Bacon Nail Varnish: Miss sporty Metal Flip

I bought this nail varnish a while ago and really thought the duo chrome would look nice...

I picked up two of the Miss sporty Metal flip nail varnishes, one is a blue base, and one a bronze base.  

This one is called 'Beetle Wings' (It should have been called 5 day old Bacon in the fridge) 

Can you see it... it has that look that Bacon or ham gets when its been in the fridge a few days, The metallic shiny look. 

Don't get me wrong this varnish is easy to apply, the effect looks cool after two coats. But this colour... uggghhhhh i don't like the green, i wish it was Duo chrome with another colour. 

Shame as it looked so nice in the bottle... fingers crossed the blue toned one i have looks nicer.

How to make Pizza... the weight watcher way!

Pizza is my favourite food, But i cant eat thick pan style any more as it gives me stomach ache. I think this is down to me doing weight watchers for so long i just cant take the stodge. So i decided to try out a Pizza that's actually quite healthy!

Here is a how to on making a weight watchers Pizza:

What you need to make the pizza's, 10 mins to cook at 210 degrees, and some scales!

So you will need: 

Wraps (mine were weight watchers ones which are 3pp each)
Tomato sauce for the base (mine was from weight watchers 'mediterranean sauce 1pp a sachet) 
Cheese - Grated mozzarella 30g is 2pp
Mushrooms - 0pp
Tomato - 0pp
A Pinch of dried Mixed Herbs
(You can add any extra veg for Zero points e.g. Onions, or Peppers) 

Pretty self explanatory but that's 30g of cheese... doesn't look alot does it... *sad face* lol
 Add sauce to the base, and sprinkle some dried herbs on top, Then...


Once you have chopped your toppings, add them onto the pizza in an orderly, non OCD fashion... I chopped the tomato's into chunks, but left the mushrooms as slices to give the pizza more texture, seeing as it has such a thin base.

Ready for cheese - Cheese added - In the oven - Tadaaaaa its ready!
 I think 10 mins is a bout a good time to keep these in the oven, although i kept mine in a bit longer as i wanted them to be quite well done. 

The best thing about these pizza's is that 'Two of these Pizza's are 12 pro points.

One slice of Pizza hut margarita is 6 pro points, yep ONE slice!


Marc Jacobs Dot ♥

I have wanted this perfume since the summer when i walked into Boots and the sales woman was spritzing the entry with it. I was like 'Ohhhhhh my god whats that smell' 

And then i saw this...

I couldnt stop thinking about how cute the bottle was, and the scent too. So from the summer time this went on my xmas list. I was very lucky to get a 30ml bottle of this from Mike for christmas.

 The scent is described as having Jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom at the heart of the fragrance, and with top notes of Red berries Dragon fruit and Honeysuckle. Its the finished with base notes of Vanilla, driftwood and Musk.

As you can see from the 30ml bottle is has a differnt design to the larger bottles, but its still a lot of perfume in there, and it will last me a while.... well at least until my birthday in July!

You can buy the perfume from boots for about £40 in the 30ml size.


My 'Get slim' wardrobe!

I'm back on the weight watchers plan properly, well i never really stopped i just bent the rules a bit. ;)

I am aiming to lose about another 3 stone to take me to under 9 stone ish. I know it will be hard work, but i really want to make this year my year to make a huge dent in that amount of weight loss. I did 1 stone last year, so i need to try get at LEAST another stone off this year... The good thing is, i have 3 lovely ladies to see at weight watchers every week, 2 of which are very good friends of mine, and one is a lovely new friend. Its alot  more fun to make the effort to try and lose the weight now.

For a bit of motivation i made a Mood board of some clothes i would LOVE to wear!

 I Picked Top shop firstly as their clothes haven't fit me for years, but recently i have seen a few things i really like.

 Firstly i really like this Burgundy speckle Tea dress, i would wear it with the Blue Geo Ponte blazer and possibly some thick tights and some flat pumps. I think i could even get away with wearing it over jeans too as its quite short. Next up i really love this Camo Jacket, i like the rolled up sleeves and the casual look about it. The black Disco pants are something that seem a distant dream away, i would love to be able to wear them, specially with the Blue Blazer. 
The red skater dress is just so nice, i would probably wear it now, but i want to nip my waist in  more, and tone up my arms. I think with some nice heels the dress would look awesome.

