Diary of a Weight Watcher: Week 8

So this week i have done no exercise, not planned exercise anyway. I did however goto London and do god knows how many miles walking on the underground, getting off the tube a stop early and walking the rest. I helped my cousin move house so that involved lots of walking about and lifting. 

I didnt eat particullay well, i had a few naughty dinners, but i generally stuck to the plan. I didnt track my meals though... tsk tsk.

I was prompted to measure myself in the last group meeting, so i did that tonight and im quite pleased to learn that i have lost 8.5 inches overall. 

I have lost inches from - (i use a website called JSF Bodyshop)

Measurement Variances (in)
Upper Arms

I dont see who i have put half an inch on my neck... bit wierd..Fat neck! haha

But check out those inches that have gone since i first even used the website on November 2010 - most of the inch loss has been since i started weight watchers though which is amazing!

Im noticing the weight loss this week though, my coller bone feels more prominent, and i feel thinner... i dont feel like i have such a big belly, it feels flatter! :)

My main aims this week are to get 1.5lbs off if i can so i can get another silver 7 award! then  it means i've lost 1 whole stone! woo - So here is to Good another week! *pats self on the back*

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 11st 9lbs
                                                              Total loss so far - 12.5lbs 
Goals so far - Silver 7 & 5% Goal

Weekend Event....

This weekend was different to normal.. we actually had plans! 

Our friends were married on Saturday 'Congrats to Peter & Erin'

They both looked lovely, here is a pic of their first dance... awww

I like going to special events like this, its a good excuse to dress up. Having lost weight i was a bit stuck on what to wear as i'd got rid of most my 'nice' clothes as they dont fit anymore.
I decided to wear a halter neck dress in the end, with a black cardigan tied in a not at the bust (mainly because it was freezing and i need to slim my arms down a bit more)

Mike & Me april 2012

I look a bit like a romany gypsy in this picture, i have now decided i dont like them earrings...
not with that outfit anyway.I was wearing a pink and black halter dress from Store twenty one. Earrings from claires accessories. Black cardi from Next.

its a really crappy picture but you get the gist. The dress is so nice, and i really look slimmer in person than in this picture... weight watchers is doing wonders! :)

I was wearing MUA Face Powder, MUA eyeshadow, Soap & Glory Mascara & Soap & glory Marvelips. 

The other best bit of the night was this... 

JD & Coke.. although i had a moan at Mike as he didnt get me diet coke!! aghh.

A Mini adventure with my Little Sis

On Thursday i went to London with my Younger Sister Bow, we were going up their for an event, but decided to have a wonder about before hand to waste some time. It was nice to have some sister time, its not something we get much chance to do. With her being 17, and me being 24 we dont often have much time together due to work etc

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with..... The London eye!!!
Waterloo Station (Camera went a bit funky here...)
On the Underground ruining Bows picture! ;)

And we have Arrived...ahhhh Heaven.
I went to M&M world when i was in Las Vegas (click here to read about it) and Bow was mega jealous so mum had to buy her souveniers, so i thought it would be cool to take Bow to the new M&M world in London to show her how cool it is. 

Bow & me with the Green Princess M&M

So preeettttty

Bow with is at home with her fav sweets :)

Cheesy pic! haha
M&M world is one big Gift shop, but i still love it :)
After we went to the Event we got off the tube one stop early at Embankment to have a little walk along the thames, over the Bridge and into waterloo. Its a nice 10 min walk and you get to take photos like this...

Or this..

It was a nice end to a nice day... then we got on a train with hundreds of commuters that was 30mins delayed and had to stand for the whole 45min journey home... that sucked a bit.. :)

Nails Inc Press Event: London 2012

I was very kindly invited to the Press event for the launch of the Nails inc new collections for the next coming seasons. It was such a good event, everyone was so lovely, the products are amazing!

