List for Vegas!

I have been researching for things to do in Vegas when we go there to get married...
(Click the titles to go to the websites i found)

  1. Go to a shooting range! - found a package called 'The Ladies package' $50 to shoot a handgun, you get 2 targets and a t-shirt! sounds fun... and scary.. eek
  2. Bellagio Fountain show, which is FREE! - want to get some nice photos of the fountains at night time, they will be good photos to have in our Wedding album.
  3. Mandalay Bay Shark Aquarium - $16.95 - Love fishys and Sharks! and its in a tunnel which makes for cool photography!
  4. M&M World, has numerous floors of colourful chocolate! yum yum - and its FREE to shop, look at the memorabilia.
  5. Sanrio Shop - Yes, i can get my Hello kitty fix... ♥
  6. Bodies exhibition - I wanted to see this when it was in the UK, so if its still in Vegas i would love to get the chance to go see it. (prob have to hold my breath the whole way round as i ll feel sick.. but will be interesting lol)
Hmmm thats my list so far, which i will keep adding to as there is so many things we want to do in Vegas i dont know if we will get chance to fit it all in.

Have you been to Las vegas? If so comment me up and give me some more ideas on where to go, or things i shouldnt miss. :)

A new dawn a new day!

Right its the beginning of Jillian,

Jillian Michaels that is.

30 day shred has re-started seeing as i only managed 5 days and then hurt my back... grr *waves fist in air*

Im going to push push push myself, i dont have motivation, but sometimes you just need to force yourself to do things you dont like.

On the plus side i found a Hello kitty suitcase cheap... well, £59.99 cheap. But the downside to that is its too small for holiday, and too big for carry on ! argh \(>.<)/

its cute right?

I may just order it, and chance it as carry on, then worse case scenario ill put it in the hold....

Any ideas?

Where has it gone?

Sigghhhhhh. It sucks, like sucks big time!

I was all motivated and losing weight at a steady pace, happy to do exersise and it made me feel GOOD!

But then i hurt my back doing the Jillian Michaels DVD, (30 day shred) and then it was my time of the month. and then i hit a wall. like BANG, no motivation.

I just forced myself to do the Billy blanks bootcamp work out for 30 mins. i sweat my arse off, but i just dont feel motivated.

And i have this problem :
getting married in days

i still dont feel happy. I would be if i could lost 1 stone (14lbs.) which relistically isnt hard if i put my mind to it, but its not easy if i slack. Arrghhhhh im such a moaner. i think i just need to rant it out my system then maybe the motivation will come flowing back... *fingers crossed*

Baby Daisy Part 2

I was lucky enough to take some more photos of Baby Daisy recently -

Isnt she a cutie?


Pretty Dresses

These are my favourite dresses at the moment... (i dont wear dresses....)

I dont know why, but i have n-e-v-e-r been a dress person, i just feel more comfy in trousers, shorts, or skirts, but not dresses. But since we have been planning Vegas and getting married and the prospect of becoming a wife, becoming Mrs Newman i have all of a sudden wanted to get dresses and be more girly. =^_^= wierd huh?

The Black dress was totally spur of the moment, was shopping with my Nan in an 'older womans' clothing shop, i saw it and thought.... 'oh my god' grabbed it and ran to the changing room, and i was amazed at how nice it looked.. but i put it back on the rail as i couldnt afford the £35 (which is pretty cheap for a dress...) And my Nan being the lovely lady she is insisted she buy it as it looked so nice on my it would be silly not to get it... cue BIG GRIN!!!

The middle ones so lovely, total bargain.. £11 from Primark i saw it in reveal magazine and thought it would be one of them things you see in a magazine but you will have no hope in hell to find in store, but i bloody found it in there! woooooo

The last dress was another shopping day with my Nan.. £22 from Store TwentyOne. Love this one, its halter neck, and skims the floor, or i could propably wear it with wedges.

Now which one do i wear to Stephs wedding......... Hmmmmmm - (incase your catching up steph and darren are getting married in september, Stephs my second cousin)

Do i take them all to Las Vegas when we go to get Married??? Hmmmm decisions!

Our Summer List

This is our plans for the summer, keeping it simple as we both have busy schedules, 2 jobs, and planning the wedding.

Memory Box

Ever since i was little i have kept this memory box -

It has a hawaian shirt that was mine when i was a baby..(dont know what mum was thinking, but its cute.. lol) a Sony walkman, my first one which dad sent me from Japan. It has lots of envelopes of letter, photos, Japanese phone cards.

Photo of my dad holding me as a baby.. ♥
lots of postcards from Japan ... ♥
Some random polaroids of family, and earring mum made ♥

Lots of memories, it was so nice reading through all the postcards, and remembering what i was up to at the time, or what dad was doing. Brings back lots of memories of when i was younger.

Snoopy Bank card that was dads, wish they had things like this in the Uk! = ^_^ =

My birthday want list.....

I turn 24 on the 11th July, so just over a month away... eeek! (24.. omg... i dont know if i can handle being a year away from quarter of a century!!!!) *deeeeeeeeep breath*

These are Top of the TOP of my list...

(i would love the middle black ones, checkerboard ones, and the pink top right)

2. I love the clothes on Forever 21, never even knew this site existed until yesturday!

1. Sailer pumps - £
2. Love is beautiful boob tube - £10.50
3. purple bag - £16.75
4. Blue french dog sweater - £9.99
5. wishing on a star t-shirt - £10.40
6. red bag - £21.75
7. HK hoody - £18.75


3. Hello kitty Momiji Dolls, i have one of these anyway from my 21st birthday, but its not a hello kitty one like these-

I really want the one in Yellow called Chiriro - bargain @ £9.95

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...