Old Photos..

When at my Grandparents house in France we had a root through the photo box, and here are our findings...

(Great Grandma Kath-Grandad's mums)

(My cousin Hannah and a photo of her mum - how alike are they!)

(My Mum & Dad in the 80's... Hahah!!!)

(My Grandad - how Pulp fiction does this photo look!)

(My Grandma - Gorgeous.)

(My Mum in the middle with my uncle and aunty either side)

(Me middle in green, left Jake, right Lewis, and Hannah all my cousins in 1997 in florida.)

I love old photos, they have such meaning and sentimental value to me... ♥

Aprils to do list

Me and mike have a week off in April, and i have quite a list planned...

  1. Do a carboot - Sells clothes, home accessories, Video games etc
  2. Take junk and things we dont need to Rubbish dump. i.e armchair, chest of drawers
  3. Take Carboot left overs to charity shop.
  4. Fill in all holes in kitchen walls, and sand down
  5. Paint kitchen - also buy paint!
  6. Touch up paint work in Lounge.
  7. Strip wall paper in Hallway..... (really want to do this but mike wont let me.. argh!)
  8. Major de-clutter in bedroom, and thorough clean through.
  9. Fill in cracks etc in bedroom - Paint around light on ceiling.
  10. Wash sofa cover
Fun stuff to do -

11. Goto Beach with Dogs for a picnic
12. RELAX!!

DIY Bedroom

This will be the last room to be decorated, but i want to do it NOW!

Needs loads of things doing to it... something like this...

The paint colours are all Dulux ones, called - Chic shadow, Polished Pebble, pamplona purple, Zingy yellow.

I would like to get a mirror in a ornate looking frame for the wall, or ill just paint the pine one i have in Zingy Yellow.

I need to get a new roller blind in a blackout material, i love the colour of the purple one on my mood board, maybe contrast it with Grey curtains or Dye my exisiting white curtains Purple ....

I love the cushions on the mood board they are from - Google images,

the grey and yellow wood effect one is £70 which is waaaaay more then i would spend on a cushion...

The Yellow ruffle one is £107 !!! i would definatly try to DIY this one myself with a guide i found here - Ruffle pillow and i could re-use some old t-shirts etc i have lieing around.

Im going to make a feature wall behind the bed either paint stripes along the whole wall YHL style... Horizontal Stripes in The two grey colours above.
Im tempted to use Wall stickers too, Bird ones in Purple Or Yellow... hmm

The main project in this room will be making a built in wardrobe, we currently have 2 double flat pack wardrobes, which have been taken apart and put together about 3 times, they are in CRAPPY condition!
So yeah, built in ones would be so much better and would fit alot more in. I'll probably get an IKEA Antonius unit similar to this one, then put stuid walls around it with doors so it looks built in.

Im excited to think about this project... just a shame it wont start until very late this year possible next as we have the bathroom to re-fit first... cue sad face... :(

I really need some new Shoes...

No seriously, i neeeeeeeed new ones.

Reasons being:
  1. For work, flats so i can walk dogs on my lunch break
  2. casual which are not trainers or plimsols or boots etc
  3. For holiday
  4. for Stephs wedding
See, there a necessity!!! :o)

p.s i think there is about 35 pairs in the pic above, not including the other numberous ones scattered around the flat... eek

Holy Cupcakes!

I had another Baking day with my soon to be Neice, it was a good day catching up with her and making yummy food.

Yummy or what.... they tasted A-mazing!

Ooooh me likey

Few things i found and i have to try out!

Pet portrait! -

Love this idea Maybe hard work seeing as both my boys are black and white, and im rubbish at drawing animals... hmm maybe i need to source someone whose good at charactures... etsy here i come..

I was even coinsidering a silohette of the dogs which would be pretty cool...

And, i love these little birds! - Cuteness!

Dressy Dresser

I luuuurve this Chest of drawers, its so old and militarian looking :)

Cost me £50 from a charity shop, and proceeds went to British Heart foundation.

I bought it on a whim whilst walking to work it was in a shop window... Cue Romatic Music i fell in love...

The annoying thing is i want the little wash basin stand (the blue one next to it) but it was sold when i thought about it the next day... Damn it!!

So... the shop opened at 9.30am, i didnt have a break until 10.15am...they were the longest 45 minutes of my LIFE!

I literally ran to the shop, and had a quick once over the dresser, made sure the drawers were intact and then paid for it.... although i kinda bought a table too, mainly because i loved it, and it was only £5... yes £5!!!! BARGAIN! - only, i dont have room for the table, so gave it to my mum and said if she ever doesnt want it then i will have it back.. ha! bonus :)

Love the curves!

The Dresser looks amazing in my bedroom with my Leather look sleigh bed and my other miss matched old furniture. (more pics when i actually get round to painting the bedroom.

This Stamp is printed on the back of the unit, i figured out it says
'TS White & co LTD Camp Furnishers Aldershot'

Did some googling and found out it was used to furnish a military house or office of some sort in the town i live in. I feel the need to protect this unit, and have taken back my original plans to paint it white... sorry Mr Dresser...

Anyways...When i get chance ill totally Bee's wax it up and make it shiiiiine!

Fresh as a Daisy

Baby Daisy thats is ... :o)

I took some photos for some collegues at work, shes got the most gorgeous blue eyes, and such long lovely eyelashes, a real cutie!


I have a real Food on at the moment, cant stop eating nice food, homemade, and ordering in the healthy stuff...

This is the Latest Graze.... ha see what i did there... :o)

Fits through the letterbox... or get it delivered to work and munch on it all day...

Comes with a little booklet about nutrition, and a sheet which tells you about the calories in your box.

o-m-g it was yummers. The flapjack was AMazing... The seeds were so, so pumpkin seeds are not my fav, but love sunflower seeds. Cashews are like little mouthfuls of heaven, and the copacabana box was a bit Blaaa... chocolate wasnt that nice and Brazil nuts are abit crunchy for my liking... Love it overall though, cant wait for tomorrows delivery!!! eeeeee :o)

Veggie delite!

I have decided to stop wasting food, and start enjoying fresh food from local people.

There is a company that i started using to delivery my fruit and Veg, its £11.50 for the smallest box, and it has 4 fruit and 4 veg + potatoes... Yuuummmmy. Best thing is i dont have to goto Tesco to pick it all myself.. wooooooooo

Here it is waiting for me when i came home for lunch... :)

I got quite a lot in it really and a free bottle of white wine wooot! :o)

I got a little book, and a leaflet about the veg of the season, and local farmers, quite interesting to know where your foods come from.

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...