all...


I bought her this Monkey as there her favourite animals, they look alike dont you think.. haha

Bow's first legal drink!

Then the moment every one dreads, but it couldnt go missed!


Quote from the evening 'I didnt want to be sung to, i just wanted cake'
Brat Haha

Apart from drinking the worst thing in the world that they call 'Margarita's' I had a really good night with my family :)


Ohhh no she didnt!

My little sister Bow did not just turn 18 today did she...

Omffffg.... I feel old.

My sanctuary, Boots

I was sneaky and saw an offer for sanctuary products in boots...

Spend £10 on sanctuary and get a free candle worth £10.50

I was on that like a shopaholic's on a sample sale.

I bought the foaming bubble bath, and body oil spray which came to £11.50, and this beauty was free.


Cookie Tastic

When its 'that' time of the month... this happens.

The Rules:

Make Cookies as per the packet, except make the dough smaller so you get more...
Make sure to like the dough off your fingers...
Cook Brownies, cut into squares ...

Get ice cream out of the freezer and sandwich it all together.

Grab spoon


Then, go back and eat more cookies later.


Valentines day Giveaway - No. 2

Im back with another Giveaway, you just gotta share the Love people!

You could win a Soap and Glory Lip palette which has 6 colours and a nice brush. They' are shades from their lipstick range called Naked Beige, Guava Rama, Red my Lips, The missing pink, Perfect day and Man trap. (The ones in bold i have the lipsticks, and i adore them!)

There is also 2 Boots No.7 Nail polishes in 'Milan (Left) 'Me Me Me' on the right.

I wish you good luck!

Rules for Giveaway (Enter via Raffle copter)

Open to anyone in the world.
You have to be a follower of Ramblings of Geo
And i will need your email address to contact you.
Winner will be notified on the 28th Feb!

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DIY Nail art: Valentines day!

You may, or may not know that i love You tube, love as in obsessed. I don't watch soaps on TV, i watch daily Vlogs, or random videos on you tube!

One of the first people i subscribed to was Michelle Phan, Shes an amazing make up artist, and puts some really good tutorials up on her channel. She recently did this tutorial, and i thought i would give it a try.

Firstly you need:

  • Plasters (or Band aids if your from the US)
  • Scissors
  • Base coat
  • Nail polish colour of choice
  • Accent colour nail polish for the hearts
  • Top coat

Paint your nails as you would normally, i used Nails inc Porchester Square, Then use a base coat, then leave to try for a while,  to be on the safe side i left them for an hour. 

Then the fun bit!

Cut off the sticky bits of the plaster, and fold in half, cut half a heart out and you have a perfect heart shape (admittedly i did this a few times to get the heart shape i liked)
Stick the stencil on your nail and press down the edges.

Paint your accent colour over the heart cut out, i used Nails inc in 'St James', you could also do it in gold which would look quite glam. Peel off the stencil carefully after about 10 seconds
Let the hearts dry a bit longer then apply a top coat, be careful to avoid drag and smudging the red hearts.

I did the hearts on my thumbs and both ring fingers, you could do it on all fingers if you like to be extra romantic, but i needed mine to be a bit more low key for work. 


There you have it, a really simple nail art tutorial. 

Check out Michelle Phans video to see where i got my inspiration from. 

PS. If you havent entered my give away you can by clicking here - Valentines Giveaway

Do you read?

I read, every day

Not always books, but blogs and magazines too.

These all count as reading ya know!

But there is nothing better than actually getting engrosed in a good fictional story, a story that you can read and forget about your day to day stresses, and you can just get wrapped up in a romance, or a criminal investigation, or a fantasy. Everyone has their own way of reading. I am constatly hearing people talking about their Kindles, or Nook, or what ever else there is on offer, and this made me think, would i like to read a book on a electrical device.

I decided to download the Kindle app to my Samsung Galaxy S3, for free, and downloaded a book i had seen in WH Smiths called 'Thursdays in the Park' by Hilary Boyd. It cost me about 20p in one of their sales *happy dance*

Now i thought that i would hate reading a book on my phone as its just not a 'book' is it?

But i was proved wrong.

I really enjoyed this book, i was able to dim the screen a bit so it didnt hurt my eyes too much, although i did get eye strain at night when i was hidden under the quilt reading past midnight. It was convienent to be able to read in bed, a quick flick of the finger and i was able to turn the page, i could hold my finger on a word and the dictionary told me what it meant.

I would say that if you have a smart phone, you just dont need a Kindle. I know now that i definatly dont want one. I'd much rather use my phone as i have it with me all the time anyway, make sense to not have another device to remember to charge up, and have weighing down you bag.

 My new years resolution was to read 1 book a month. 

Now for all you Bookworms out there you may think, Pfffft a book a month, i read one a week! 

Well... this is the girl who has half read a ton of books, they lay lieing around my home screaming 'Read me again' 'Finish me' 'Hey, You, remember me from 2007??'

So yup... im busy most the time, but i have found reading for half hour before bed helps me wind down.

So far i have read Thursdays in the park, im half way through (and still reading) Blog inc, by Joy Deangdeelert Cho, and i also bought Young House love's DIY home book. I have read the Intro but im flicking through it as inspiration.

Next book is 'The last to know' by Melissa Hill. 

American style Pancake Recipe... Weightwatcher style!

I'm back with another weight watcher recipe, i decided to make the American pancakes that are in the getting started guide, mainly because you need minimal ingredients and they are quick to make.

Recipe makes 12, and its 5 Pro points for 3. (Aim for 8cm diameter on the pancakes)

Here we go...

You will need:

100ml Semi Skimmed Milk
1 Egg
100g Self raising flour
2 tbsp Maple syrup...Yum!
1 Banana (In my case one Banana that's definitely seen better days)
1tsp low fat butter

 Firstly you will need to measure out and sift 100grams of flour into a bowl, add the egg and milk...

Then finely chop the banana and add 1/2 of the Banana and your 2 tbsp of Maple syrup as you whisk it up until its a smooth consistency.

 Then put 1 tsp of low fat butter into a frying pan and slowly melt to grease up the pan, pour the batter into the pan into circles, or ovals in my case. (This is where i thought i would have to stop them merging into one, but they hit the pan and started cooking straight away)

Give the bottom chance to brown up a bit, then cut up the other half of the banana into slices and add 3 of them to each pancake like in the picture above. 

Flip the pancakes and let the top cook, i did lightly press the pancakes down to help them cook as these pancakes are quite thick and you don't want any gooey batter in the middle. 

Then you end up with this!

You can cut up more banana and put it over the top, and then drizzle some more Maple syrup over them.

This is seriously yummy at 5 Pro points for 3 pancakes , totally worth it and could be a nice treat for Pancake day!


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Share the Love... Valentines day Giveaway!

I wanted to share the love, that's what valentines day is all about isn't it!?

Whether your married, in a relationship, single, whatever... you all should share the love sometimes. I believe that if your kind to others then you cant go wrong in life!

I'm proud of where my blog is going, and I'm happy at how far its come in nearly 3 years... (yep, 3 whole years... madness!!!!)

The first of 3 competitions that i have running are...

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