Lip Loving, Boots shopping.

I couldn't resist some new Lip products that i saw on offer in boots...

 I bought a few items in boots as i had my spend £15 get 150 points voucher, so i made use of it! :)

Boots had there fantastic 3 for 2 offer on! I bought the St Ives apricot scrub, face wipes and Palmer's cocoa butter moisturiser with a hint of tan.. which i forgot to photo so ill do a separate post on it once i see how it is.

St Ives sent me a 30ml sample after i applied for one on facebook, and with it was a £1 off coupon, so not only did i get it in the 3 for 2, i got £1 off! bargain! :) (was £3.99 originally)

Number one thing i bought was Collection 2000 6hr wear lip gloss in Rock steady. I got it because i wanted a Nude colour, but this more Peachy Nude, and very sheer. Which is a shame, but it is nice over the top of my lip butter :) This was £2.99 but they have an offer in boots, either the Lock N Hold lip gloss or Cream Puff lip gloss 2 for £5.. and you can combine them. So pretty good deal!

Has a very long sponge applicator which is good.

The next item i bought was Cream Puff Moisturising lip cream again from Collection 2000. I Luuuurrrrve this so much!!! I have it in the colour Cotton Candy.. which is a Matt colour and it feels really nourishing.

Swatchy Swatch

The next product i bought was a well awaited Lip butter, i was going to buy some one when they were released but i just never got round to it as they were expensive, but boots had them on offer for £5.99 each which is a better price :)
I bought it in the colour cotton candy, however i wish i had got a brighter colour now as its non exisitant on my lips.. Oh well i'll have to buy another one! haha

So creamy and .... Buttery

Swatch ... yeah its barely there..
I have to say i do love it, but i dont think its worth £5.99, let alone £7.99 its RRP. So i'll get one more in a different colour, then i think i'll leave it until i goto the states to get more.

The Final thing i bought from claires accessories for £2 in the sale - a new phone cover in the form of a hello kitty sock... probably should have bought it a year ago and my phone would be less beat up... oops.

Fear not boots, i will be back soon...

MUA mini Haul - No.2

I gave in an made a cheeky late night order to MUA. They had an offer advertised on facebook again where if you spend over £4 you get a free eyeshadow palette. (Glamour days )

I really love this palette, my fav colours are the browns on the front row.

 I did attemp to do swatches but i ran out of space..

I also ordered a brown eyebrow pencil which cost £1, its a very smooth pencil which glides on, and then has a nice brush on the other end for taming the brows into place. (forgot to take a picture, but you can see if there ^)

Next thing i bought for £3 was a Lip boom in ''

I would show what it looks like on, but unfortunatly i have a coldsore, which im sure you dont want to see my mouth with one of them! (not to mention i couldnt bare to put lipstick on, and i'd have to throw it away after)

Swatched lipstick with the highlighter (gloss) over the top. 

This is the highlighting gloss, it smells amazing its very glittery but it looks really nice on. Im glad i picked this Nude colour as its very wearable.

Cant wait to wear it once Fred the coldsore goes away...

99p shop bargains

If you have a 99p store near you, i urge you to have a rummage around in there for bargains!

I have recently bought weight watchers food in there for 99p a pack, which is a huge discount compared to buying it in tesco's or Asda etc

I also got these ..

An M&M Vanilla scented candle... mmmm
Betty Crocker candles... Cherry pie smells amazing!

Present for my sister Bow
Im so impressed at my 99p store, they have some hidden gems in there! Last time i got a duo pack of Glade candles for 99p... now i sound like a complete Candle Geek but they are expensive in most shops!

OOTD: Weekend casual

This weekend we went to my cousins house to see her before she went to hospital to have the babies, so i just wore a nice comfy casual outfit. (Sorry for the fairly rubbish picture.. )

Im wearing, a grey half sleeve sweatshirt with rolled up sleeves from Next, the red hearts made up of huge bits of glitter. this was approx - £22.

Light wash Jeans from Forever 21 sale for £7.99 (they fit me now! woo)

and my grey & purple converse that i bought in Las vegas for $15 in Rox (similar to TK Maxx)

I was also wearing Neon art by Collection 2000 on my nails..