Next i had a look on Newlook to see what clothes they had that i like, but wouldn't necessary look good on me now.

First outfit is some Grey Jeggings, and the plum coloured vest top with a zipper detail on the boob area. I like the way the Plum vest top is floaty. This isn't something i would wear now as i feel i need to slim down and tone up the tummy / Hip area to be able to wear this and feel comfy. Plus i LOVE the plum colour at the moment. Next outfit is some nice blue skinny turn up jeans, believe it or not i have one pair of blue jeans. I love the grey marl peplum top with these jeans too, although i would wear it with the grey jeggings too, or black trousers for work. The last outfit is definitely something that i would not wear unless I've lost more weight, i would love to wear this style of printed skirt, but until I've slimmed the hip area down i wouldn't dare try it! I think the strawberry vest goes well with the belt, and i could stick a cardigan over it to keep warm.

I really had fun putting these mood boards together and they have given me a motivation boost to keep up with the weight loss, i mean if i do look at the fab clothes i can get!!!!


Sub Zero Weekend!

Our weekend was a nice cozy one.

Friday we were sent home from work early due to the weather. I went to work and there was no snow, by the time i left at 3pm it was like this...

I like the initial effects of the snow, like the noise the impact of your foot makes, crunch crunch crunch when you walk. What i dont like is not being able to walk the dogs, i have to take them seperatly as they pull me all of the place where they get so excited. I also dont like that i cant get to the gym as the roads were too crappy, and i dont like the ice under the snow. Its dangerous people, even though i cant help but snigger when i see people go all slippery and there legs go like bambi... tehehe

-My weekend in pictures-

Warning: Dont eat yellow snow. Or pick up snow in a park thats had dogs crap everywhere... Frozen snowpoo balls are not fun people!!!

Review: Ideal Cases - Samsung galaxy SIII

I was kindly asked to review a website called Ideal cases , They are a website which allows you to design a case for your mobile phone, Ipad, Kindle, Nook etc

You can either choose a template and add your photos, or go freestyle and put photos, and text where ever you like. You can see in picture one it has the Case i chose, a Samsung Galaxy 3 case in Black with a rubberised finish. (it had better protection for my phone as I'm so clumsy) - The next screen shot is of the option to choose between Choosing a template, or going freestyle. You are then shown a blank canvas, you have the options to the right for Selecting a grid, adding a background, and adding text. You can also see one of the templates i tried out. I didnt want to waste photo space so in the end i went with the collage with 5 pictures. Ideal cases allows you to upload photos from Flikr, Facebook, Instagram and your own PC.

Screen shots of the ideal cases website

After i had placed my order it took approx 4 days to arrive which wasn't bad going considering its printed to order.

My initial reaction was how rigid the case was, its pretty solid which is good as my poor phone needs some protection. The photo part seems to just be a fairly strong thin piece of plastic thats stuck into the case. (I know this as i can see the corner is slightly coming up in mine already after a weeks use) I pushed my phone into its new home and then i took it out again... and the case is so rigid it pulled the back cover of my phone off, and it got stuck in the new case... now if you have a Samsung Galaxy III you will know its a bugger to get the back cover off. I have ripped my nails off trying to get it off. Least i know that this thing will pull the cover off should i need to take the battery out.. ha!
Ideal Cases: Samsung Galaxy III cover in black rubber.
 As you can see from the picture above the case is Black and in a rigid rubber. Its of a good quality and the case fits it well. You can easily plug the charger and head phones in. The speaker and camera have plenty of space around them to function. 

The case cost a total of £14.99, i am on the fence about the price. I would spend that on a gift for someone, but i definitely wouldn't spend that on a case for my self. 

Over all i think its a novel idea and it has protected my phone pretty well. I think that if you were to get a case for your i-pad or Kindle, then its totally worth the money. I just wish they did more cases so i could have bought my husband one for his Nexus 7. (Hint hint ideal cases~!)

Whats in my 'Just Fab' Bag?!

I have seen so many you tubers talk about Just Fab in the US, and always though, i wish that was in the UK. Then the other night, i stumbled upon the Just fab website and realised since September they have been available the UK!!!

**** Happy Happy Dance!!!!! ****

Just Fab logo, Membership letter, Opening the Package, My bag!!

