London Haul - June 2014!

So as i said in my last post i told you about a recent day out in London, whilst i was there at Carnaby street i popped into two stores I've heard about by a couple of you tubers!

First we popped into & Other Stories, they had a brilliant sale on and some amazing bags... how did i not know about this store before. >.<

I picked up a pair of sunglasses (I know, i dont need any more, but i couldn't resist)

I love the cut out in the lenses there SO COOOOOOOOL. Mike said i look like a Lego man with them on, but mehhh whatevs.

Next up i went into Monki who were also having a huge sale, now i imagined this shop to be really expensive. But its really not. 

 The first piece i bought was Vintage style Bikini, it has high waisted bottoms, and a long line style top. I got the bottoms in a Medium which is about a size 14. And i got a Large for the top which i think is about a size 16. I bought it a bit bigger to fit the boobage in. The bikini bottoms were £8, the top £12. Bargain! (Its called the Jana Bikini online)

Next i saw a load of t-shirts whilst i was queuing to pay, they were only £3 each! I love love love this t-shirt its so cute! Its kind of over sized but not too much.

This is a really rubbish photo, but this is a V neck maroon t-shirt thats over sized which was in the sale for £5.

That was all i picked up in London but i definitely plan to go back to Monki and grab some more clothes!

London Afternoon tea at The berkeley round 2!

Ohhh we did it again...

Myself and my bestie went off to London for afternoon tea a couple of weekends ago, we made our booking for the Pret a Portea afternoon tea in January, so you need to book well in advance!

We popped to Carnaby street first as we have never been there before, I dont know why i havent been there before as the shops are awesome! (See the next blog post for my haul!)

We had the spring summer collection this time which included some amazing food, the sandwiches you can see down there were made with strawberry bread! So so so tasty.

The cakes were lovely, one of them had a edible flower on top!
 We decided to try out an Uber, after all the hoo ha on the news about it i decided to give it a go, you can get free £10 credit* if you use code ubergeo87 (dont say i dont treat you!) *when you use the code it gives me £10 credit as well

We felt all post getting collected by a taxi outside the hotel rather than walking to the tube, we went straight to covent garden to have a mooch about and hunt out somewhere to get cocktails. We went to covert garden Piazza which i have never managed to find before, and its so pretty, i love the buildings and watching the street performers. They also have a really well laid out accessorize which we had a good look round.

After we had shopped some more we went to Maxwells for a well needed cocktail.

Mine was a Berry beam (Jim beam mixed with sours, crushed ice, mint leaves, strawberry puree) ♥

You Beauty Discovery Box - June 2014

This months Discovery box was good, there was quite a good few choices of products to choose from i decided on the following...

On the left: Beauty Hero's magazine

Inside the box
 In this months box the items which were standard were a pink heart shaped flannel, you know them Magic flannels you got as a kid. Well its one of those!!! 

Im keeping it until i need a replacement, i use a flannel every day to get my make up off so i cant want to use this one. 

We also got a Montagne Jeunesse face mask, its a sheet mask with Dead sea mud on it. I haven't used it yet as im saving it for a pamper evening, but i love me a facemask. This brand is one of my favourites as its been around ever since i can remember. There so cheap to buy yet so affective!

I then chose two of the products from their June selection, the two i chose were;

Loreal Paris Infallible 24H Lip colour in Timeless Rose - This is one of those lip products where it applies like a lipgloss. It kind of dries with a bit of shimmer, then on the other end of the stick is a clear balm which is to give it some shine. It claims to last 24hours. Its a nice product, however im not 100% sure i like it. But who can complain when it costs more than the whole box normally!

Urban Veda Daily Purifying facial wash - The size of this product is 20ml which is not bad to get an idea of what the product is like. It is really nice, and smells minty when its on your face. It has a gel like texture but foams up well to get rid of the days grime and make up. It has Neem in it which is meant to get rid of blackheads, excess sebum, and clear your toxins. I really want to get the full size of this product which i have found online and is £7.99 for 150ml which isnt bad! (mental note to put that on my must buy list)

I hope you like my selection, i cant wait for next month, best £6.95 I've ever spent!

Book Review: Petite Anglaise

I love to read a book, you know that feeling where you get stuck in, and cant put it down.

Well i had that with Petite Anglaise.

I started the book whilst on the train to London back when i went to the La Roch-Posay event in May. I thought it would be a good distraction from my phone as my battery is playing up and wont hold the charge if i use it too much.

So getting into the book. I'm not going to lie, the cover is what drew me in. Its so cute!

What i didn't realise was the book is about a lady called Catherine or 'Petite Anglaise' who is a blogger. She wrote a book about her blog and her life. 

The story is about how she loved France, and always yearned to live there. Once she was old enough she moved to France. The story talks about her romances, work life and motherhood. It talks about her relationship with Mr Frog. Now reading the book makes you realise how 'real life' is... not how they normally portray it in movies or books.

She talks about how Mr Frog works all the hours under the sun, they juggle being parents with working, how they never see each other and how the relationship basically breaks down, and she meets someone else..

I'll leave it there as i don't want to ruin it for you. But i urge you to get a copy and read it. Its a very easy read and i got quite addicted towards the end. 

I even had a look online for her Blog, sadly she doesn't write it anymore, but you can still read back through the archives.. woo!

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