Happy Halloween!

I love this time of year.. I would love Halloween more if i actually had parties to go to and things to do, but Halloween to me is the start of Winter and all things Orange..

Mr Jack O. Pumpkin

Crunchy autumnal leaves!

Picture of some lovely autumnal scenery

I cant wait for the weekend i have some fireworks to see and more wintery events.  YAY!
I love the photo opportunitys that Autumn has to offer, when the weather is dry that is, here's to hoping for dry weather.

Picture perfect craft ♥

Lets get crafty!

I decided to print a picture from our trip to Cornwall, and remembered we bought some photo paper from 'the range' its made by Polaroid. I bought one packet of Magnetic photo paper - 4 sheets for £1. I also bought a packet of A4 size paper for only a £1, really cheap considering the price normally.

99p from the range!
So anyway, we have a Kodak printer which is really user friendly, and really cheap to run, the ink is something like £12 a cartridge and lasts a LONG time. The software which comes with it is really easy to use as well, you open it up, select a photo, you can edit the photo, crop etc and make it perfect before you click print!

The software
Here is the picture straight out of the printer... i decided on black and white.

straight out the can
 And here it is stuck to the fridge, its a really strong magnet too, and you can cut out the pictures if you want to make smaller magnets.

There is the magnetic picture in its shining glory with my other postcards and magnets on my fridge.. ♥

Review: Remote Control Candles

The box & contents
 I was sent these totally cool remote control candles to review from a company called paramountzone.com (via Fuel my Blog)

I didnt know what to expect to be honest, they arrived the day after i was told they were being sent, so A* for fast postage!!

TOP: L - Small candle in clear wrapper, R: Battery compartment / BOTTOM: L - Inside of candle - R - all 3 candles lit
My initial thoughts of the product were how much they feel and look like real candles, they have a waxy feel to them which is so cool, the top of the Pillars are also curved so they look like they have burnt down. Under neath the candle there is a slot to put AAA batteries in, and a switch to turn them on and off. (this is so you dont waste the batteries when you dont use them for a while, however if its off the remote wont work)

As you can see the candles are quite large, the biggest is approx 5 inches tall, with the smallest being about 3inches. The remote has the option to turn all candles off, set them to candle setting (flicker like a flame) or Light setting, you can also set them on timers for 4 or 8 hours, and dim the candles also.

To give you an idea on what the candles look like at night i have taken a few pictures...

Early evening whilst it was light outside

Pitch black in my bedroom for some ambiant light

Right now in my lounge for some relaxing lighting on my side table
I really do love the idea of these candles, they are incredibly safe compared to a real naked flame, and they look really life like, i keep forgetting they arent real and flinching when i go to lean over them.. haha

On a serious note though i have recently left a candle unattended over night and not even realised until the next morning, luckily there was no damage done at all, but it really made me think about how things could have gone wrong... with this candles i know if i have a ditzy moment i'll still be safe!

These candles cost £12.99 from www.paramountzone.com  the website offers free postage over £14, which is really good. I have had a browse on the website and there are so many products i have now decided i 'NEED' in my life. My mum has already requested i order her some for her xmas present :)

Thank you paramountzone for the candles and for bringing your awesome website to my attention!

*I wasnt paid for this post, however i was perked with the awesome product!

Sunday's Favourite Photo ♥

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This weeks photo is of my mums birthday cake, we celebrated by gifting her (New wedge boots, clothes, perfume, slippers, and lots of flowers) We all had a takeaway, few had chinese, and me and my sister had Indian - Veggie korma.. yum!

The we had this yummy cake that my sister bought for mum, i only had a mouthful though and felt sick.. haha oink!

The candles were pretty cool, the flame was the same colour as the candle!

Happy birthday to my mum & Grandad!!


Eden Project Review *Long post with pics*

Whilst we were in Cornwall we decided to do something memorable for our 1st wedding anniversary, so we decided to visit the Eden Project.

walking to the entrance after getting off a bus from the carpark

Its described as a Top eco visitor attraction...