I signed up to be a VIP member which basically means everything on the website is £35, except special edition stuff. The catch is if you don't want to order, or cant afford it, you need to 'Skip this month' Before the 5th of every month as they charge your card on the 6th. (You can cancel the membership at anytime though)

 I ordered the Gallivant bag in Black which i love! I really needed a black bag, one that goes with pretty much everything, and i can fit everything in for work, weight watchers, and for them cinema trips where you want to take you own snacks, come on I'm sure I'm not the only one?! haha
The material of the bag is not real leather, but it doesnt look cheap like normal imitation leather ones do. I like the finish of the bag, i feel like it will age well.

Bag 360ish...

What i love most about my new bag is that it has 3 ways to hold it, literally 3 sets of handles. You can either wear it across body /on a long strap over one arm Or use the smaller strap and stick it over your shoulder, OR there are two handlers on each end, next to the buckle and you can carry it like a Hobo style bag.

Smaller handles, Lining, Inner pockets (it has a mobile phone & other gadget pocket)

I have used it every which way. You know when your shoulder starts hurting when you've been carrying your bag for a while, well these options stop the shoulder ache! 
The Lining is a nice Bronze / Brown colour with a pattern, it feels really grown up and sophisticated, not just a tacky cheap material. Its nice to get things out of your bag and see a girly lining,  Makes it feel that bit more glam.

So i thought i would show you what i've been carrying around it it this week...

 Yep, i really did fit all of that in my bag. 

  • Weight watchers folder & Tracker
  • Diary & Notebook
  • Sanrio / Sesame street pouch with all my lip balms, body spray, hand cream, Japanese Pinky Sweets, Compact mirror.
  • Las Vegas purse (Emergency items; Lady stuff, pain killers, hair bands, plasters)
  • Pauls Boutique Purse, Gum & Hello kitty Pluggy for the headphone jack on my phone.
  • House keys & work ID.
I can fit a lot more stuff in this bag if i needed to, like my small lunch box that i carry my snacks to work in, and a scarf and few other bits if needed. 

If you want to try out Just Fab then if you use the Link below & i believe it gives you 50% off your first purchase within 24hours.

(Just so you know, im not sponsored to write this, and i havent been asked to write about it either. I just wanted to share my lovely new bag and give you the option to get 50% off!)

Natures Health Box Review & Discount code!

Natures Health box is a website for Organic, natural and Eco friendly products. All of which are specially sourced by the creators; John, Kerry and Keely. They pride them selves with exceptional customer service and a selection of delivery options.

I really like the website, its 'Organic' looking and easy on the eye. I find its a pleasure to peruse the products.

I really like the little Squirrel at the top... so cute!! ♥

I was sent 2 products to review both were Faith in Nature products, a Roll on Deodorant and Facial wipes.

My order arrived in a little box... and when i opened it, it was so cheerful.

 I have been using the Crystal roll on for about a month now and compared to my normal roll on its pretty good! It smells really nice of Chamomile and Aloe Vera. 

It is free from Parabens and its Alcohol free. Its not tested on Animals, and it hasn't got any Aluminium chlorohydrate. Its contains natural ingredients. Another plus is that its suitable for Men and women as its got a gender neutral scent. I know sometimes i can be sensitive to roll on's and some make me itch and get sort skin, this one hasn't caused that at all. (I normally use Sanex roll on) I always get paranoid when trying new Deodorant that ill smell, (not that i am smelly ill have you know!! ha) I haven't had any need to worry as i haven't had to reapply at all through out the day, and i have put this on in the morning before work, and 12 hours later, even after an hour in the Gym doing cardio, i still smell fresh as a daisy!

If your someone who likes to think of the enviroment, then you will be pleased to know this deodorant has something that i have never seen before...

Its refillable... You can actually just buy a refill instead of the whole product. I think this is brilliant. You xan see that there is a picture above of a Face wipe, so this leads me onto the next product i recieved..

Faith in Nature 3 in 1 facial wipes, they remove make up, and they cleanse, and moisterise. They have a similar scent to the roll on. They have Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in them. They are 100% Biodegradable, hyposllergenic, paraben and Alchol free AND no SLES. 

Now... I love the smell of the wipes, they feel really soft and moist. The package seals well, so you dont have to worry about the wipes drying out. Even though these wipes are Hypoallergenic, my skin being the fickle thing it is got a bit sensitive to these wipes. I will still use these wipes though as they get make up off your eyes really well, just my cheek area got a bit of a stingy feel after. I cant fault the product though, i think its just my skin having a mad winter moment. 

