Forever 21 Haul

Wooo- since i went to the store in Vegas im obsessed. What im not obsessed about is the crazy Long shipping to the UK. I also didn't bother taking a photo of the package it came in, as it was scraps of an old cardboard box, with so much sticky take on my work colleagues were taking the piss out of me as i couldn't even get into it WITH scissors!!

Big BOOOO to you F:21!

I ordered on Friday the 19th and the parcel arrived yesterday, you pay £3.95 for that privilege. I must be spoilt as i pay that price for next day delivery with most stores. I complained to them about the tracking site as it said it was being delivered and i hadn't received it still.. bla bla in the end they apologised and refunded the shipping! yay to me!

Anyways, i only bought accessories all but 2 were Xmas presents for my younger sister (who is 16)...

Mostly all Forever 21 Beauty items. £10.90 total! - mirror & tweezers - £1.10 + pink claw clips £1.10


Nothing like some False nails... but on closer inspection there is a hair in the packet... hmmm complaint time! - £1.50
Sparkly Hair grips  £1.50 and cute earrings. £2.40
£1.10 This is oversized and is massive on your head. ♥
 So this is all wrapped up ready for xmas, i wasnt happy about A the postage, and B the hair in the nails, so im sorting this out, however it wouldnt stop me shopping with them at all, as there clothing is amazing, and the rest of the items are really nice. :)

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Youtube steals all my free time!!

I have seriously been addicted to You tube for a while now, i mainly like shopping Hauls or reviews or just peoples Vlogs.

Here are some of my favourite channels at the moment.

Fleur De Force

This is a recent find you tube, i like her Haul video's and its nice to watch another British persons Hauls.

I have now become addicted to and POP make up because of her!

Trisha Paytas

I have been watching Trish for a while now, i found her from a Hello Kitty Haul. She is really sweet, but not for the faint hearted or the very gullable people out there.

I just love the way she has cool stuff, clothes, accessories, she has a crazy funny sense of humour.


Another Newbie Youtube Love of mine.

I found Elle's blog from Searching for Forever 21 Hauls.


Again i found this youtube channel by searching for primark & forever 21 Hauls. Shes really sweet, has has an awesome room tour.

Well this is my round up of favourites for now.. Hope you like them! ♥


Wishlist for Christmas!

I know, i know its over a month or so until christmas, but i have a little internet wish list going on...
Here is my round up of things i'd very much love santa to bring me..

$35 direct from Sanrio - Hello Kitty Monster Wallet - which i won on ebay for £15 inc postage!
Forever 21 Mary Janes - £21.75 ♥ 

Forever 21 Strap heels £21.75

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Jo Totes Camera Bag $87... need this in my life!

 Pauls Boutique T-shirt - £40

Jewellery tree £15 Urban outfitters

Pink Mini sewing machine £10 (sale item) urban outfitters

Weekend life

We had such a good weekend!

I did the photos of daniel which i put up yesturday, but in the afternoon i mostly just did a few things around my flat, like washing up, cleaning clothes, sorting dogs etc - theni dyed my hair a nice red colour for the winter.

We went out for dinner to Frankie & Bennys, had a 40 minute wait to be seated so we just sat and had a chat and a drink at the bar. As soon as our 'remote'? went off a buzzed we jumped out of our seats and rushed to the table, We were SO hungry!!

We had a garlic pizza bread with cheese to share for starters, mike had a bacon and cheese burger whilst i had a Veggie burger for our Main meals. I felt full, but i HAD to have dessert ... Which was ice cream - 3 scoops of Vanilla, Mint choc chip & Choc Brownie Ice cream, mike had a Choc fudge cake with cream. It was a really nice meal and great to spend some time together...

The best bit of the evening however was meeting up with my man on the side....

Photo from google
We saw Breaking dawn with my cousin Steph her Husband Darren, seriously this film is AWESOME!!
I cant wait for part two, although i feel that its not going to be as good as part one..

Here is the trailer from youtube to keep you occupied..

More Cute Baby photos!

I got the change to take some photos of a very cute little baby called Daniel, he is 4 months old and Soooooo cute! ♥

I love taking photos! ♥

Autumn fun

I had a chance to take some Autumn photos at the weekend for a lovely family.

This is my first Autumn shoot and im pleasantly pleased at how well it went...

Free Accessories!

I wrote this post out and it dissapeared! wtf? wierd.. so here it goes again..

I had this dress which i was bored to death of, had never worn it, bought it for Vegas but it just wasnt 'me'
admittedly it only cost £5 from so i could afford to get rid.

I like the bib part of the dress, not the dress itself.. i had gone off it, and seeing as i wasnt using it for Vegas any more i didnt want it taking up wardrobe space that i just dont have.

This is where i got the scissors..

