A Hello, and an Update!

I just wanted to post a quick update and to say that i am taking a brief break from blogging as i have a busy work schedule at the moment, ill be back in 2 weeks Once i have everything done....

I have a few idea's up my sleeve for some interesting reading too.

Be back soon


Forgotten purchases...

I just found these pictures and totally forgot i bought these new things and forgot to blog about them...

Left: Newlook - - Right: Next

I had a sneaky trip into Newlook a few weeks ago and snapped up these leather tan sandals for £5... yes you heard that right, £5 !!! only downside is there a size 7, of which i am not. However they still fit me fine and they are so comfy!

I then had a look in next and saw these Davina Mccall fit shoes for half price reduced to £14, i thought they looked quite unusual and im loving the neon colours at the moment, i have a moan though these shoes are comfy underfoot, but they squish your toes! ouch.

I then had a look at the jewellery in New look, same time as getting the sandals and these earrings caught my eye, the ones on the left are so cute, all nautical and romantical. The ones on the right are nice too, my favourite pair being the Birdies, the only downside was there were 2 pairs missing... I was cheeky and asked them to reduce them and they took that pack down to £1! 
If you dont ask you dont get people!

This post has reminded me to look in my wardrobe as i havent put away the things from my last shopping trip, they are still in the bags.. Oooops!

Lip Balm addiction...

I have some kind of lip balm addiction.. i cant help but buy it!!

My current my favourites are the Carmex moisture plus, i did have the peach one but i gave it to my mum ♥
They are minty and so moisturising there amazing, they even have SPF in them, the pink gives a really nice sheer pink colour to your lips.

I also love my Figs and Rouge Coco Vanilla Balm, its so good. You can use it all over you body which is great because there is always times where i get dry patches or exezma type things that need to be covered with something to ease the itching. I even used it on my ankle wher ei have this dry patch and i've used E45 cream which didnt do anything, used this once and it got rid of the dry patch!!

I love cheap novelties like the coca cola ones, and M&M chocolate ones etc i even have a lip balm from Hooters in Vegas! hehe

My least favourites are the Bodyshop Nutmeg and Vanulla balm, mainly because the smells strong and i can smell a hint of cinnamon and i hate that smell! I can still use it but not very often, its a very wintery lipbalm, reminds me of christmas.

Everyone has to own a tin of Vaseline, its good stuff, can be used for anything anywhere which is good. I have to say though my least favourite balms are the ones in tins as i hate getting balm on my fingers! ahh

I really want to get the EOS lipbalms, and im eying up some more revlon just bitten kissable balms... oooh decisions!

Review: Revlon Just bitten Kissable

I bought this on a wim on a recent shopping trip  it was £5.99 from Boots, and i bought it in the colour in 'Cherish' .

The easiest way to explain this is that its like a lip balm, its minty when you apply, but yet this actually stays put... once the initial balm goes the colour stays on your lips. This is SO worth the price.

Oooh i love its chubbyness.

All you do is twist the silver end of the pencil to push more balm up, and i think it would last quite a while too. Im already planning on getting another one, i am looking at getting a more 'everyday' colour as this is pretty bright on me, which dont get me wrong i love it, but im not a barbie pink kinda Gal for work. :)

Puuuurdy Pink ♥

You can buy it in Boots for £5.99 at the moment... Its worth it!

Instagram Addict...

I have finally been able to get Instagram on my phone after my recent upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3.. Seriously this phone is amazing...

Here is some of my recent pics... Totally random, no theme to it, just random stuff!

Come have a look and follow me @ramblingsofgeo

Nail of the day: Rimmel Nail tip whitener

As your aware from my post yesturday i had a little splurge on saturday and treated myself to a few bits and pieces.. One of which was this nail polish which i saw in a tutorial by Fleur De Force

Here is what i used to do my first ever DIY manicure..

Nails inc Eau so Hydrating base coat, Rimmel Nail tip whitener, and Bootd natural collection in a shimmery pink colour. (sorry forgot the name..) and my bargain 25p Nail buffer/file from store 21.

First i applied 1 coat of the Nails inc eau so hydrating, let that dry, then i used the Rimmel white tip to really carefully draw the tip onto my nails, its quite runny polish so make sure you wipe off the excess and be watchful that you dont drip any... (i did... right onto my new shimmer shade lid.)

