This weekend...

I went for a work meal to an all you can eat chinese buffett, and i actually didnt want to eat much, its a miracle! work even paid for it, and a couple of drinks :)

I wore - top from H&M, Jeans from Next and Shoes from Topshop.

We got new Bedding as well this weekend, its SO comfy!!! - and only £25 from Next total bargain.

Xmas decorations! - only problem is there all wonky and dont stand up, and one of them's leg snapped off, so there being sent back, and im going to get this instead -

Someones being playing COD Black ops lately... and he even let me have a go, and i suprisingly didnt do too badly!!! lol

We are in prep for xmas day, and we made our round table into a square one to fit more people round it, looks nice i think -

I made a start on writing some xmas cards out whilst i was cooking sunday dinner (it was my turn, and im not as good as mike at making roast potatos.... ha!)


Finished off with X-factor.

Thats it for this weekend...


The Wedding plans are under way, we have finally Booked the Villa in Vegas. Still have to-

  • Book ceremony
  • Book flights
  • Book Dog Kennells
My dress arrived in the post, it doesnt quite fit... argh!
But i have been to the gym twice this week, one session of 45 mins then 300m swim. the other session was 30 mins.... less time, but have a cold so dont feel too good.

Have Shoes and Bag sorted, not the normal wedding atire, but then its not a 'normal' wedding..

Dont have that long really, less than a Year to save, lose weight and then ill be -

***Mrs Georgia Newman.***

Scary stuff... leaving my old name behind and becoming part of a new family really scares me,
Kinda makes me feel like im losing my identity a bit..... but i have a while to mentally prepare my self i guess.


I love Halloween, it always annoys me how i never went to Halloween parties, or went on a proper night out Trick or Treating..... Only ever went with mum when she took my brother and sister, wasnt ever allowed to go on my own..

Happy Halloween!
(even if it is 2 days late, but i have a cold, so Ehhh what the hell)

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