It was actually really easy, it was barely sewn on anyway, so i just snipped the thread off and away the bib part came. im so chuffed as it means i can wear the bib all year round to dress up a drab outfit and yet im still getting a good use out of thing i would otherwise throw away!
I think you would pay alot more for the bib than £5 in most shops, so a totall bargain baby! woohaa

Tadaaaa the finished product! its so sparkly i love it ♥

Only problem now is what to wear it with... hmmm Any ideas?

A little bit of wedding Art

Im in the process of planning a gallery wall in the lounge so i thought it would be nice and meaning ful to get some Wedding related art up on the wall.

I did an ikea shop recently and bought about 6 new frame in a complete random mixture of sizes, so i thought as a little space filler this would be pretty awesome.

I sat down with our wedding DVD and listened really carefully to what the minister said, and once i heard this line i had to have it as art work.

'Home is where you share each others hopes and dreams'

I found a cool font where it changed the & to a ♥ ! so fits in perfectly with the lovely dovey themed art i was going for. 
I think this will make a lovely addition to our Gallery wall... once we get around to doing the rest.

Oliver, Oliver....

I was asked to do a photo shoot of a friends Nephew as he sisters christmas present, so i jumped at the chance to do it, i love a challenge, specially a 15 month old one...

Lovely family!

Happy Belated Halloween.... Oops

This is how we spent the night... Some amazingly funny Dvds... seriously cant beat shrek it so funny.

Our Halloween night in stash
The note i left for Mike

Veggie Hot dogs!

What Happened After Vegas....

Well here is the aftermath...

We got home about 8am Wednesday morning, we had to wait a while at Gatwick airport for our taxi. It was so cold in the UK compared to Vegas, glad i wore my warm clothes. I slept quite a bit on the plane as i was so tired, i did watch Toy Story 3 and Jeff Dunham spark of insanity though... which was Awesome!
I wanted to watch more films, but i fell asleep on the end credits of Toy story 3, and woke up about 4 hours later! haha.

Once we got home and realised just how Jet lagged we were, the decision was made that we would leave the dogs in the Kennels for one extra night so we could rest. i lasted until 2.30pm then i nearly fell asleep in the bath and gave up and went to bed, i think i woke up at about 10pm, so i made mike get up and we had something to eat and watch a bit of TV with the intention of going to bed again at midnight.. mike did, However i got carried away with loading photos onto face-book. I made it to bed at 2am and wasn't that tired, but i woke up at about 12 the next day... too late to pick dogs up, so we had to wait until 4pm then we could go get our boys! wooo - They were happy to see us, a bit hyper which was cute. They were SO tired when they got home, they literally slept for 24 hours, its was so funny, and nice!

i iz so tiredz

Must sleeeeep

We had 2 days to organise the Reception for our family and friends, so i got on the phone to the venue to chat about food etc - firstly they tell us they want more money... £80 more, so i said .. well shouted No way, and that they agreed a price, so im not paying any more just because they have new management! So after i went a bit Bridezilla on them, it was all ok. I went through all the decorations i had bought, made sure we had enough of everything etc
So proud of my creation!
We spent so many hours printing photos off, making a slideshow and also making a Guest book photo frame.
Well i made it... i went and bought a frame which was already pre filled with a set of three images, so i covered the backing with oil pastel paper as it had a nice texture. I then covered the seams with red card, as technically red was part of our theme. Then i printed 3 photos off which were scanned copies of our original wedding photos (my theory was that if people got drunk and de-faced them, then i could peel them off and stick the originals in their place) On the picture front we did fine, no de-facing, although we did get drunken writing but nothing rude thankfully!

We spent Saturday day time, dropping the dogs back at the kennels, then going to the venue to start blowing up balloons, moving furniture around and just generally making sure everything was A- ok.

The main room for seating

Top of stairs and entrance to Disco room
I forgot to take photos of the finer details... but basically i made balloon weights out of old poker chips and a round hook. They cost hardly anything and looked so cool! i then scattered old playing cards, poker confetti and poker chips along the table to make a runner. It really had a good Vegas theme, so i was really please and so was mike.

My cousins made our Cake as our present, it was amazing - and tasted awesome too!

They also made a box for all of our cards to go into which was so funky, and saved any cards with money in going missing. i struggled to get my hand in to get them out at the end of the night! haha

The night was a success, we had a really good time, and saw all of our family which was so lovely.
Here is a load of our photos..
Signing the Guest 'book'

My cousin Hannah & Me

My Cousins, Hannah, Jake, Me and Lewis.

Lewis, Me & Hannah

My Cousins and Sister in Law

Me & Mike

Cake & booze = food fight..... my mum .. tsk tsk
Thank you to all who came, and to all who gave us such lovely gifts... were so lucky to have friends and family like you ... xxx

Christening day!

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