Autumn 2013 fashion Wishlist - Newlook

I have this addiction to Autumn, specially the clothes that come into the shops.... i just love the colours at the moment, Royal Blue, red, maroon, black and white...

I was bored and put together a few outfits, seeing as i cant afford to shop mid month i thought this is like shopping without spending any money! woo 

So let me guide you through my choices... The outfit on the left is based on Maroon being the accent colour.
  • Black leather Shearling Lined Biker Jacket - £89.99 - This is perfect for Autumn, its going to be perfect to transition through to winter.
  • Coated Disco Pants in Burgundy - £19.99 - These are such a nice colour, like NICE, they are going to look amazing for day time casual, or put them with heels to dress them up.
  • Purple Tapestry Print Cami - £12.99 - I love this Cami it has a cute print, it flares out slightly at the hem to give it a floaty look which will go perfectly with the Disco pants, and it wont leave you feeling too hot under the leather jacket. Its all about the layers in Autumn!
  • Brown plain leather look boot - £69.99 - These are seriously comfy looking casual boots, i love the brown colour, however i dont like that there quite expensive for faux leather. 
  • Burgundy snake skin metal tab clutch - £15.99  - I love the colour of this bag, i think it goes well with the disco pants, and i love the gold detailing.

Total outfit cost - £208.95  - But your getting a leather jacket, and decent boots to wear all year round and to mix with all outfits.
 My second outfit choice was based on blue being the accent colour..

  • Blue super soft super skinny jeans -  £19.99  - I actually have these jeans, being 5'1 they fit me in length perfectly, so well worth getting the petite if you can!
  • Innocence dark brown animal print sheer sleeveless blouse - £14.99 - I love this blouse, it looks quite elegant for animal print, you would have to wear a vest top under neath to hide your undies, but a simple black one, or a nude would be nice.
  • Dark red cut out triple buckle boots - £24.99 - I really like the chunkiness of these shoes, they look comfy enough to wear in the day time with jeans, or dress them up in the evening. 
  • Pale grey Jersey snood belted jacket - £29.99 (sale) - I love the colour of this, its such a soft grey i think it would look perfectly on red heads. 
  • Turquoise Triangle plate across body bag - £12.99I LOVE the colour of this bag, its so bright and chirpy, and brightens up the outfit and makes the main focus Blue!
 Total outfit cost - £102.95 - Cheaper outfit and have some timeless items like Jeans and the bag.


I hope you enjoyed this post, i have another one made up with slightly different more edgy outfits than i would normally wear, but i had fun putting them together as well!

10 Year anniversary!

We've been together for 10 years, thats a decade, thats CRAZY.

Where have the past 10 years gone? 

Ermmmm, hello How did i go from being a 16 year old, to a married, home owner, whose been with her husband for 10 years.


We were in France for our anniversary and decided to make a day of it by going to the Beach, the picnic was packed, fuel in the car, sat nav ready, we all had an early night...

and woke up to RAIN!!!

FML... we didn't go to the beach in the end, wasn't worth the 2+hr drive to get there and it be shitty.

We spent the day at Chateau de Biron which is in Biron France.

The chateau was pretty amazing, really old and currently under restoration. Which was a bit annoying as we wanted to see the Dungeons but they were closed. 

In the picture above, there is the view from outside the Chateau, View from the roof, My grandma posing in a door way (she actually wasn't posing at all, i just snapped a good picture!) Paw print in the old floor tiles, My grandad and Bryan walking along the roof, amazing stained glass windows, Carpet tiles on my shoes to protect the floor, every day im shuffling... Check out that MASSIVE fireplace... talk about pimp my fireplace.

 Picture of us at the chateau, we tried to get the scenary in the background, but it failed. meh

Panoramic view of the Chateau in side

Such a cool floor tile, almost looks like a heart ♥

We then took a drive to Monpazier, the town square is similar to Eymet, but larger. Love the Tree's, this little Bastide is right on the top of a hill, the view was amazing.
 Here is a nice photos to remember the trip, look at the background!