Natures Health box is a new website for all your Eco needs, and they are offering you all the chance to get 10% off on any product from the website.
 (Thats on top of any other offer they have on already! - check out the Amys kitchen items, as there are 20% off her items, which gives you 30% off in total!)

Use code - BLOGTASTIC2013

Happy shopping people! 

Benefit Virgin...

I am no longer a Benefit Virgin!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these photos..

Goodie bag!
Farnham Boutique
 I decided to pop into my local Benefit Boutique for a browse... only to discover they had a sale on! The sales assistant was really helpful and not too in your face which was nice. 
I asked if they had any samples of The There real Mascara as i've heard so much about out, sadly they didn't, but she sat me down and put the Mascara on me... and O-M-G..

Excuse the tired looking eyes...
 I didn't buy this though, as my plan is to use my Boots coupon to earn extra Advantage card points when i purchase it in my huge boots store near me! 

After i tried out this Mascara i was having a browse and the assistant told me that if you bought any two items in the shop you got a bag filled with some freebies including a make up bag... i was sold straight away!

My goodies!
 I really wanted to try out their Erase paste and the lady pointed me in the direction of the Sale corner where they had the set 'Finding Mr Bright' and it included Erase paste in Medium (which is my colour luckily!)

Finding Mr Bright
I really love this set, i have seen it in a number of youtube video's and always thought for the price it would be a big set, but yet its actually quite tiny. Im glad i only paid £12, even though i do love it. I think its a good sample box of the products, and its made me want pretty much all of them. (Except Posie Tint, i just don't get it... doesn't work on my lips, and you have to work really fast to blend on your cheeks or you get red lines) I love the little box though, its so cute with the mirror and the bright colours... ahhh i cant stop staring at it.

I have been using the Erase Paste every day this week, and i can happily say i think i love it more than my Soap & Glory Kick ass concealer. I feel bad saying it, but i find this one easier to use. I can just dab it on, and blend and its done. Dark circles are banished.

I then bought a Perfume called Lookin' to rock Rita, which smells like Holidays...ahhhh its so nice!  The website describes the scent as' Lemon, coconut and Freesia, with bottom notes of Sandal wood, Brazilian rosewood and Vanilla.
I literally feel like i could spritz it on, close my eyes and i feel like I'm sipping a cocktail on a beach... its really that nice and it was only £12 in the sale for the 30ml bottle.

Lookin' to rock Rita

The freebies that were in the bag were, Lindt chocolate - yum! Pore fessional Pro Balm, Total Moisture Facial cream, Triple Performing Facial emulsion (in the incredibly cute glass bottle) None of which i have tried yet, but i will get round to it when my skins not being fickle.
I also got a mini tube sample of Stay don't Stray Eyeshadow and concealer Primer, I've been using it every day under the erase paste and its really good. I'm very tempted to buy this in full size.  
How cute is it!??!
 There was also a Bad Girl Mascara sample, which to be honest im a bit Mehh about, i don't like the Huge brush size, it reminds me of the soap and glory mascara which didn't get on with very well solely down to the brush size.
Stumpy little brush
   The Make up bag i received is a decent,but i don't really like the design its just a blatant freebie you get with the Pore fessional.. I might use it, or i might give it away, im undecided yet.

I am going to be saving my money up for a while now to buy Some of Benefits products in full size, and will probably put some on my birthday list, even though its 6 months away! haha



Boxing day sales - NEWLOOK

So as i mentioned before i popped into New look on boxing day to spend a gift voucher from my mother in law.

It was one amazing looking gift voucher in the shape of a cracker, it even went bang when i opened it! 

I knew i wanted Jumpers, so i dashed in scanned the shop and grabbed the First Jumper with the Aztec print and the bright pink.. i saw it a while ago for full price of £25 and i couldn't justify it. But at £15 i had to have it! I really love it, annoyingly my bag has bobbled it, so i need to sort that out.

1. Aztec Jumper £15 - 2. Pink shawl style - £6 - 3. Red Jumper £10
 Next i bought the Red jumper for £10, the colour got me... i Luuuuurve it! 
You just cant beat BRIGHT red with black leggings and boots, so easy to wear.

I then went to new look on a different day and had a quick look at the sale offerings...
I spent £8 on the pink cardigan above and a pair of earrings... i thought it would be nice and can be worn through now until spring time, and even summer evenings. Very versatile and a nice dusty pink colour. 

