Do you ever have those days where you just feel angry... thats how im rolling today.

I think you should just roll with the mood, dont fight it, if you feel a big grump then just let it all out...

On the plus side... 

I'm going to London Saturday!!!

Afternoon tea at the Berkeley, shopping at westfields, hit up some Selfridges and Harrods and probably a bit of oxford street and Covent garden if we can squeeze it in. I've been saving for this for a while, so im excited to treat myself and get some Christmas shopping done. 

Ill post about that next week... but for now her are a few pictures to keep you entertained.

Nugget our Golden nugget sail fin Pleco... so cool!!

Yummy English breakfast Decaffeinated tea with a HUGE custard cream!

Fortune cookie!

Snuggly Diesel dog ♥

Yummiest muller yogurt for kids!

Thats all folks...

USA Haul - Beauty

I was lucky enough to ask my nan to pick up a few bits for me when she went to Texas, she hit up Walgreen's, walmart and CVS to grab me some make up!

First on my list was Wet n Wild eye shadow palettes, First up is a 8 pan eyeshadow called Comfort Zone, it has some really nice browns, and greens perfect for autumn time.

Next is the two small 3 pan eyeshadow palettes...

Left is Walking on egg shells & Dont steal my thunder
 Walking on Egg shells..

Walking on egg shells is my ultimate favorite, i never realized how much i LOVE the eyelid colour, it really brightens up your eyes, i need to find a replacement for when this one runs out.

Next one is dont steal my thunder, which i haven't really managed to get to work for me.... i need to practice more. Which i appear to have forgotten to take a close up of...oops.

Next up is the infamous.... 

EOS Lipbalm!

I got it in pomegranate raspberry, which is Okay... but not the nicest. I think if i can ill try and get sweet mint or something. In comparison to the Balmi's, the EOS is much better, they dont even compare to be honest. EOS is bigger, and not as flimsy.

Next must have was the Physicians Formula Happy booster blusher, its so cute!!

It has an AMAZING scent to, like flowery, very boosting of the mood. 

Love hearts!

Under the blush is a little brush!
I like how they provide a cute brush under the blusher, its quite cute, but crap... ha

this Blush is very pink, especially if your still off your face on anesthetic and trying to get ready to go out... lets just say my already pink cheeks ended up like something off Noddy!

I want to try out more from this brand now... hmmmmpf :(

And F-i-n-a-l-l-y...

Wet n wild nail polishes, which were 99cents each! bargain central baby.

And i have no idea what there called... sorry, they just have numbers on the lids. Plus i think there discontinued as they were on sale.

When i use the make up ill get some face of the days put up so i can show how AWESOME the make up is!



We spent a few days at Butlins in Bognor at the beginning of the month with my husbands family, you cant beat a bit of butlins cheesiness!

We went for the family week which was ok, the entertainment was a bit crap but entertaining if you have kids i guess. (We just got drunk instead to put up with it... ha)

THE largest deck chair ever!!
To me all Butlins is, is arcades and money wasting. Dont get me wrong its cool for kids, but as an adult who doesnt have surpless amounts of money to waste, it just wasn't that fun.

The highlight of the trip was seeing the sesame street show.. haha

I spent some time on the beach front soaking up some sun, it was really warm one day so we just sat and chilled after our mooch about the town. 

Little Arcade of shops

And finally... Me and Mike :) ♥

MUA Smokin Palette

Just a quick post to show off the MUA Smokin palette, i bought it a few weeks ago after i saw it on their facebook page. Its so cheap, and good quality i couldnt not buy it!

It has some serious cool colours, very nice for Autumn time. I like that they have missed out the crappy spongy brush, and put an eyeliner instead!(Which is really good by the way!)

Here are some swatches of the palette:

Bottom row of colours

The browns


Black eye liner - really creamy!
This cost me £6, what i love is that this one has square pans so you get more for your money. As always the quality is really good, and comparable to high end brands in my opinion!

Hope you like it!


Whats been going on lately...

I've had a week of my worst fears... needles & dentists!!

Monday started with a blood test which was just a general all rounder as I haven't been feeling well lately, turns out everythings good nothing too serious except I have high triglycerides. Which is because im over weight. So I need to rectify it now rather than when im older so I dont damage my body & get diabetes or heart disease.  Scary stuff!

