A week off work...

I have been a busy bee lately.

I have a blog addiction, just not my own blog.. gahh - i love reading blogs like -

Young house Love, Whatever, Princess Lasertron, Bower Power, and soooooo many more!
I have them all on my RS feed on my blackberry, its like i wake up, and BAM i have to check rs reader, and facebook... then i slowly stumble out of bed and get ready for work.

We both took the week off 3 days holiday = a whole week thanks to two bank holiday weekends - woo yeah!

We had a few tasks that we wanted to get done - Paint the kitchen, take things to the dump, do a carboot.

I did a carboot sale and made £27, pretty rubbish amount but better than nothing!
We painted the kitchen white and its like POW white in ya face, looks very refreshing :)

(Very dim photos as forgot to put flash on)

We also installed lighting to this end of the kitchen as its quite dark even with the light on, now it looks all lit and lovely. :)

Enough for now ill show you more when its all finished

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