Liz Earle Sneak peak!

I have heard from the grape vine... that Liz Earle are having a special offer starting tomorrow on their website and this Summer tote bag will be Free (worth £25!) with every order over £60 between 29th June and 29th August! BARGAIN! ♥

*I wasnt paid or perked for this post, i just love to share a good offer!

Review - PediKur UK Hand and Foot products...

I was very kindly sent some Pedikur products to review, i was pre-warned that the packaging is 'nothing special' however the products itself is very good. Im not the sort of person to judge a book by its cover so to speak so i have been using it and thought i'd show you how it works...

Arriving very well packaged - Socks, cream and Lotion & Instructions.

The first insturection for use on feet is to not wash them first. So i got my thin layer of cotton wool, held it against the callused skin and used the Lotion to soak into the cotton wool so that it stuck to my foot.

The hard skin on my foot... yuk
I left the cotton wool stuck there for 20 mins to soak in and work its magic...

You get a plastic blade/scraper with the Kit, and you use this to scrape off the skin. This is the result ..

After Pedikur Lotion...

I didnt post pictures of the actual scraping off part, as quite frankly it was disgusting... but so rewarding!!! This stuff is really good, and i cant wait to get over to my mums and tackle her feet!!!

The herbal foot cream is awesome!
I applied a nice thick layer of Herbal cream onto my feet as they felt a bit sore after the scraping, i think that was due to me being a it heavy handed and getting too excited about how much crappy skin came off...

I then finished it off with putting these cotton socks on.. they are so soft and comfy. 

If you want to check out the products goto

I recommend this to anyone who struggles to get Soft flip flop ready feet, its really a good product.

The only thing i can say which would make it better is the packaging, but its its being aimed at Salons then its irrelevant, but to the normal consumer like us, then re-packaging would probably beneficial.

Overall Big thumbs up from me!

*I wasnt pair for this post, however i was perked with the products!

Shopaholics 1/2 day out....

I popped into town on saturday to meet my BFF for Coffee, and ended up having a mooch about town and helped her with her holiday shopping.

I didnt get much really...

New loafers £20 Next
Bandeau Fringe top in Neon Pink/coral - £2.99 and Nail file/buffer £0.25p both in sale @ Store 21.
Free Gift with Maxfactor in Boots... Katy was sooo kind and gave this to me! ♥
Resting my feet in dorothy perkins

Muffin Remains after me and Katy demolished it..

Well earned cup of tea ♥
I'll admit it.. you know your getting old when you cant do half a days shopping without being knackered!!! It was a really nice day though even if we were running around like made, women on a mission!

I spent the most of Sunday at a local hotels Spa with my cousin Steph, aunty and my mum we just chilled out in the Jacuzzi, steam and sauna rooms and had a swim in the pool... complete relaxation = Bliss!

My week ... June 2012

This is my week in pictures, its nearly the end of June.. only 2 1/2 weeks until my birthday.. exciting things to come.  Lazy Sunday today... so chilled :)

Walking the dogs in the park...
Posting my ebay items...

Watching Parachute regiment parade in town...
Green leaves outside my Lounge window... So fresh and lovely!

One of my Babies! ♥
My other Baby Boy ♥
Starwars sunday... with a blurry dog tail in the foreground.
Cuppa Tea ♥ and Diet pepsi ... sluurrrrp.

My all time love... Music edition

I have always loved Maroon 5, since the day i first heard This Love, and Harder to Breathe... i was finding it hard to breathe!!!

Im renound for loving Maroon 5, in my first job i took the CD to work and listened to it whilst i was typing away all day everyday for at least a week... until my boss was like... Seriously put something else on! hehe

Im so excited that their new albums out next week!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh

Its called Overexposed.. and thats top of my birthday list!!!

 I seriously love Adam Levine his voice gives me the shivers and makes me smile... no other musician can do that to me!!

Product Review: No.17 Wild curls Mascara

I was on the hunt for a new Mascara... I have no reasons except i wanted one. The others i have work perfectly well, but i just Needed wanted a new Mascara to Oooh over. Then Fate happened... 

I did one of them double take, and then i zoomed in and went Ooooooooh - ripped it out and skipped to boots to buy said Mascara. Thankfully they actually had it in stock!

Limited Edition Packaging.
Nice Brush

My Initial impression was that for £1 it was a Bargain! - RRP: £6.29 - Colour i bought was 'Wildest Black' So it was even better when i was able to pay with my Boots advantage card points!!! FREE MASCARA!!! *HAPPY DANCE*

So i got to use trying this baby out, and here is the Before Picture..

