Its all about the Floral: Nail edition

I have been looking for a chunky glitter polish for a while, and when i saw this Nails inc Floral effect polish i was swooooning away knowing i needed it in my collection.

As a base coat i used the New O.P.I Glitter off, which is like a PVA glue based liquid. It take a while to dry, but does the job perfectly which is basically enabling you to peel the polish off rather than scrubbing at the glitter for 2 weeks with 10 packs of cotton pads.

I used the collection Hot looks polish in Angel Wings which is a nice grey colour, perfect for a base to the floral glitter and its quick drying.

I cannot explain how beautiful this glitter is... just look at it!!!!

Its so chunky and the flowers are cute as, the only thing is you have to give the bottle a good shake up and fish about for the flowers if you dont want them all in the same colour that is.

The flowers are in blue and pink, and there is blue, green, pink and yellow glitter in all different sizes. 

This one is called Richmond Gardens and you can buy it direct from Nails inc   

This is perfect for summer, think of a nice summer dress, pretty sandals and this glitter on your toes.... lovely!

*I wasn't paid to write this review, however i was perked with the product.

Pink Ribbonwalk 2014

On Saturday 17th May i took part in the 10mile Ribbonwalk at Hampton court palace. 

Entrance to Hampton Court
Beautiful Gardens
 I'm not going to lie, when i signed up i thought '10 miles.. pffffft thats easy, i basically do that on a long walk with the dogs'

Ohhhhh. I. Was. So. Wrong.

The temp was about 25c, i was sweating before we even started... sexy i know.

Once we had registered and got into the event village we went to watch the starting ceremony and do the warm up. They had a couple of celeb's up on stage to kick start it, one of them was Andrea McLean from Loose women. 

I watch the programme every lunch time so as soon as i saw her get off stage i grabbed my friend Becky and said we're going to chat to her and get a photo. (Now this is totally out of character for me, i saw Essie Button at a blogger event and couldn't even speak to her!!! doh fan girl moment) I decided to sieze the moment and pounce. She was lovely, didn't mind at all that we wanted a photo and had a little chat with us before she had to run to the start to set everyone off.

We then went over to finish the warm up, and get in line to start, we were in the second phase and quickly made it to the front of phase 1. But over time we dwindled back a bit. 

The scenery was amazing, really beautiful walking along the Thames to Kingston, and then onto Teddington and through Bushy park.

 I've never been to Bushy park before, there was deer everywhere! SO CUTE!!!!

 Once we reached the nine mile mark we felt a boost of enthusiasm to finish the race, but Ohhh my god it felt like the longest mile of my life.

Becky & The view from the end of the lake - Hampton court in the distance

Just before the finish line was rows of peoples pink ribbons... i kept mine as i wanted to scrapbook it. :)

nce we got to the end i just whipped my shoes off and felt like throwing myself onto the floor and ordering to be air lifted home. My right leg hurt SO BAD. I could barely walk, i was walking at a snails pace, (i feel bad for Becky as i think i slowed us down a fair bit.) We then went to get some food which was part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations.

Pasta with Veggie sauce and cheese with salad and yummy bread!
It felt so good to be given a medal, i felt like i really deserved this one!

 We were also given goody bags which was pretty darn awesome!

In the bag it had a copy of a foody edition of Women and Home. Becky loved it as it had TONS of good recipes in. There was a Spa tone liquid iron supplement, tester of a Yardley perfume, chocolate flapjack, Teapigs lemon and Ginger tea.  There was also lots of leaflets about breast cancer care. I like the bag too, its one of those Eco shopping bags, plus i can flaunt it show i did the walk! hehe

 By the time i got home walking was so painful it brought tears to my eyes. Horrific! Note to self dont EVER, EVER EVER have a sports massage. It was the most painful thing inthe world, however i think its helped my leg sort it self out, as by sunday afternoon i could walk again. woooo hooo

I'm proud of us! 

Well done Becky for putting up with me moaning about my leg! xx

London, Cakes, Chatting and a bit of skincare!

On Thursday last week i was invited along to a skincare event hosted by La Roch Posay and Dowal Walker. It was to showcase the new skin care range called Anthelios. 

I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to catch up with a friend i met at an event last year. Shes called Tia and runs a blog called Bellezza which you need to check out, she posts beauty and fashion and is just all round a lovely lady!

We met up near the event and popped to the Humming Bird Bakery, i was boring and had the Banana Loaf that i ate the last time i went. We sat and had a nice old chat before the event, i love how you meet people in life and seem to have a lot in common and really get on. I love that i have a new blogger friend now, its nice to be able to chat about things to do with blogging and they know what you mean!  

We then walked to the event which was in No.16 which is a really nice Boutique hotel in south kensington. I wish i could stay here but having googled the price of a nights stay it will be a long time before i can afford that!

Check out the artwork, and one of the Lounges!

We Arrived in the conservatory and were offered Pimms... who am i to say No.

I may have had 4... the guys serving drinks we're so quick to top up i couldn't say no!

There was a bigger range than i thought, they had body oil, sun lotion, self tan, after sun, a children's range of sun protection. They even had their new Anthelios Unifying compact cream, which i LOVE. (I'll post a separate post about this!)

SPF 50+ Compact cream make up, with mirror and sponge.
They had a light box which assessed your skin for sun damage, we both jumped in to be told the brutal truth... 

Luckily for me i just had a small patch of sun damage on mt forehead, but other than that my skin was in good condition, well hydrated and looked after. I just need to get a good eyecream. 

The light box; Tia is under the black cloth.

Tia in the box, the view of the lady assessing your skin.
 La Roch Posay had a photographer at the event and took some photo's which were posted to their facebook page

Discussing how sun damages your skin, and the roadshow they have on the 20th May -  Copyright Jon Bradley Photography 2014

With our goody bags

Protect your self in the sun people!!!