Thats it, nice and casual. :)

The Twins are nearly here!

My cousin steph who i took Maternity photos of a while ago (20 weeks maternity pics) is now 37 Weeks which is full term for twins, shes going to hospital tomorrow to be induced, and hopefully have the twins, although if there anything like there dad, then they will probably arrive on friday! hehe

Here is some more pictures of Steph along the journey of baking the twins in the ole' oven!

28 Weeks ... ♥
28 Weeks - She has a perfect bump!
34 Weeks - Teeny baby vests... hard to believe there is 2 in there :)
34 Weeks - Twins in the Oven!

37 Weeks & fully cooked!
I cant believe that the next time i see steph she will have the babies!!! 
 Such an exciting time.

Weekend in pictures...

Blue sky from my Window

Corn on a stick from KFC.. diet food.
My Bonio's!
The Sims 3 oh how i've missed you

Is it me or have they got smaller? - but the toys are better!
Vinny having a saturday daytime snooze
Diesel having a saturday night Snooze..
Choosing a colour for accent wall in Lounge..

Official Girls night no.2

L-R: Niki, Amy, & Me :)

We went for a girls night again last week, to Pizza express this time. I caught the train with Amy to meet Niki and we had time to grab a drink first... 

My JD & Diet Coke and Amys Strawberry Daquri
Here is what i wore on the night.. not including shoes as i hadnt put them on yet. (but they were brown knee length slouchy fake seude boots)

 Rubbish quality picture but the best i could do... top is from Next - £20 - Leggings from next - £18 (Thick material in plum colour) The belt is a primark one which cost me £1.

My nails were new Collection 2000 Neon quick dry colours in Electric dreams (the bluey colour) and Neon Art is the pink colour.

We did a Pizza express meal deal which is on weekends only i believe, where you get 3 courses for £12.95.
To start i had Dough Balls (which were 10 weight watcher Pro points) 

My main was the Pomodoro Leggera (margarita with salad in the middle)  it was amazingly tasty and only 13 weight watcher pro points! I love the way its served on a slate with a little pizza cutter, so cute! ♥

And to finish i had Chocolate fudge cake, which was 13 weight watcher pro points! and it was worth every single point, so yummy!

My total meal came to £15.20 including one diet coke and a glass of water.

We decided to meet up with some work friends who were out having drinks on the same night, so we popped along to the local meat market Yates to join them...

And then to be totally random, we drove home in the cold british weather with the roof down on Niki's car! 

Although we only made it half way as i looked totally windswept and my eyes felt like they had frozen open.. haha

Apolgies for the crappy quality photos, my Canons out of action at the moment so i had to resort to my phone for the night.

Boots Splurge

I was in Boots on payday hunting for a new face cream, i had used all my samples up of the Nivea Q10 and decided that i loved it enough to buy it. Its normally £9.99 in boots, but when i went to buy it, it was any 2 products from the Nivea Q10 range for £12!!! B-A-R-G-A-I-N

I was going to get a day and a night cream, but i figured realisticly i wont use the night cream.. so i got 2 pots of the Q10 with SPF 15.

This was seriously full to the brim too, i peeled off the foil and was Like Woahhhh it nearly over flowed!

After just intending to buy the face cream... *rolls eyes* i then bought these new Collection 2000 nail varnishes.

Both new shades, in Neon Art & Electric dreams they were on offer for 2 for £3, i then got some mini emery boards in a match book stlyle for less than £1. I cant get enough of these collection 2000 quick dry colours, there my absolute fav's, (i wouldnt recommend using them with Nails inc caviar top coat though, they seemed to go abit wierd when applying.. maybe they react with each other .. lol)

The next nail related item i bought (but was only buying face cream remember.. ) was the Nails inc Eae So hydrating base coat/treatment, it was again on offer for £4.66. I didnt even realise they sold nails inc products in Boots so i snapped it up. 

I love the packaging this come in,it was really papery and eco friendly, boring fact for you there... 

The last thing i bought, which was actually something i needed to prevent me from looking any more like Oscar the grouch.

Ta-daa eylure eyebrow shapers - these were £2.99 and they are my life savers!

That is the end of my Boots splurge, got to treat yourself every now and then :)

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