Horse sculpture made from driftwood

Here is a video from their site which funnily enough were in it - Haha - we were waiting for the land train (blue tractor) and we were warned that they were filming, you can only see us appear out of the blue shed and then get on the train. Funny non the less.

So here are some facts if you want to go there for a day out:

Entry price for an Adult = £23.50
Location: St Austell
Gift shop: Yep - normal tourist prices (£6 a tour guide)
Food: Restaurant is fresh home made food, £6 a head and £4.50 for kids.

perfect picture spot - specially for a 1st anniversary
 So as you can see from the picture above its a pretty large site, it was built from an old clay pit and they made the biomes and a effectively a huge garden.

You leave the entrance / visitor centre and walk down through the gardens to the bottom where the biomes and some sculptures are.

A mixture of the plants & flowers you will see.
 The gardens are very impressive, and the flowers are really nice to take pictures of, however there isn't much more to look at.  If there is bad weather, which on the day we went it was a bit drizzly then you have the option of going into the Biomes.

So off we went, Into the Mediterranean one first...

Med Biome

This Biome was a nice temperature it felt like a spring day, there was a couple of birds flying around which were sneaky as they fly in through the air vents... hehe

There was a nice man who had a table who had an oat roller, and he showed us how you make porridge oats, and explained where they come from etc - now this was really interesting, we all had a go (except mike as he see's this everyday at work.. ) and the man gave us a bag of oats to have for our breakfast the next day... nice touch i thought.

Rainforest Biome
So from here we walked back through the Bakery restaurant (think its called that..) and we entered the Rain forest Biome - Now this was HOT - literally instant uncomfortable hot. I was wearing a jumper and i literally felt like i was going to overheat and burn up!!!

It was very leafy and green, my camera couldn't cope with the humidity and the lens was steaming up all the time. There is the option to take the long route walking around the biome up some stairs, and then you can go to a platform above the tree tops, the thought of this churnned my stomach so i gave it a miss...

I know the point is that its a rain forest, but for me it was just too hot and stuffy. It made up for it seeing Guinea fowl though... i didn't however see any frogs or lizards which sucked. 

One thing i think was a bit rubbish was there was only one interacive thing in the rain forest biome and that was about banana's - just an info thing. Not very interesting either.

We left the biome and went to freshen up and de-frizz the hair.. im not even kidding about the hair.

The restaurant which is outside the Biomes was quite frankly the best food i think i've ever eaten on a day out... being veggie its always a bloody nightmare to get nice food where ever i go. It was £6 a main meal - you chose a 'main' then could help yourself to potato's, salad and a chunk of bread. They had sauces and condiments at the end too. It was canteen style where you picked what you wanted moved along the line and chose a drink (which you pay extra for) and pay at the end.

My mouth is salivating at the thought of eating this again.... *droooooooools*
 Its a puff pastry slice with mushrooms and cheese... was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
 Mike had a duck salad pitta, my sister and Dan had fish pastry's in sauce. 

Om nom nom nommmmmmmmm

Next up we went outside for a wander, and to get some fresh air..

We got the land train back up to the visitor centre, we got a little scenic tour... or should i say, taken around the perimeter and no nice view..

Once we were back at the top we took some more pictures as there was a nice view of the Biomes.

We then ventured into The core which is essentially a building with a load of Junk in it...

The Seed
There is also a load of old bits of metal which are, well i dont know just plan wierd. I think that this part of Eden is a total waste of space and money, it was boring. 

The only fun part of it was this..

Yep kids can dress up, and apparently so can 25yr old adults.. haha

We left via the gift shop which was well equipped with gifts, plants, food books postcards and the like. It wasnt cheap but no gift shops are. You could buy postcards for less than £1 and some nice plants were reasonably priced.

