Lush Uplifted Gift box

For my birthday i was given two Lush gift sets, this one was from Katy, and i cant tell y ou have excited i was when i saw the box!!

The paper had hot air balloons all over it, with a black ribbon type thing saying Uplifted all around it. So summery. There is something about Lush gift sets that make me happy, i think it might be partly to do with the packing inside thats all colourful, and bio-degradable. (Its called Ecoflo)

In the set there are 6 products;

  • Rub Rub Rub shower scrub 140g - This is bright blue, has a sugary texture and foams up really nice so you can wash with it and exfoliate at the same time, it has a really refreshing Orangey scent too. 

  • Happy Hippy + Dirty Springwash Shower Gels - Both of these are 100g - Happy Hippy is really zesty and has a citrus smell. It certainly wakes you up with its scent, its basically liquid Grapefruit, which i do not like the taste of at all, but in a shower gel its lovely! Dirty Springwash is a spearmint scent, and is SO nice. I have even used it to wash my hair and it was amazing, made it feel so clean and smell so minty and refreshed! Its basically just Spearmint oil, well worth getting this if you like the minty scented products.

  •  Ocean Salt facial scrub 100g - Now this is a very exfoliating, pure sea salt with a really strong citrus scent. It has Grapefruit, and Limes that are infused in Vodka to make an astringent. I can only use this on my T-zone, mainly my nose as it stings my face. I have quite a sensitive face, but i need to use this on my nose as i get dry skin on it, yep... disgusting i know.
  •  Whoosh Shower Jelly 100g - This is the strangest product i've ever used, its jelly... i mean how do Lush think of these things!? lol ... it again has a Grapefruit scent, its very refreshing, and suprisingly easy to wash with. You would think that it would slip off, but it lathers up really well. Its always intrigued me when i've been in store, so im pleased i got to try it.

  •  Bohemian Soap - There was one bar of this in the set, its quite a decent chunk too which should last a while, It has a lemon scent and is really refreshing. I have used it a couple of times to wash my hands with, as we ran out of hand soap. Im yet to try it out in the bath. 
 Overall im really pleased with the selection of this gift set, it has things in it which i wouldn't usually buy  myself. That's the good thing about a gift set you get a variety of goodies, and i will defiantly be buying a few of the products again. I don't usually buy anything other than bath bombs, bubble bars and my trusty toner spray from Lush, so now i can branch out!

Nails, Nails, Nails, i like Nail varnish...

The title is sung in the Lady gaga theme of Boys boys boys, i like boys in car-arrrrs. ;)

I bought quite a few new nail vanishes in July... its amazing what your birthday month does to you. It turns you into a crazy nail varnish whore.

Whilst shopping with my brother i managed to get some nail art wraps in Paperchase of all places, for 49p a pack! As you can see i got black polka dots, and one which is just plain silver, looks a bit like tin foil. (maybe good for my toes.. )

I was given 3 varnishes by MUA from my good friend Amy.. she knows me so well.

L-R: Amaretto crush, Bright Coral, and Fever Red

 I then got two Barrys M nail varnishes The Gelly hi shine in Pomegranate (Left) and the neon Pink called 329.. original name there. (It was limited edition) I also got the Barry m nail corrector pen, it smells amazing, like watermelon it comes with 3 extra tips too. 

Barry M Pomegranate on my fingers, The neon pink 329 on my toes
 The next two that i got were...

Collection 2000, Hot looks nail vanish.. dries in 60 seconds.

Desert Rose
 Then my current favourite nail varnish brand is Sinful USA, they are £1.99, and such good quality!

Island Coral
Ooooh such nice colours... I will be writing another post with colour swatches of my Sinful collection as i have quite a few now.


Belated Birthday round up..

It was my birthday on the 11th July, i turned 26... 

As usual i arranged a meal out with friends and family, we went to Mimosa which is my favourite buffet restaurant. It has Chinese, Indian and other foods. It was so yummy...

I wore a dress from H&M which was £7.99 and it wasn't even in the sale, i picked it up when me and my brother went shopping at the beginning of July. I also wore some fushia pink wedges from New look, bargain at £7!

me with my sister in law
 I got some lovely present from my friends and family... im very lucky!

Nan & me

Mike waiting to get food :)

To busy eating i forgot to take a pic of the main1
 I will be posting about the present i got, so keep an eye out for a nail polish haul, and a Lush gift box post!


Shopping face..

At the weekend i went into town with Katy and we had a good mooch about, I really loved my outfit, and my make up, so i thought i would share my Shopping look!

My dress is from Primark and was £10, i ummed and ahhh'ed about getting it,but Katy kept telling me how slimming it was, so i caved and bought it, on the proviso that i can wear it throughout the year and not just summer, So to prove it today i teamed it with a denim shirt!

