Nail of the day: Rimmel Nail tip whitener

As your aware from my post yesturday i had a little splurge on saturday and treated myself to a few bits and pieces.. One of which was this nail polish which i saw in a tutorial by Fleur De Force

Here is what i used to do my first ever DIY manicure..

Nails inc Eau so Hydrating base coat, Rimmel Nail tip whitener, and Bootd natural collection in a shimmery pink colour. (sorry forgot the name..) and my bargain 25p Nail buffer/file from store 21.

First i applied 1 coat of the Nails inc eau so hydrating, let that dry, then i used the Rimmel white tip to really carefully draw the tip onto my nails, its quite runny polish so make sure you wipe off the excess and be watchful that you dont drip any... (i did... right onto my new shimmer shade lid.)

I then put two coats of the Sheer pink shimmer and i totally forgot to put my top coat in the photo above! its the Nails ins Kensington caviar quick dry top coat, just needed that to seal the deal!

Here is the finished look...

I have to say im pretty impressed with this simple look which you can jazz up pretty easily with a nice sheer sparkly top layer, or keep it simple with a typical sheer pink.

I think for £4.59 its a darn sight cheaper than paying £20 for a professional mani!

*Thumbs up from me!*

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