The earrings were only £2! total bargain. I like the way they look kind of spiky yet elegant, i think ill be able to dress them up if i want to, i think the bronze colour will go nice with my hair at the moment too. (which is still red)

I keep popping my head into New look on the hope they have a mental low priced sale... *fingers crossed*

Hello Kitty Themed Gift Exhange!

Back in the beginning of December i contacted my penfriend Rachel and asked if she wanted to go a gift exchange for Christmas, she said yes...which quite frankly made me jump with joy.                           \>.</

I sent a box full of goodies to Rachel.. went slightly over budget, but hey its Christmas!

I received some really awesome stuff from her, she knows me so well!

All the goodies!
There was also a headphone jack pluggy... (Hello kitty hugging a bean.. but i was listening to music on my phone so had put it out of the dogs reach! - so i forgot to photograph it!)

Leopard print HK phone charm, which you can wipe your screen with ♥

2 packets of Sanrio stickers ♥


Rachel also bought me a letter writing set, which is amazing. We just cant get this kind of Hello kitty paper here! (at least i haven't seen it... if you see some in a shop be sure to tell me!!) Its so pretty... ahhh i could just wall paper my room in it to soak up its awesomeness! haha 

Hope you like it... i know i do, i cant wait to write some letters to her in my new snazzy paper!


Boxing day Sales - BOOTS

After we hit Lush we went to Boots as i was desperate to get some soap and glory gift sets...

I had an idea of what i wanted and was really happy to see they had this set..

Bubble time... there is a Body milk and Body wash both smell like Oats, brown sugar and Almond... seriously nice!

The awesome bonus to this set is the alarm clock, its so cute ♥ 

I was impressed to see that a battery for the clock was included in the set, well done Soap and Glory, nothing worse than getting present that has no batterys!

Also this clock is really quiet no ticking to keep me awake at night which is good. It has a snooze button at the top, which also is a light so you can see the time when its dark... this gift set cost me £9 as it was 50% off. 

I did see a couple other gift sets which i liked, but i couldnt decide so i didnt bother wasting my money for the sake of it. 

Boxing day Sales - LUSH & a rude wake up call..

Yep i am one of them people who queues up outside a shop on Boxing day..... We both had some xmas money so we made an adventure of it. 

Alarm set for 9am we went to sleep on christmas night... i was just stirring awake and i could hear what sounded like Gun shots... after 3 of them and someone shouting i though... 'maybe it is a gun shot...' so i jumped to look out the window and saw this....

Someones car had Blown up!!!!!! The gunshot noises were just the tyres popping... doh. (The car was totally ruined, the house was really burnt up too, but everyone who lived there were fine thank fully) Pretty scary stuff!

So as we were awake at 7.30am... we got ready slowly and got to guildford for 10am.

Lush opened at 10.30 so after we looked in a few shops i hit the queue.. i was 2nd in line. 

Yep apparently no one else cared about the Lush sale!! haha

So once the doors opened the christmas stock was by the entrance, basket in hand, and all bags already given to Mike i went in with my shopping elbows and grabbed all the stuff i wanted... 

 The top left gift box was from Mike so i didnt buy that in the sale. (it contained a star shaped Snow cake soap, a snowman bath melt - which the scent has changed since last year... booo - and a So white bath bomb.. which was pink in the middle!!!!)

 I bought one gift set called Rocket around the christmas tree (i think.. as there was no tag) In the box there were 3 products, Santa bath bomb, rocket bubble bar and a soap which smells kind of citrus like. I wasnt keen on the soap so i gave that to my mum along with another bubble bar.

The sale items i bought were all 50% off....

Rocket around the christmas tree gift set - £6.98 in the sale 

Snow cake soap - 144g - £2.13 in the sale

Christmas eve bubble bar X2 - £1.47 in the sale

Sandy Santa scrub - £1.48 in the sale

Candy mountain bubble bar - £1.23 in the sale

Cinders Ballistic - £1.13 in the sale

I spent a total of £20.50 (i also bought a butterball as i love them!)

 I hope you like my Lush Haul, im currently enjoying many baths and its been the high light of my days off work! 

Note to self... dont use santa bath bomb when you need to wash your hair... nice bath turns green with a bucket load of glitter! >.<

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...