I like to think of this as the 'No make up' Make up look.... 

Everything used for my look...
 I don't wear foundation, i occasionally use BB Cream if i want a floor less look, I'm very lucky that i generally have clear skin. (although i have awful dark circles!! grrr)

For my base, i used17 (from boots) BB cream in Medium, it has SPF 25 built in, I used the Rimmel Bronzer in Medium Matte, Benefit Erase paste in No.2, then finally for my face i used Boots natural collection Blush in Sugar plum. I love this blush, for £1.99 its amazing, lasts all day and surprisingly for the price actually has colour payoff!

For the rest of my face... the main stage if you will.. my Eyes!

I used my Elf eyelid primer in Sheer on my eyelids (and under eyes) then i used Mac Malt all over my lids as a base.  Then i picked my Stila countless colour pigment in Encour and used the dark brown on the outer edge of my eye and blended it out, then i used the light champagne colour on my brown bone. I finished it up with my Clinique brown eyeliner, and the most awesome mascara Maybelline The rocket, i hated this when i first bought it, but i LOVE IT now. I get to many compliments on my eyelashes :)

Hopefully that made sense, if not see the picture below...

Hope you like my Saturday look, maybe you can try it out for tomorrow?


Oh it was such a Smash time...

I've still been loving Smash books, I recently bought another one from Oyster Stamps, Its the Smash book mini in the Play style.

The book is about A5 size, the binder is a really cute green colour, and pages are even cuter!

I love this for Smashing about me, and just random things, like the coke lables with our names on, all the stickers from Japanese sticker machines, and some bits from this summer.

Full of memories ♥

 This page is by far my favourite, i dont even want to use it..

This book is about £8 and its totally worth it, it fits into my bag which is even better, so it means i can take it on holiday!! :)

If you do Smash booking too, please let me know so i can see!

Instagram Addict Summer catch up

Im not ashamed to admit it, but i love Instagram.

For me, instagram is like blogging, like a photo scrapbook of my life.

Here are some recent pictures from my instagram, you can follow me if you like - 

My username is Ramblingsofgeo


This is what summers all about..

Seeing awesome movies, Despicable Me 2 was so good, literally nearly cried at the end.

 My little cousin Willow turned 1, times flies! 

My family had a little garden party for her which was lovely, the cake was  Minion, made by her mum. Here is the little birthday girl..

 The twins were there chilling in there chairs having some grub, such a pair of cuties.

Summer so far has been about spending time with family, we have had a few really nice days out just walking the dogs, and swimming in our local big lake/pond, its been great. Im kind of glad the weathers cooled down a bit now as i havent been able to use my laptop, the fans still on the blink and it gets too hot so the 30' weather would have killed it off.

New addition to my fish tank, a pair of Kuhli Loaches, there so cute! they never come out though which is annoying, we're going to get a few more when we get back from out hols.

 Nothing like buying a classic dvd for a fiver, then thinking to yourself, what the hell did our parents do to us as children... seriously why so many songs?!
(Also not the cheesy chips and pitta from the kebab shop in the background, YUMMMMERS)

So far its been a good summer, but there is more to come im sure, we havent even been to the beach yet!



Maybe its.... Rubbish?

So as you all know im a lover of Nail varnish, my collections getting bigger by the day and i recently was able to add a couple more to my collection thanks to winning a little mini competition at work!

I bought three new nail varnishes from Boots, one of which was spotted by my friend Katy, she pointed out Maybelline had a new Color show one in Turquise temptation, its a Vintage leather effect. I was like Oooooh that sounds amazing and its cheap i bet its just like the Nails inc Leather effect one...

WRONG... this is nothing like Nails inc, this is rubbish. 

Now i spend time doing my nails, its a sunday night thing, i apply a base coat, let that dry for several hours, then i apply 1 coat of polish, let that dry for a while, then i apply a second coat, then i normally apply a top coat. 

I think this is where the problem lies... with this its meant to be a rough texture so i didnt apply a top coat, i did however apply a 3rd coat as it didnt have the 'leather' effect. 

This is my nails now less than 24 hours later, bare in mind i work in an office.

Seriously what the F?

The thing thats ironic is i can pick it off, but i cannot for the life of me get it off with my Boujois 1 second remover! gahhhh 

So all in all, i dont recommend it.

If im doing something wrong please tell me Maybelline!?




Where am i?

So, its been a while....

I always like to have a month off blogging to take time to re-fresh and have fun, and get some stuff to write about. I've had a busy time since my last blog post. I think im just about ready to carry on, and have some fun things to write about. 

So dont worry i'll be back soon with some new posts... and i have many new nail varnishes to show you! woo!!! :)

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