Overall verdict of Eden

I wouldn't visit again, and i think if you took children here you would be an idiot. They dont have anything interesting for children apart from one small wooden play area. Eden has really missed the boat with this one, they have some amazing opportunity's for providing education to people, but they dont have aanything interactive to engage people, its basically a large garden centre, except you can only buy the plants in the gift shop. I think the entry price is extortionate for the lack of entertainment. The claim to be Eco everything, yet they dont explain it, and show you why. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review, i dont meant to slate eden, i just feel for the price paid i could have had an amazing day out somewhere else. 

Peplum styling...

I have been seeing peplum tops and dresses everywhere for months, and i always wondered whether they would suit me or not so at the weekend i decided to dry one on in New look. 

They sell them in a range of colours, Green, Maroon, black, leopard print and cream.. (At least thats what was in my local store and its a small one)

The Peplum top i tried on was £8.99.

I LOVE this bottle green colour, i ran out the changing room with a smile on my face and asked katy what she thought, i got the thumbs up from her, so i bought it! wooo

I never really thought that a top like this would suit me, however it does... they look nice with Skinny jeans & Leggings.

Excuse the rank looking picture of me.. but i wore this out for sunday lunch. Yep - you guessed it i bought 2 peplum tops... Plum/maroon colour one too!

I teamed it with a sparkly brown belt from Primark £1 - Brown leggings from Next and my Tesco riding boots. 

I am happy that i actually can buy clothes from mainstream shops and not have to search for the 'bigger' sizes which are never in stock. I remember a couple of years ago couldnt buy clothes in Newlook so i never bothered to look in there. Now i love it! 

Although i have a pack with myself to buy versitile clothes which can be worn to work or casual or wear them dressy. Means i have less clothes and more options!

Shopping, Comfy feet & Coffee

I had a good weekend, busy and i feel a bit like i should have done more in the way of cleaning and clothes washing, but lifes too short right?!

I met up with Katy on saturday and we had a well needed Costa.. mmmm Tea.

Nothing like a lovely cup of Twinings...
We basically just had a browse around town no intnetions of spending money just a mooch.
However i ended up buying 2 peplum tops from Newlook, which i will show in another post.

I bought a pair of Hightop hidden heel trainers from Next, and well i decided to be crazy and where them for the afternoon shopping... and i can honestly say they were SO comfy!!! I dont think i will ever say that about a pair of heels.

Hightop hidden heel trainers
 Aren't they nice!! :)

OOTD hidden heel hightops
I think they look quite cool compared to most of these type of shoes... the do actually 'look' like trainers. my friend didnt even know they had a heel until i told her.. so im happy with them :)

We then proceeded to wander around and try things on, New Looks really has some nice Autumn clothing in at the moment i love this time of year!!

We finished our shopping off with another beverage and shared a brushetta at a local italian cafe... probably the only classy cafe in our town! haha

I wish that i had taken more pictures now... thats what happens when your having fun you forget to document it!

The rest of the weekend was spend with Mike, and we went out and shot some balls at the driving range (check out the panoramic camera shot... why did i not realise this in cornwall! waaaa)

and had sunday carvery & i may have eaten this...

 It wasnt pointed on my weight watchers, however it was worth every mouthful of non pointing.. YUM!!!

Sunday favourite photo

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This week is a picture my dad took in Vegas when we were all there last year.... When i took the photos off my mums camera when we were back in the UK i found pictures which can only be described as 'The Hangover' style ending....there was this one below, some other crazy ones, pictures of them posing with police officers on motor bikes, a dwarf man dressed as Elvis...oh i could go on.. this one made me laugh though...

I have to add that is a cigerette in my dads mouth nothing else...

Empties: Face wipes Review

I have finally got enough products to do my first Empties post!

Im not commiting to doing it every month as i dont use much up and im not rushing to use products up :)

I have been collecting things for a couple of months in a little Momiji bag that i got for my birthday, and here is the first batch of the Empty products and my thoughts on them.

First up is all the skincare products i have used up...

