Lush Haul Xmas 2013

Who love a Lush haul?

I do, I do...

I was very lucky and got some Lush products for Christmas. My husband is well trained now and knows Lush is the top of my Christmas list. I love a nice relaxing bath and so does he, so its like buying a present for himself!

I dont have photos of the actual bath products as there all stored in my bathroom ready to use for my next bath (i've already used a couple of them)

Lush Blackberry bath bomb - you can purchase here
The first one i opened, and have already used is the Blackberry bath bomb, it smells of Frankincense and bergamot oils, and Blackberry... obviously. This one is really relaxing and smells lovely.

Next is a toner called 'Breath of fresh air' which is a facial toner with sea water, seaweed, and aloe vera. This one is a bit powerful when it sprays out, but it feels very refreshing on your skin. I usually use the Eau de Roma one which is amazing. So i have high hopes for this one!

Next i opened 'Sex bomb' which smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g ... its a sensual bath bomb that has aphrodisiac's in it. It smells of Jasmine, ylang ylang, and clary sage. I cant wait to try this one out!!! Might save it for valentines day.. wink wink.

 Next i opened up Space girl.. the funny thing with lush is you can smell it through the wrapping paper! Space girl smells sweet and fruity, which is just how i like my bath bombs!

 Nex up was Star light star bright which is a Bath melt, its covered in silver glitter, im scared  to use this one, i fear i may come out the bath looking like the tin man. It smells good though... smells of Ginger and lemon. Very refreshing.

I also received So White which was a favorite from last year, it smells of Apple and is SO refreshing. What i love about this is that it has a bright pink centre!

I love saving my Bath bombs for those 'special' baths when you just need to relax and unwind, you have lit some candles and you just want to drift off into your own world.

Link me up with your lush hauls!

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Wrappz Review and free phone Skin offer!

I was contacted by to try out one of their products*, so i went with a new phone case as my last one has pretty much fallen to pieces.

I chose a Samsung Galaxy S3 case which i customized with one of my favorite photos. The website is fairly easy to use although i would have liked to make a collage of photos (there possibly is the function but i couldn't find this)

I have to say i was impressed at the quality of the photo.. its SO bright in person. It reminds me of the day i took it, in the dolphin sanctuary in Las vegas.

Oh the memories. Now i have it with me every day, well pretty much every second as im totally addicted to my Galaxy S3.

The cover retails for £18.97 + postage. So far the case has lasted being chucked in my handbag, rubbed up against my keys and shows barely any signs of scratches. 

What i like most is that the case doesnt make my phone feel bulky. Some of my previous cases have been really chunky, which completely ruins the fact the Galaxy is a very slim phone.

Wrappz have offered  a free phone skin for all of my readers, you would just need to pay the postage costs. 

A phone skin is basically a Vinyl sticker that protects your phone but with your own photo on it. It wont damage your phone and its easily removable.

To get one just click the link about and enter the code freeskin 


*I wasn't paid, however i was perked with the product for this review.

Winter Party 2014!

The company i work for throw a huge yearly party in January time for about 400 people... this year they stepped it up a notch and it was nice!

It was at the Raddison Blu Edwardian hotel near to Heathrow, i recommend it for a venue its very posh!

Here are some photos from our night...

My Nails... My outfit... My date. (Sister in law Tasha)

Nails: Nails inc Black Taxi with Nails inc Fibre optic on the tips. Dress: Newlook £14.99 with a primark £1 beaded necklace, shoes Topshop. Sister in law.. inherited. ;)

Tasha's outfit - Dress from Newlook - My friends from Work, another girly group shot.

The Venue - Radisson Blu Edwardian.

The dance floor fun... group shot of Tasha, me and my cousin Steph. Me preparing for the photo booth... people dancing like crazy.

Us ladies by the Flames... I nearly did a marilyn.

The Photo booth pictures... :)

She's only gone and jumped back on the wagon...

Yep, thats right. 

I'm back on weight watchers, im not taking the diet too seriously this time round though as i get a bit obsessed then lose interest. I have a very impulsive nature, then i get bored quickly. So this time i intend to take my time, there is no rush to make myself a healthy machine.

