Disaronno Versace - a perfect chrismas tipple!

If your a Disaronno drinker or know someone who is, and you love fashion, AND love supporting charities, then you need to put this on your Christmas drink list!!

I was lucky enough to try out the Disaronno Versace Sour cocktail, and i can tell you now, its really good.

Versace designed this limited edition bottle which is available now and is £15 for the 500ml bottle. The bottle supports the Fashion 4 Development project which is a global campaign to tackle the issues in the developing world. 

'Fashion 4 Development' is supported by The United Nations, and part of the proceeds of the sale of DISARONNO will go towards this charity. 

Its a win, win sitatuation, you can enjoy your christmas drink and know some money is going to a good cause. Thats what christmas is all about isnt it? - Giving back to a good cause.

A gift you you..

Here's how you make the VERSACE Disaronno sour cocktail-

15ml Vermouth Bianco
15ml lime juice
Shake and pour over crushed ice
Top with a dash of Prosecco
Drizzle with Blue Curacao

*written for review purposes, but no payment or product received.

Scrapbook Update & a Moan about Hobbycraft

I think i have decided that i want to try and scrapbook more regularly, im not sure i can manage every week although im going to try my hardest. I have my Simple Stories Sn@p binder which i think will be a good first timer album. I will be using some of their normal pocket pages along with some Insta pockets. I decided to try and go from December to December as i have a lot happening this December... who knows i might only fit December in one book... (How many times can you say December in one sentence... )

 It was this video on youtube that inspired me to do this style of scrapbooking... i just loooove it.

Leading on from this i decided i NEEDED to go to Hobby craft to get some supplies, thus enters my disappointment.

Lets talk about my  failed attempt at a shopping spree in Hobby craft... whats going on Hobby craft, why is your so called 'Papercraft' section rubbish now?!

I thought i would treat myself to some project life as it is currently 25% off... the selection was bloody awful. I know its on sale, but it wasnt even enough space to have a full selection laid out, it was all over the shop.

I wanted to buy Washi tape, alphabet stickers (Thickers or other American Craft ones) and some project life cards, or smashbook supplies. They had NO washi tape or alphabet stickers in the whole shop. Not going to bother going there again, think ill stick to online shopping in future which is a shame as i love the thrill of going to the store.

Please direct me to any good websites you know for scrap booking supplies or other scrapbooking bloggers or youtubers.

I also came across some free scrapbook classes online on  www.scrapbook.com, i signed up to all the free ones.. so far so good, i have the Teresa Collins Albums made easy class, Learn to scrapbook, Sn@p Simple stories album in a class, and Journalling technices with Ali Edwards. You should sign up whilst their free, they get delivered to your inbox daily so its pretty cool.

So thats my rambly post over with... ill be putting a video on my youtube with my rubbish hobbycraft haul.. so keep an eye out!


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