I use face wipes quite a lot for night time to get my make up off, and i usually hunt out the 3 for 2 offers in Boots to get the best value for money. I got the 3 packets of Nivea wipes for £5 in boots, they are Daily essentials wipes:

They are fragrance free, for all skin types, and they claim to remove waterproof mascara...
Personally i think these wipes are pretty rubbish, they are too dry, i tried leaving the pack upside down so the top wipe gets more moist, but nope they were dry. 
I thought maybe i had a bad pack so when it finished i tried the next pack (as i had 3 to use up) but no pack 2 was the same, as was pack 3. Now i could have had a bad batch, but 3out of 3 being really dry... I wont be buying these ones again.

Next wipes i tried were the Boots essentials cucumber wipes - seriously these are like £1 a pack and totally worth it!

These boots wipes are something i would purchase again, they smell really nice and they do the job of taking make up off, or just freshening up before bed. They were on 3 packs for £2 if i remember correctly.

Next wipes i bought were the Kleenex eye make up removal wipes, i printed off a 50p off voucher from their facebook pay, so i think they were about £2.50 in total.. and its £2.50 i wish i had kept, i just dont get the point in them...  you get 24 wipes in the pack too.

They have no smell... unless you can smell water. They are very thick wipes, but they are like strips rather than a square wipe. I dont think they do anything out of the ordinary, they didnt get my make up off any easier than a normal wipe. I think there just a bit gimicky and pointless to be honest... sorry Kleenex stick to tissues :)

Next Wipes i am really impressed with... Simple radiance brightening make up removal wipes. (These were kindly sent to me from the PR ladies at Simple)  

Small pretty package (Palm size)

The package itself is really a nice size, fits perfectly into your make up/wash bag and it resealble so they dont dry out. They claim to hydrate the eye area, which is good as i have such bad dark circles under my eyes. They have no alchol, no oil & no perfumes to dry out your skin. They even remove waterproof mascara and get rid of the darkest eye shadow in a doddle... no jokes.. they mean business these wipes! You get 30 wipes in a pack and they cost £3.99 from boots.

Palm sized wipe

Textured to help remove make up
 I have no shame in saying that something as simple as these wipes (no pun intended) make me happy... they  make my life sooooo much easier at night time, I find the best way to use them is to...

1. Take wipe out of package, make sure pack is sealed to ensure no wipe dryness.
2. hold wipe over your eye for 10 seconds-ish.
3. hold wipe over top set of lashes (so the wipe has sandwiches your lashes) then pull the wipe away and all mascara is off.. ta-daaaa


If you click on the photos of the products you will be taken to the companies website to read more about them... You can pretty much purchase them all in Boots or superdrug too.

Hope you liked my Empties / review post.


Hello Kitty Suprise!

I got a pretty amazing Hello kitty suprise today!

My nan went to visit my dad and family in Japan and i was gifted by them all with some Japanese hello kitty supplies, i had to share what i got as quite frankly i cant stop looking at it. 


reuseable shopper bag
Filled with...

Hello kitty Goodies!!!!
Lipton Fridge magnet clip ♥
Hello Kitty & Elmo colaboration - Pouce & 2012 planner
How cute is the inside - Im definatly going to beg my dad to get me one for 2013!
Otherside of the Elmo x Kitty Pouch

Kitty eraser, note pad & Pen
2 watches, i love the Pink one as its something i can wear to work :)

Hello kitty wash cloth & Facial exfoliator

Battery powered facial exfoliator - pretty cool!

Hello kitty plastic pouch

Hello kitty x one piece clock
I havent heard of this collab with hello kitty but it seems really popular with people in the USA, its a cool square shape which you can hang on the wall or just stand it up. Need to find somewhere for it to live where it wont get eaten by the dogs... :)

I also was given these by my Nan which are so cool - i love the socks in japan... 

Im off to carry on staring at my Hello kitty goodies... ♥♥♥

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...