My lashes are not Short but they lack definition..
And after a splash of Wild curls No.17 Mascara (I havent curled my Lashes before hand either i might add)

For the price i bought it at i think its a really good Mascara, and i would get it again, however i think £6.29 is quite expensive for what it is. My soap and Glory one is so much better and only £9.99, so maybe i will wait to see if its on offer again. Although i dont go through Mascara quick enough, so they will probably have another even better one by the time i come round to buying a new one again! haha

I would recommend this to people as i've had so many compliments lately by people saying Ooooh i like your eyelashes, and Oooh your eye make up looks nice.. So thumbs up from me! 

*I wasnt sponsored to write this post, all my own opinions and bought with my own moolah.

Make up Organisation :)

I spent nearly all day de-cluttering my flat, managed the paperwork in the lounge, kitchen cupboard.. Apparently its not healthy to have food in there from 2007... (and you think im kidding....)

I then decided to tackle the bedroom and i managed to sort out 3 bags of clothes, 2 rubbish bags, i cleared out my bedside table and decided rather than get rid of it (i've had it for 10 years, its barely used other than to store junk) and use it as a make up station.

This the only make up i have...

Not a lot there, mainly a Hello kitty Make up bag from H&M a gift from my friend Amy a while ago, pink basket with my Soap and Glory items, and 2 felt eye liners, then my palettes and bronzer beads.

Many Many years ago when i was in Japan visiting my dad, i bought this little storage unit.. and to this day (about 12 years later, check our how faded the pink is.. awww) it hasnt really had any use apart from storing crap.

Seeeeeee total cuteness!
So i took out the junk from inside it, and placed in another drawer it in the bin. The top orangey bit was bright pink once upon a time...

My basic strategy was everything had to fit in this unit to make my makeup accessible on a daily basis, even though i dont wear make up daily... but you get my gist.

Its a pretty roomy unit, the top section has face stuff in, concealers, and face powder.   

Top drawer with all eye related items, Primer, Mascara, Liners & a random old Pill tin thats antique and sweet.

Bottom drawer with lip products in, lipsticks, balms, gloss. Not alot but its all what i use regulary.

And finally in the top section... 

My Felt eyeliners which i keep tip down to keep them inky - and my blusher / bronzers.

Here is everything now..  

The Make up bag just has hair clips, face primer, bronzing beads and other oddly shaped items...

Then the basket has all my eye shadows.. 

So much better now its all organised. it meant that i was able to use the other space to neatly store all my costume jewellery and belts etc. Happy bedroom = Happy Georgia.

Sharkey taking centre stage there... :)

Im feeling happy now i wake up to this tidy sight in the mornings... ahhhhh lovely.

Ebay Sales...

Im selling a few things on ebay at the moment, clothing shoes etc

Take a look, anything of interest then Bid away!!


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Weekly photos

Tasty weight watchers dinner

Weight watchers is paying off...

Nail varnish collection...oops

Lady bug pan scrubber, she likes washing up... i dont.

Corn in a bag!

Belated Jubilee Post..

So i posted about my Jubilee Giveaway on the 1st of June, but then i have been abit busy since then to tell you what i did!

Jubilee gift for mike
Cake day at work, followed by scones for afternoon tea... Ahhh!
My friend invited me to a street party at her place, so i thought it would be patriotic supportive of me to attend...

Jubilee Cupcakes ♥
My Very non patriotic outfit of the day...
It was a nice afternoon dispite the weather, but i got to mingle with my friends neighbours and have a laugh.

For the actual Jubilee i spent most of it watching TV, i really like our royal family and learning about the families history.

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend :)

Mini Clothing Haul...

Since i have been doing weight watchers i have needed to buy the odd bit of clothing here and there as everythings getting baggy and looking horrible, and definatly not professional looking for work. So first off i was in tesco grabbing some food and had some time to kill waiting to be picked up... 

Tesco Fair trade Vest £4
Tesco heart cut out belt - £3

Both vests from Next - L: £6 - R: £4
L: £5 - R: £4
One thing i needed was flat shoes for work - i saw some on a blog spot (cant remember where, sorry) and they said in primark there was cheapy ones.. as above. I have worn the brown ones with some chino's and they looked so nice, they look like they cost more than £5! I have worn the cream ones to work and they also looked really nice with my grey capri style trousers.

Grey / Stone coloured straight leg trousers - £12.99 (im tempted to get them in the other colours too..)

Trousers in the picture above were from H&M in the sale for £7 and they included the belt!! Bargain.
The top is also from Primark, its a t-shirt which i tucked in and it was only £3.

Love it!

Here is everything i bought in Primark - Shoes, Skin coloured vest top £3 - Coral/orangy and Pink tops are £4 each, total bargain as they go so well with my new £1 brown sparkly belt from primark too!

£1 sale belt from Primark!
And finally another £1 item...

Classy knuckle duster!
Hope you like what i bought, i dont go clothes shopping often, but if i carry on losing weight then i will be!

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Christening day!

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