Scrummy cupcake & Fridge Magnet
We got to the event early due to horrendous weather conditions, thunder lightning and Rain, and lots of it... 
The Venue was pretty funky, with a glass lift.. we couldnt help but laugh as it went up through a floor of people doing a dance class.. haha

Manicure Bar

Displays of the new Collections
Couture Nail Varnish

Juicy Sheer Range - Shade is Henley Regatta - smells of strawberry ..mmmm

Neon Collection.. i had a Mini Manicure at the event and had the Shade Portobello (Coral Neon)

Mini Manicure
My Favourite Nail Varnish of the night

Jubilee - this will be out June 2012 - RRP - £15.
Nail Jewellery - £11 each - 4 colours in the collection.

Sprinkles Collection - released June 2012 - RRP £11.
The Cutest Names!
 The Sprinkles Collection have the cutest names, there is 'Pudding Lane' Sugarhouse Lane' Sweets way' Topping Lane'  The Glitter in the varnish is mattified to create unique sprinkles special effect. I love it!!! ♥

The highlight of the event was getting to choose what Nail Varnishes we wanted from this pick and mix stand.

Here is what i got..

My Loot.
We were also give the Kensington Caniar top coat which is touch dry in 45 seconds. This is amazing stuff and i will definately re-purchase when i run out. It retails at £12 on the Nails Inc website.

I'll be honest with you, i had never tried Nails Inc before i had been invited to this event, I am not rich, and im very frugal with my money and i think £11 for a nail varnish is expensive, however i truely think that this is very good quality nail varnish and i will be buying it when i see colours i love, you just all need to keep you eyes open for the collections to all be released throughout the year, and go on Nails inc's website to purchase your favourites!!! I know i will be as soon as Jubilee is released!

*I wasnt Paid to write this post, its my true honest opinion, however i was invited to an event and given some samples to try out.

MUA Mini Haul

There was an awesome offer on the Facebook page for MUA (click here for their page)
It was basically order what ever you want (and pay postage) and get there immaculate collection palette FREE!

I wanted a palette for a while but not one superdrug i've been into actually had one in stock, most superdrugs displays are shockingly bad and do the Brand no justice what so ever. If it hadnt been for other girls blogs i wouldnt even know about their make up! - which is a shame as no one i know or mention it to has even noticed it in superdrug!! (of course i tell them all about it all the time... )

This is what i bought which came to a grand total of ... *drum roll please* ....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

£6.95 ! inc postage... (you can not get better than that for make up, and good quality make up! )

Isnt that the most colourful amazing picture... ahhhh loveliness!

So here is what i bought and the links on there you can buy them ...

24 shade immaculate collection - I got it free with the Facebook Code, but retails at £8

The Postage was £2.95 and got here within 2 days of ordering, thats impressive!

How gorgeous are they!!!
Very nice Pigments, the Golds one of my fav's!
Shade 2 - pressed face powder
I've never used face powder before... yep a face powder virgin! But this stuff is amazing, feels really light on my skin. I dont like the feel of foundation it feels too chalky on my skin and i dont really need much coverage, this is the stuff i've been searching for all my life! *thumbs up*

Just the right coverage for my skin.

I have to say this colour wasnt what i was expecting, i did think 'wow thats a bit barbie pink' but when you swatch it (and wear it) you can layer it to be as bright as you want. I wore it as more of a sheer colour which gave me a nice sugary pink colour.

Swatch of the Shade 4 lipstick
The felt tip eyeliner is amazing, so easy to drawer on although i am getting the knack for it now after some practise.

So thats my Mini Haul... Unbelieveable that you can get such good make up for such little price. I am very impressed with the quality.

*I wasnt paid or perked for this post, i paid with my own very worn out debit card, this is entirrely my own opinion. I blog it because i love it!

Life Update: April 2012

Thought it would be good to write a little post about my Life. Like a quarterly update! :)

I started the Year with a funeral which was Lame, and sad, and everything in between. But it gave me a kick up the bum to do SOMETHING with my life instead of working in a position just because i liked my collegues. I wasnt going anywhere in the Job role i was doing, and i knew pretty much everything there was to know, so i straightened a few things out and went for Promotion. I decided to do something i had not much knowledge in, but i could use some skills from the Job i was doing now to help me with the role i wanted SO badly.

