You beauty discovery box: August 2014

I know it wasn't that long ago since i posted about the July box, but here is the August selection:

I chose two items that would be good for my holiday, one is the Eucerin SPF 30 sun fluid, the other was the Peggy Sage nail varnish in pink. 

The extra goodies they put in this months box were;

Buffing block, Face D cream sachet, and a his and hers Jimmy Choo perfume samples.

I cannot say how much i love this box, its only £6.95 which is an absolute bargain!

CODE Beautiful volumising mascara review

I was very lucky to be given a mascara from CODE when i went to the Dowal Walker xmas event. I had never heard of the brand prior to going to the event;


The Brush
I have honestly never worn a mascara that makes my eyelashes feel nice after. I dont get that cruddy dry lash feeling when i remove it. Its makes my lashes look natural and not clumpy.

I wasn't given this to write a review, i genuinely love it. I had a little read up on their website and it says that the formula has vitamins, and wax to help encourage lash growth.  It has little teeny fibres in the mascara which really makes a difference in the length of my lashes. In the photo above im wearing one coat of the mascara... can you image if i layered it up! 

I also noticed on the website that it sells for just short of £20... now i have to admit i would not pay this for a mascara, i begrudge paying for my Maybelline Rocket mascara... so when this runs out it will have to go on my xmas list.

Instagram Update: The dogs

I thought it would be nice to show our baby boys this week as my little vinny turned 6. I remember when i first saw him, he was 1 week old. And the cutest little pup you ever did see.

Diesel is going to be 9 at the end of the month so i thought they could celebrate this week with some squeaky toys... yes you heard that right. 

squeaky toys.

I needed ear plugs, it was SO loud, but they enjoyed themselves so much, their little tails were wagging like crazy.

MTVUK: Relentless Ultra presents Zane Lowe*

Do you love music... i know i do.

Do you want to enter a competition for the chance to win tickets to Soundchain presented by Relentless Ultra... Is that yes i hear you say??

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*I was paid for this post.

Dowal walker Xmas in July event!

I was invited to an event to showcase lots of Christmas products, and ooohhhhh it was a good one!

We had a nice old look around London first, soaked up some sights and enjoyed the afternoon sunshines.

London eye

View from Waterloo Bridge

Lunch: Giraffe - roasted veg and goats cheese sandwich. Minus the goatscheese

Skate park under southbank.
Once we had lunch, we decided as it was so nice, to take a walk to Covent Garden. I didn't fancy getting the underground as it would have been so hot and sweaty. 

Literally the best thing ever... walked into covent garden and they were handing out free Fosters Radler. SCORE!

We had a mooch about, then decided to go and check the event out. It was in a really nice space over 3 small floors. We were offered a Versace Disaronno cocktail when we arrived, which tasted lovely!

Stila Eye shadows/Liners

Code Mascara

Make overs underway!

Stila eyeliners

Nails inc - A/W

Nails inc - A/W Gel effect
We then went over to SOHO and had our first snog!

Classic with Blueberry yogurt, brownies, strawberries and white choc stars!
It was a really nice event, the products were so lovely, and im so happy with my new Brows and manicured nails!

(Browhaus post to come soon!)

You Beauty Discovery Box: July 2014

So...  this is a bit late seeing as its now August and my new august box will be arriving this week.

But, i did type the post up mid July and accidentally pulled the cable from my laptop and POOF it turned off.

So i gave up.. and haven't blogged since as it pissed me off.

But im back with a fresh head, and want to show you July's box as it came with some nice beauty products!

There was a good selection in the July box, as always you can select two items and then you get a couple of extra's to try out.

I selected the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara, which is full size and in black. I have used this a few times and i really like it. It has a very flexible brush head, and good bristles to get a nice voluminous coverage on your lashes. I like the way the brush tapers off on the end which  makes it easier to get to your inner lashes.

Next product i chose was a set of L'Occitane repairing Shampoo and conditioner, they are 75ml which is a decent size. I haven't used them yet as im saving them for holiday but ill be sure to report back. They smell nice though, i can tell you that much. They smell of Ylang Ylang, geranium, lavender, and angelica... no idea what Angelica is, sounds like a rugrat.

The extra's included in this months box were a sample of the Egyptian magic cream, Dove mens shave cream, and Agent Provocateur perfume. I wont be using the shave cream, but im passing it onto a man in my family who can make use of it.

Once i receive August's YBD box ill show you what i picked!

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