Friday I then had to go have a tooth extracted at hospital and be put under general anaesthetic. I got to hospital at 7.45am & then waited nil by mouth until about 12.45 before I went into surgery. I literally am so scared of the dentist I get so anxious, so im glad I went down this route. I felt a bit anxious when I went down to theatre, luckily I had numbing cream on my hands so I didnt feel the needle... and ohhh man the feeling of going under is wierd. As they put the fluid stuff in your cannula you can feel it rush up your arm! I felt it all cold and almost felt like I could taste it in my neck. Then boom I was out like a light!

Next thing I know im sort of waking up and had such a sore throat, which was because of my breathing tube. Then I get a tap on the shoulder and a Georgia your in recovery, and then they pulled out my tube, abd instant relief no more sore throat! God knows what they did to me when I was under though as I woke up with a really stiff neck, they must have jarred it. Ugh hospitals.

I woke up pretty quickly, and just wanted to get home & see my dogs ♥

I wad home back in bed by about 3, then I wad like a zombie for the rest of the day. So bad that when mike got home we haf to get ready for a wedding reception and he suggested I put make up on......

He always says he prefers me without.

On inspection of my face, I looked like death in the mirror haha!

Pale face & black all around the eyes, not a good look!

I've been really tired today too, think its because I went out last night,  definitely should have rested. Oops.

Thought I'd post some random pics from my ordeal :) hope you like the zombie look from when I first woke up! Haha

Family wedding & my Outfit

This week we had a wedding in the family, thought i would show some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Brides Bouquet

The happy couple

My button hole

Bridesmaids corsage
Back and Front of my dress

My dress is from Very and cost me £32, i really fancied something colourful for my outfit as im bored of wearing my plain black skater dress, or colourful tea dresses. I'm so glad i chose this as i have a few events i can wear it to coming up!

You can buy it here.. click

My shoes are from ASOS which were my bargain from ebay at 99p plus postage! 

 My nails were nails for the day, blue glitter, Nails inc, but ... i've forgotten the name. oops.

Bag of choice

 My bag is from Ted Baker circa 2004, a cheeky airport purchase back in the days of frivolous money and no bills.

Me & the Husband :)

Me & Mikey, coordinating our colours - ha! ♥

#Pinkie Pink campaign!

If your not aware by now, October is Breast cancer awareness month!

To help raise awareness Nails inc have made a pink glitter nail polish called 'Pinkie Pink' especially for your little finger to show your supporting the charity for the month.

 As you know i love to raise money for charity, especially for cancer research. I was sent this nail polish which i LOVE!

I teamed it with Nails inc Black taxi which is a really nice Jet black, and of course finished it with the Nails inc quick dry top coat, which sadly needs replacing as its gone all gloopy, sad times for my trusty nearly empty topcoat. meh.

This glitter polish is on sale for £11, Nails inc are donating £1 to the Breast cancer care charity for every polish sold.

You can buy it from Nails inc here

You can also have the chance to win £250 worth of nails inc products by tweeting your photo to @nailsinc @BCCampaign #Pinkiepink, or post to facebook.com/nailsinclondon  or
email to paintyourpinkiepink@nailsinc.com 

Go enter!! 

Go my pretties and win yourself some nail polish.... seriously, run.

*Runs off to enter competition*

Stila positively Pink cheek palette: Review

If you weren't aware October is Breast cancer awareness month!

To help raise awareness Stila brought out a Blush palette called Positively Pink, it even has the famous Ribbon's as highlights. Stila are even donating $1 per blush to Breast cancer research foundation. 

Ohhhhh i just cant get enough of the palette with its pressed ribbony goodness.

Oooohhh isnt it prettttttty.

The blush is really velvety soft and feels luxurious, one thing i did notice and was abit surprised is it has a lot of fall 0ut, literally i swirled the brush and there was powder everywhere... then it went all over my cheeks baby!

Not those cheeks, get your mind out of the gutter people...

The photo is not a good representation as the sun was really bright on my face, but its a very subtle pink. 

You can buy it from Harvey Nichols here , or here check it out on the Stila website here

Babylips, i just dont know, know...

I followed the hype...

Yeah i got on the bandwagon...

Followed the sheep.

I bought Maybelline Baby lips.. in Pink Punch.

It smells good, is a nice colour, but i dont think it really does any moisturising at all.

I wouldnt buy it again, as i like a bit of moisture with my moisteriser. Hey, you cant win them all!

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...