So i applied for an internal position at the company i work for, and after an hour and half interview (Which should have been 1hour) I got called in for a meeting the next day to say I GOT THE POSITION!!!

I was then told i would be starting the Next day... AGHH. I was glad i went straight into training, rather than waiting a month or so, that would have sucked big style!

As you already know i started weight watchers at the beginning of the Year-ish, think it was february to be exact, and im doing suprisingly well, 11lbs off to date which im so pleased about :)

I've Been in contact with a school friend alot, and we goto weight watchers together, and go walking sometimes, which is so cool. I love seeing my friends more, i just feel a bit hectic with my work routine and home etc at the moment so need to fit in time for everyone.. Its quite hard work having a busy life... But i wouldnt change it at the moment.

So my Goals for the next Quarter are basically to carry on as i have been, but i want to be BETTER, and more full of knowledge in my job, and chase the monies, and Lose weight slowly and gradually and get healthier by the winter time, or whenever, there isnt a rush as im just doing it for me.

 I'd love to know if anyone else has any Goals they set for the year?

Diary of a weight watcher Week 7

Week 7

 I have been so good this week, sticking to my daily allowance as much as possible, i have had a couple treat dinners but all have been pointed and gone into my 49 weekly points, so i have stuck by the rules. I have noticed that im not so hungry and my stomachs obviously shrinking again which is good news!

I have been eating nice lunches, Tuscan Bean soup 1/2 can is only 3 points, then i have 2 slices of Weight Watchers branded bread at 1pp each.

My Easter treat i forgot to blog about... 4pp each egg - 2 pp for bread slice + slithering of butter i forgot to point. Total= 6ish...

 I'm getting seriously boring, but i love this dinner, Veggie burger 2pp, Rice sensations 6pp, tomato & runner Beans 0 & Light Philadelphia 1pp. Total= 9pp. This is such a filling dinner so tasty too!

The Naughty stuff...

Potato waffles - 2pp each (not so bad!) 1/2 tin of Beans 4pp, extra light mature cheddar - 3pp
Total = 9 pp

Naughty naughty me... I had 100g of Mintilicious ice cream from tesco which was 6pp, i got a bit greedy and ate most before i took the picture haha.

I was so excited all day thinking about getting weighed.. i must be the only person who gets excited.. haha - i knew I'd been good, even with the odd treat, and i had done one 5 mile power walk,  As soon as i got to weight watchers i had butterfly's as i was just thinking *fingers crossed* i can get that 1/2 lb off to get my 5% goal, but NO people, i got 2.5lb off this week!!! wooot wooooot!!

*Does the fist punch dance* punch punch punch*

I now only have to lose 6lb to get to my 10% goal! serious achievement, this diet is so easy anyone can do it, i don't buy any 'special' diet food, its all about your portion size.

I was given a 5% goal booklet

Basically this booklet helps you keep motivated by writing down your 'top 5 habits for weight loss' Mine are:

1) Walk more
2) Weight my food - to point it correctly!
3) Have Treats - Helps me not break the 'rules'
4) Eat Fresh raw food with every meal - (i Add a handful of raw spinach to most my lunches)
5) Plan what i eat for Lunch times so i can eat healthy and within points even though im in a rush.

Most days im having more than 27 points (my daily allowance) so im finding that im going into my weekly allowance more, but i think this is working as i tend to save the points for a Tuesday night treat, which then sends me off the rails for the rest of the week, so so far so good, here is to next week - Lets see if i can get my next silver 7... only another 3lb to go to get it.

Starting Weight - 12st 7.5lbs
Current weight - 11st 10.5lbs
                                                              Total loss so far - 11lbs 
Goals so far - Silver 7 & 5% Goal

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