Guess what!!!!!

Click the Image above to donate to my just giving page

I'm walking the 10 mile Ribbon walk today...

As your reading this ill be walking with thousands of other lovely people raising money for Breast Cancer care. I like to do my bit for charity and thought this event would be a challenge!

If you care to sponsor me, you can click on my just giving page and donate a £1 to help a good cause.

UK Craft Haul Part 2

I thought you might like to see the second part of my Craft haul. 

Its up on Youtube ready to be watched, i cant be held responsible for people wanting to go craft crazy after watching it! ;)


Some Pet facts for all you animal lovers out there!*

This video by Pet plan is so cool!!

I love some facts, and i found this really interesting and humorous. 
Its also a pretty serious matter, pet insurance. We have insurance for the dogs, and i cant stress enough how important it is. If we didn't have it, then we would either be extremely in debt after the vet bills from Diesel being ill/injured, or we wouldnt have our baby dog now.

I cant imagine not having the cute little face in my life.
 Pet insurance in my opinion definatly takes the worry of not being able to afford treatment out of the equasion. Diesel has had a total of about £6k of vet costs over the last 5 years. He hurt his leg which cost about £4k in xrays, MRI scans and numerous vet visits. And he then had Hemoragic gastroenteritus last night which we caught in time, which if we hadnt it could have killed him. Pretty scary stuff!

Now onto the fun stuff... watch this and learn some cool facts about pets and their owners!

*This was a sponsored blog post

You Beauty Discovery Box - May 2014

I received May's Discovery box from You beauty, and i love it!

I am so glad i kept this subscription its such good value for money at £6.95 with free postage.

I opened the box to see the magazine that explains all the products, and gives you a lot of discount codes for each one! Bonus :)

I lifted the magazine, and i saw this... ta daaaaa

I love that you not only get beauty items like lotions and hair treatments, but you also get food items that help you to be healthy.

 So a run down of what i chose this month, thats right, You can choose two of your items in the YBDiscovery box! 
- Lola Make up finishing Brush  - I chose this as i have seen people using the real techniques one and it gives a brilliant finish of foundation. So i gave this one a go, it does give a nice finish, however it leaves bristles all over your face. I'm going to wash the brush and see if i can get rid of some of the loose bristles, then see how i go.  (I believe this is a Marks and Spencer brand and the brush retails for £17.00)

- Percy & Reed Shine and fragrance spray - 50ml Spray. This spray is really lovely, it has a rosey type scent but its not flowery... if that make sense, its kind of fresh smelling. It gives your hair a nice shine too. This costs £22 in full size, and the full size is 100ml.  

Now for the Bonus items in the box!

- Caudalie Divine Legs - This was a sachet of the product which im not sure if it will cover both legs.... but i will give it a go and report back! It says that the product is for giving your legs an enhanced look without sun exposure or self tan. its a light tinted lotion that gives the skin an ultra polished finish!

-Charles Worthington - Moister seal hair healer leave in conditioner - This again was a sachet of the product. Its came with a £2 off voucher though which is good!
Its a sample of the leave in fel conditioner which is rich in Argan Oil and has super conditioners. Its supposed to leave hair smooth an healthy looking. We will see how this goes.

The final item that was a packet of Lizi's Granola, its a single portion that you just add milk to. I received the original flavor which im yet to try. They sent out a few different flavors to people to try, im kinda bummed that i received original as my friend received the chocolate one! Im yet to try this but tomorrow's breakfast will be Granola, im excited to try this out!

Be Sun Aware roadshow!

I want to let you know that there is a Be sun aware roadshow on the 20th May at Kings cross station. Its going to be there ALL day, and they are giving aware free Sun lotion to everyone who goes to get their Moles checked / Skin checked.

Its free to be seen, and totally worth it!

Go get seen and be Sun aware.

Craft Haul!!

So i went shopping....

I bought some new crafty bits for my Smash book from Hobby Craft and Home Sense (Tip for you, home sense reduce everything once its been in store for 6weeks!)

We started the day off in Dunelm, it has a lot of home stuff in there, and really good prices too. I didnt buy anything but i did see lots of things i like. We ended up having lunch and a cuppa though..

I saw so many things that filled my happy cup, look at the colours!

We then went onto Hobby craft, i always get this feeling of being over whelmed as there is so many different craft things to look at that i like.

More colour!!

I wasn't that impressed with this Hobby craft to be honest, the scrap booking section needed alot of things to be restocked. All the sheets of paper were muddled up which was annoying!
I did see some reaaaaly nice things that i wanted though.

I have never seen project life in person, so i had a good old look at it. I have to say thought, its bloody expensive, and the packaging isnt very appealing. If you didnt know what project life was, you could completely over look it on the shelves.

I like the idea of project life, but i dont like the size of the folder so I've been looking into the simple stories Snap binders which i believe are smaller. So ill keep you updated if i decide to get one. 

Next up we had a little look in home sense, i saw some nice things which i thought would be nice to show you, i dont know the price of anything though.

Alphabet cushion

Colorful cushions and footstall

I also found this Infuser bottle, you basically put fruit or veg in the cage in the middle and it gives you flavoured water. It was reduced to £3!! I nearly bought one off Amazon for £15 the day before. So PHEW money saved!


So here is what i bought, too much. ooooopsy.

You can watch my Youtube video of this Craft splurge in a bit more detail... Enjoy!

Instagram Update!

As i have mentioned before, I LOVE INSTAGRAM!!!

its my most used app, and i love it.

Here is some of my recent pictures ..

I hope you like my update, i have tons more photos of my everyday life and random things that i come across!

Christening day!

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