Instagram outfits

I have been taking a lot of 'Outfits of the day' on instagram, so i thought i would round them all up onto one blog post.

I've been experimenting with different styles to my norm lately..

I have had a busy few weeks, so I've had plenty of opportunity to dress up. I particularly love the outfit above with the shorts and denim jacket. Cant wait to wear it again and on holiday!

27th Presents..

I am so lucky to have an amazing bunch of friends and family, i got some lovely cards..

My dad photoshopped this... cracked me up.

I love birthday cards, i cant stop looking at them. I end up keeping them in the cupboard for years, im such a hoarder!

I also was very lucky and received some awesome presents!!

Spoilt... Yes i was.

One thing i love is getting lots of little bits and pieces, i just cant stop looking at it all. I got nail art stuff, make up, jewellery, some clothes. Argghhhhh >.<!!!

I only went and turned 27...

It was my birthday on Friday 11th July, i had a hospital appointment to get the ball rolling for my wisdom teeth to be removed. Had a 45min delay to see the consultant, not impressed.

I then went into the town to have a look around the shops, just window shopping, unless buying work trousers counts. I dashed to the station to get home and then had ANOTHER delay of 35 mins. Good job i had this to keep me occupied..

 Once i got home i just wanted a nap, i was grouchy. I had a nice nap with the dogs and was ready to get up and get sorted for a lovely meal with friends and family. 

It ended with a glitter fight... my sister in law thought it would be funny to fill my card to the brim with glitter, so i blew it at her. it went EVERYWHERE. im still finding it now... dam you glitter!!!

We then went over to the local pub and had a few drinks... which then led to us being the last to leave. 

And then it went on to a bit of this...

This the last ones standing at 1am. I had such a good night with good company.

Stay tuned for the presents post!

Zatchels - Mini leather Satchel

Oh yes...

Oh yes i did. I got myself a satchel from Zatchels.


*fist pump*

I was being a bit sneaky and checking my personal emails and saw *FLASH SALE 70% OFF*

I have never been so fast to whip out my card and buy something without second guessing it.

I love satchels, and i have always wanted one from this company but i would never have paid £75 for one, even if it is real leather.

But i got this baby for £23!

I love the dark brown leather, and i cant wait for it to age so that the edges get that fluffy worn leather look.

Its a mini satchel so you cant fit alot in it, its about the same size as my Samsung S5, if i had a small wallet/purse i could probably fit it in as well. Its cute though, and ill make use of this, even if i have to narrow my stuff down to just essentials. 

This is basically a birthday present to myself... you have to treat yourself sometimes!


Happy birthday my my little brother Louix!

21... what the heck? 

I remember when you were born, well not the actual event, but being at the hospital visiting you on my birthday. You little birthday crasher!
Love you.

I completed my Wedding smashbook!

It took me a long time, but i finally finished it!!

(i feel like i have already written this blog post, but i cant find it anywhere... )

There is a lot of photos on this post, so if you would rather see the flip through of the book them hop over to my you tube video where i show you each page in detail. Click here

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