I then put two coats of the Sheer pink shimmer and i totally forgot to put my top coat in the photo above! its the Nails ins Kensington caviar quick dry top coat, just needed that to seal the deal!

Here is the finished look...

I have to say im pretty impressed with this simple look which you can jazz up pretty easily with a nice sheer sparkly top layer, or keep it simple with a typical sheer pink.

I think for £4.59 its a darn sight cheaper than paying £20 for a professional mani!

*Thumbs up from me!*

Shopaholic Lonely day out..

I decided to have a mooch in guildford town centre... now this town used to be pretty mediocre, well its pretty awesome now, has a good selection of shops and worth the 20min train journey!

It has tons of good shops, even has a Liz earle!

 The only place i needed to goto was Lush, but i clearly needed to goto a few more shops as well...

The first shop i went to was Topshop, i had a look at the make up and i was a bit.. Mehhhi dont think its anything amazing, and i think its quite pricey...

However i did spot the sale section and picked up these leather sandals for £5!!!

£5 Bronze sandals, originally £26 bargain!

Next stop was Urban outfitters.. but i bought a present in there so im afraid i cannot disclose the info of what i bought... However the sale in there was pretty awesome and they have nice jewellery stands for £8, one of which was from my christmas wishlist, i didnt buy it in the end though :(

I then popped to La senza (i thought they went bust?!! sorry... bad pun) but seriously i thought they did... the sale in here was pretty amazing, 90% of the Bra's were £5 each, so i grabbed this long line vintage style bra and skipped happily to the check out. 

£5 bra and £5 knickers... the knicker are 5 pairs for £12 total bargain.

Next i went to Next.. I was so impressed with their petite section it had a massive selection, should go there more often. I bought a sign which i thought was motivating, I got this nice jumper for £15 with buttons on the shoulders..

Next my favourite shop... LUSH!

I had a list of things i wanted to buy, but some of the items i sniffed i didnt actually like...

So i bought, Eau roma water, King of Skin, and Creamy Candy bath melt, and a melting marshmellow bath melt and my favourite item of all time the Butter Ball bath bomb.
 (Im going to do a more indept blog post about the items once i have chance to use them.

I then decided to pop into Kokoro a japanese Bento Lunch place.. Oh my god this place is like being back in Tokyo... 

Left: Gyoza, Top: Korokke, spring roll Right: Inari ♥ my favourite
I hit up boots and bought a few items i decided i couldnt do without..

 Revlon lipstain was £5.99 on offer, Rimmel nail tip whitener £4.39 , and shimmer shades £3.99 and i picked up a sale item for mike for 75p bargains galore ! 

Here is my outfit i wore.. no shoes as i just got home and my feet were killing me.. i just wore Primark tan flats, my clothing is Next Jeggins, black vest top, and red cardigan, Fox bag from Ebay and Necklace from Newlook.

Here is something thats on my wishlist... *drools*

Hello kitty Vans ♥

A few Homely updates..

I was bored and had a few spare hours so decided to brighten the place up a bit...

£6 Table cloth cut to measure from the Range
'Spike' New family member
I bought this cactus from Wilkinsons for £3, and the glass pot is an old Tindra candle from Ikea, i put it in the freezer, then the next day popped out the candle cleaned any residue and now its a new home to Spike :)

I also had this old Candle holder which was black (fit into my old decor when i had browns and blacks) ..

Now it looks like this ..

Nothing a can of plasticote cant fix!

100% Better! Although i dont want to risk lighting a candle incase it sets on fire..

Close up.. Oooh!

I also spray painted a mirror the same colour, but thats for the Hall way reveal when i finally get round to completeing it.

Nail Polish Addiction!

Since i stopped biting my nails over a year ago in preparation for my wedding i have not stopped buying Nail polish...

I did recieve my nails inc ones at a press event so technically there not ones i bought... However the more i look at the pic the more i realise i dont own that many...

These are my latest additions..

My first ever Barry M polish - Gold foil effect (aprx £2.99)

Barry M Gold foil ♥
Next addition was these two..

Rimmel lasting finish the pink smells like straweberries, and the green is just standard stinky polish :)

These were on offer in boots for £4 for 2, BARGAIN!

Thought i would try something different...
Oh hi were just chilling out in our box...

I need a better storage system for them as its awkward to see the colour i want unless i tip them out...Might pop to Muji and get ideas at the weekend, then hit up ebay and see their equivilents.

