Its always the lovely people...

I found out a friend of my grandma's died, Trish was such a lovely lady who i used to visit everynow and then and help her out with using her computer, or just for a chat... i feel bad as i hadnt visited her in a while due to work... and now i cant see her again.


Anna Lou Jewellery... Love it!

A favourite website of mine is Anna Lou she has amazing jewellery, i have 3 necklaces made by her, and i just bought my sisters birthday presents from her to -

There is a couple things i love on there at the moment -

Shopper Bag - £12 ... BARGAIN! Wooo

G Necklace - £10 on sale! :o)

I was also thinking that i kinda wanted some nice earrings for the wedding, then i saw these and i thought they would fit into my union jack theme for the wedding quite well... AND there only £15! super bargain :o)

Also fitting in with the Wedding theme i thought it would be good if Mike bought me this...

And... i kindly sent him the link on Facebook... hehe!

So many Initials ...

£15 bracelet, total bargain... i need all these intials!
£30 g Necklace, love this one its quirky! - reminds me of the letter fridge magnets!

Oh how i love you Anna Lou... ♥

Bow B-day

We had a nice dinner at Zizzi's (an italian restaurant) - i had spaghetti pomadoro which was fantastic!! yummmmmy yum yum.

Blowing out the candles

Oh naa naa

Love a bit of rihanna...

Is it just me but does this song make you wanna do some proper reggae dancing like this....

Sweet 16...

I cant believe it, my sister Bow is 16 tomorrow....

I can remember when she was born, she looked like a little pixie.. :)

Me and Bow have had one of them typical sibling relationships where i hated her growing up, she ruined all my stuff when i was at school, it drove me mad. it got to the point where i said to mum i had enough and i moved to my grandparents. I havent been as close to my sister really since i moved out.. even when i moved back and we wernt room sharing.. I feel closer now though, i feel now shes that bit older and we can talk about adult stuff that its good, sometimes i just wish there wasnt a 7yr age gap and that we could be of a siimilar age.

I have been baking today in preperation for her birthday... Im taking a plate of cupcakes in her favourite colours to a restaurant that were having her birthday dinner in. She doesnt know... i love suprises!

I have even sorted out some nice helium balloons that say 'sweet 16' on them, got to remember to pick them up tomorrow...

Any way, here's some baking pics from today:

(Supplys for icing the cupcakes!)

Took so long to make them, but it will be worth it tomorrow when i see her face! :)

They dont call me a bag lady for nuffin!

Why do i look on the internet.. i find MORE things i cant afford but reallly would love!
(click photo for web link)

I have needed a decent bag for a while thats not screaming 'IM A CAMERA BAG!' - this type of bags perfect for my needs.. just need to save up some £££


I LOVE this bag! ♥♥

More Shopping love

I love Urban Outfitters quirky stuff....

Purple Fish eye manual camera - £45
Pink Frame £10 ♥
Burger kitchen timer - £8
'N' for Newman, my new surname come September!
Camera pencil sharpner - £12 ♥
Jewellery tree, actually need one of these for organsing really bad! - £7 BARGAIN!
Sun jar - £20, have wanted one of these for a while, would be so relaxing at night, or on a dark summers evening....

Its a bummer being skint... but you can dream about what you could have if you wernt saving for a wedding, and trying to de-clutter your home... ha!

Go away today, hello tomorrow

Today has been one of them days where no matter what you say, your saying the WRONG thing....


On the bright side, there are many happy things i found that once i lose a few more pounds i will be treating myself to...

A few of my H&M Wish list items...

Notice the bags..... gotta love the handbags.... ♥

Happy Valentines!

I got a cool card from Mike, its Vegas themed card! :)

Its very cool, im going to frame it and put it on the wall in the bedroom with some other memrablia once the bedrooms finished. Well, have to start it first i guess... ;)

I made V-day cupcakes, (in the photo above) i took them to work and gave them out to my team... then tonight i have a night on my own with the dogs to relax as i now appear to be a bit ill... ugghhh temperature and feel sick. Great V-day for me! :)

Christening day!

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