Nails: Tropical Ombre effect

As you know i am a Youtube addict, which comes in handy when you want to learn new nail art! 

Thanks to Amarixe i've managed to do a really easy Ombre effect on my nails :)

You will need:

  • Base coat
  • White / cream polish
  • 3 x colours in a gradiant (i went for Sinful Yellow called Unicorn, Boots Natural range Orange usure of the name, and Collection's Neon Art)
  • Make up sponge
  • Topcoat - i used my favourite one which is Nails inc quick dry
  • Tape
First things first you need to tape around all your nails as this can be a messy job!

Next, paint the base coat and then the white or cream polish all over, this is important if you are doing light colours as your natural nail colour would show through otherwise.
Then leave to dry for a while....

Paint your polish onto the sponge in the order you want on your nail..

Then dab dab dab on your nail, do this on all nails. Allow to dry, then start again with a second coat, dab dab dab, and before your eyes you have an amazing Ombre effect!

Take off tape before the polish dries, then paint over your top coat and tidy up any polish around your nails.

Im going to try this with Grey, Blue and Navy next, once i've done it ill post a picture of how i got on. 

I got the idea for this from Amarixe's video which is below. :)

It would be Rudimental not to like them...

I have been loving Rudimental since they brought out 'Feel the Love'...

But since the release of Waiting all night i hadnt really paid much attention to them, until the twins started dancing to the song and i thought they were cute. I caught sight of the video on MTV and im now totally addicted. 

The video is absolutely unbelieveably moving. Its the story of Kurt Yaeger and how he become a below the knee amputee, but came back fighting and carried on Bmx-ing!

Seriously awesome, the soc doc way its been filmed, and how every ounce of emotion has been captured from him and through his journey. From the moment he falls off, you can see the anger, and frustration, He then tried again, and is then sailing down the ramp, free like a bird and his smiles are just pure JOY. I couldnt help but smile watching this video. Even if this isnt your kind of music, just mute it and watch the video, its really good.

I've learnt one thing from this, and that is ANYTHING is possible if you just try.

Plus Kurt is pretty easy on the eye.... mmmm


You can read more about Kurt Yaeger here:

RedBull article

Kurt Yaeger official site

So, i bit the bullet - Vlogging!

I was toying with the idea of starting a You tube account, mainly for Vlogging. 

I dont want anything formal, just want to have a ramble every now and then, if you have any ideas what i could vlog about, then let me know!

Here is the quickest vlog on the planet, and it wasnt as bad as i thought. :)

Im loving the puffed cheek thumbnail i chose... haha

The secret to healthy hair..

I have dyed my hair every 6 weeks to 2 months for the past 3 years or more.. i cant remember. But my split ends were B-A-D.. to the point where i was considering just getting a good 5-6 inches chopped off.

Excuse the roughness, but it was no make up day!
 But then i came across a remedy, which is basically just a good hair care routine.

Liz Earle's Hair oil has literally saved my hair, since i have been using it the ends of my hair have been nourished so much that they aren't dry, and they don't look all frazzled!

One pump of oil is sufficient for use when your hairs dry to get rid of fly aways and frizz, two pumps of oil is what i do for when my hairs damp and I'm about to blow dry it. 

The oil smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

The oil has coconut oil, radish oil and yangu oil. I had no idea what yangu oil was, so i researched and it says on the Liz Earle website that its 'part of the citrus family, the tree's are native to Africa. The tree's have pink flowers on and the black seeds are 60% oil, which is used in this hair oil. Learn something new everyday! 

The bottle size i have is 50ml and it costs £15, which considering its a huge glass bottle which will last me a long time (and i have really long hair) and its not tested on Animals means that its a winner for me. I would definitely re-purchase this hair oil.

Also another bonus to this hair oil is that it moisturises your hands when you rub it into your hair!

Twin Stars Turn One!

My little twin cousins/ god children are ONE


where did this past year go, like SERIOUSLY.

Harvey ♥

Tamsin ♥
 Happy Birthday Little ones!

Im the fairy god mother!

This weekend i became a godparent to the twins!

I feel so honored to be asked, im a 'sponsor' (im not christened) to Harvey and Tamsin. I like to call myself the Fairy god mother.

It was nice to have something to look forward to as i've been feeling really low in mood lately, i have no idea why but its like i couldnt drag myself out of this empty 'vancant' feeling inside my head. My race for life training has been non exisitant, my photographys been on the back burner, and all my exercise classes have been quit.

Gahhhhh please let me get my head together!

Anyway the christening was just what i needed, something to look forward to and be happy about!

Yay to being a godparent / sponsor!
My cousins! (3 of them..)

Mike and Me :)
There is nothing better than a family get together, it means you can get some lovely up to date photos, spend some time having fun, and reminiscing about your childhood!

Look at this lovely present that i recieved from Tamsin & Harvey!

Im undecided whether ill put this on my christmas tree, or whether to put a picture of Tamsin & harvey in a box frame and overlay this in the frame.

It was such a lovely day wish we had more family days!

Next week its the twins first birthday!!! EEEEEEEEK



Use the Hastag above on twitter to spread the word!!

I really want to set up a blogger swap, i took part in a christmas one which was awesome!

The aim of the game is to swap UK to over sea's or UK to UK, UK to europe, where ever really, and with whoever is interested!

Please comment on this blog post if you interested in participating and we can get organising!

Christening day!

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