Here is to the next 10 years and beyond!

au revoir angleterre, bonjour France!!

Its been a bit quiet round here as we have had a nice holiday... a well needed one at that!

We flew off to Bergerac to stay with my grandparents in their farm house (disclaimer: im not gloating, my grandparents both worked incredibly hard for their house, and have given me the work ethic i have today!)

View of Bergerac from the plane - grandparents house - our bedroom

Its so, so so relaxing at their house, we were in the middle of the countryside, fields either side of the house, opposite the church, very quaint.

The weather was HOT when we got there, like in the high 30's perfect for this...

We spent a few afternoons relaxing by the pool, i got burnt even though i was wearing factor 30! typical, it was on my boob as well and thighs.. bad times! lol

 We had some time shopping as well, which is a given on holiday. You have to check out the shops, spend your Euro's, go to Sephora... Yep i went there, and spent 40 Euros. Ill be writing about that later in the week or when i remember. 

Blurry picture of us... bergerac chinese

  One night we popped out for a Chinese, in France. Nothing confused me more than french speaking Chinese people. I'm so used to them barely speaking English. The food was pretty good, so i recommend the Royal De Bergerac if your in the area.

Something random i saw at a market... 

Check these Tomato's out!!!


My grandparents flew back with us too, don't they look happy waiting the most boring airport in the world.. ha!

Antique shopping with Geo!

Every now and then i like to go to junk , Antique or charity shops... i dont usually buy anything, normally just have a look around.

Im not going to lie, this is killing me looking back at these pictures, these are things that i realllllly wanted to buy.

Original Lloyd Loom Lusty chair £45

One of the many rooms of pictures

How Qaint :)

I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! - £10 dish

How amazing is this, im tempted to go back and find it.

Cute kitsch jugs, bottles, canisters

Ohhhhhh i love that little pot - £12

Vintage enamel breadbins

Glass bottles and tankards
I love this mother of pearl + Bone inlaid box it was £10. i have a thing about boxes like this... ♥
Im off to france soon, and i cant wait to have a mooch about their Antique 'Brocante' shops!

Birthday Club!

Last week we celebrated my Besties birthday, we had a nice evening and went for dinner with her family.

First up Present time...

In the foreground is the card i did on funky pigeon... cheesy but has to be done!

Me & Katy

Here is my outfit...

Newlook dress bought in March for £19.99
Shoes ASOS from Ebay £3.99

 And just because im a little crazy... a twirl

We went out to a Thai restaurant, which i was a little apprehensive about as I've never been for Thai food before, and I'm in credibly fussy when it comes to food. When we arrived the restaurant was lovely inside, it felt really posh... not something im used to! ha

Ooohh very fancy!

Ching ching, Cheers!

My friend Becky was there too as shes with katys brother, its so nice to have my friends together :)

 Now lets get into the food.... i had Vegetable Tempura to start, which was absolutely AMAZING, so so so tasty, and a huge portion!

They cut all the Veg in cool shapes , as Katy is modelling below, even the Rose in the picture above is a vegetable!

Here is my dinner, Thai Green curry with Soya curd, and sticky rice... this is where the problem started.

Skip back to when we ordered the food, i asked the waitress for 'mild green curry, Not hot' i think she heard this as 'VERY VERY BLOODY HOT' i had a few mouthfuls and thought Jesus this is hot, i must be a right wimp. I think it was the point where i felt like i couldn't breathe where Katy stepped in and asked to try it... she went BLOODY HELL that's hot, Becky tried it, went bright red and nearly chocked.. lol

Needless to say we had to return the meal and ask for it to be remade, they were very sorry and couldn't stop apologising. Once the new meal was brought out, i still didn't like it... i think it was because my tongue was on fire from the other one. *sigh*

Oh well, that's another cuisine to eliminate from my list.

I had a really nice night out, its nice to dress up and have a good time with your friends, despite the flaming hot curry! :)

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