Here are some of my Polishes grouped up...

My favourite nail polishes of all time are the collection 2000 ones, seriously amazing the Hot looks ones are. They dry SO quick, so no smudging for me! 

My all time worst polish is the No.7 ones, they are aweful to apply and i dont like the wierd rounded brush...

I currently wish i had some more Nails inc effect Polishes like the Jubilee Glitter polish, and the new Starburst magnetic polish... *dreams*

Review: Prairie Charms!

A while ago last month i saw a tweet from about asking bloggers to get involved in project blogger. I jumped at the chance as every item Prairie charms sells 10% goes to GOSH (Great ormand street hospital) Click here to learn more about the charity.

So After i got in contact with Prairie charms i set off on their website which is here Prairie Charms !

I ordered the Bracelet set called 'All imaginable futures are not equally possible'  it retails at £15 and is totally worth it!

See how nice they are for yourself below..

Lovely packaging


 I have worn these every day since i bought them and so many people comment on how nice they are,  these two are made from wooden beads, and the charms are a bronze colour.

 As you can see they go really well with light summery colours, the bonus for me is that i wear them every day to work as i have to cover my tattoo on my wrist, and these work a treat!

A few of my other favourite pieces of jewellery they do are..

You are my Sunshine £16

To the moon and back £8

I really would recommend them as their items are quality pieces and money goes to charity!!! ♥

Please go and visit their website or Follow them on twitter and help spread the word 

Twitter @Prairie_charms


Red Jeans and a few inbetweens

I had a mooch about the shops with my friend at the weekend, not really intending to buy anything, but i did.

I popped out for lunch with Mike and i wore my new clothing... I went to outfit and they had a sale on, i wouldnt say it was the best of sales, but still i spotted a rail which said 'Petite' i was over there quick as a flash, wooosh!

I bought The red jeggings above for £12, and yet there still too long on me!!! im 5'n a bit, not even 5'1 so annoying.

I love these Jeggings though they are just what my wardrobe needed, a POP of colour.

I also bought some trousers for work, which were £10, again dorothy perkins Petite range.

Not a good picture, in fact terrible picture, but they look really nice on.

I also popped into Next and saw these shoes and thought... Hmmm Brown and Neon.. Me likey!

These were £14 in the sale in Next, there really comfy too suprisingly!

I also bought a new cardigan in next, i loved the colour and its so soft, i got a few compliments too whilst wearing it! worth the £16 it cost..

Ooooh snuggly cardigan ♥

I also popped into TK Maxx and bought 2 dog bones, the ones which are plastic and smell like steak and bacon, dogs Loved them! and i got a cute little Milk jug, with pink and red polka dots on, they had a whole set of butter dish, cups etc but i dont like things too matchy, i just thought the jug was cute ♥

P.s sorry for being awol recently i have been busy with work, and just not felt like Blogging... ♥

Wishlist 3: Stylist Pick

I was so impressed with this website when i ordered last month... I have had my eyes peeled for more gorgeous accessories, and these have taken my fancy.

First up...

  • Laurel Black Sandals - £10 in the sale. I love these. I need a nice pair of black sandals, so fingers crossed come payday they are still there!

Next up...

  • Lake Two tone ankle strap wedges.... seriously these are sex on legs.... £20 in the sale too.

Next up in their new collection is this gorgeous red bag im really tempted to order it as they have a 'buy two for 50% off' offer on..

Its called the Saskia handheld casual satchel, i have a thing for satchels... £35.. Bargain!

I was also swooning over this Ginger Bucket bag for £40, but i noticed you can get an almost exact replica on ebay for £30 cheaper..

Next up, I have a LOVE... and mmmm cant decide relationship with these trainers.

These are the Jack wedge trainers, see i love the concept, but then i think what would i wear them with? and would they be comfy... and then to top it off people at work were like 'err why would you wear them' that only makes me want them more.. these are also part of buy two get 50% off offer.

I also noticed this wrap bracelet, not for me, but for my friend i think she would really love it and im tempted to buy it for her birthday, but i cant decide..

This is basically most of the things im loving on Stylist pick at the moment... I wasnt asked to write this, i just genuinely was so impressed with their service with my last order and i cant wait to order again!

Click on the names of the items and it will take you straight to their site <3 span="span">

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