I started back up last  (7th Jan) Tuesday, and i decided to start from scratch forget my past progress. It turns out that i am still at a 5lb loss from my very original starting weight way back at the beginning of 2012.

So lets get to the weigh in...

On Tuesday 7th January i weighed in at 12st 6.5lbs.  I am trying to remember this is a new beginning... forget what i lost in the past.

The goal i have set myself is 5% of my body weight to be lost in 2 months, im taking it slow this time, no rush. It means i need to get to 11st 12lbs which is a loss of 8.5lbs.

I'm going to be starting my Weight watcher Wednesday's back up, it might not be every week but ill endevour to post regularly to show my progress, recipes, or just general ramblings. 

So lets get to it...  *drumroll* 

On the 14th I lost 2.5lbs!!!

Today i lost... 1/2 lb

So thats a total of..  3lb in two weeks. In on a roll baby!

Im not setting myself any kind of timescale to lose the weight, im just going slow. I dont care how long it takes, this time IM GOING TO SUCCEED!!!

Z Palette Zebra print!

A while ago i got a bargain Z palette for £4 on eBay including postage!

I have been putting it to good use and depotting some of my soap and glory eyeshadow's.

I recieved the soap and glory Crazy Sexy Kohl gift set that came with 5 kohl pencils and 3 eye shadows... lovely colours, annoying storage!

I had some space in my z palette for another 3 eye shadows so i gathered my tools and set up shop to get these eyeshadows out.

The tools i needed: The biggest lighter known to man, small scissors from my Swiss card, or some tweezers would suffice. Next thing to do is heat underneath the eye-shadow's a little but not for too long as you dont want plastic fumes going up your nose!
Use scissors to lever the eyeshadow out, be careful not to bend the pan or crack the shadow. 
Also be careful not to touch the metal pan as it will be HOT.

Next remove eyeshadow from plastic scrape off the glue from underneath and then stick on the z palette magnet. Simples!

Place in Z palette and tadaaaaaaa...

From top to bottom... Collection 2000 Plum Blusher, Soap and glory; Black, aubergine, and shimmery malt brown. The bottom 3 are from the soap and glory Lid stuff palette in Nude/ Browns. 

Perfect little Palette for my treasured Soap and Glory eye shadows!

I have stashed all the Kohl pencils in my Hello kitty Make up storage drawers for easy reach beautification. 

Isnt it cute..


Nails inc Gel effect nail polish - St James

Have i ever mentioned that i like nail polish?

Well... i do.

I was sent this very lovely nail polish in a bright red, such a lovely colour. Its a Gel version of their St James, and its pretty awesome.

On christmas eve i painted my nails in prep for the big day, my main problem was i couldn't decide what colour red to go with, so i paired St James with another Nails inc Fav, Tate.

I also picked a Revlon Gold glitter to be my accent colour, and i've recently been loving the Sally Hanson Insta-Dri for the price its bloody brilliant, gives you the shiniest nails!

You can buy the Gel effect nail polishes from here Nails inc Website, or do a google search for some offers, i know Beauty Bay sell them for around £11.

The Christmas present round up... Nail edition!

As i do every year i like to take a photo of all my presents. It makes me feel so appreciative, its nice to receive gifts, but its also even better to find the perfect gift to give to your loved ones.

Here is the whole she-bang..

 That is every single gift i received, there is a whole lotta love right there!

Im not going to list everything, but i got some lovely new pajama's, snuggly bed socks, make up supplies, LOTS of nail varnish, and loads of lovely smellies.

 My friend Amy got me this totally amazing nail varnish holder, im ashamed to say this is half of my collection. I have quite a few more.

 My sister gave me a French connection set of Polishes..

My friend Amy also gave me a set of Nails inc Mini's, they are SO cool, i've been wearing the Silver Fibre optic one over black polish, which looks pretty awesome!

My Grandparents brought me this set with the nail beads, i really like the navy blue colour, so i shall be giving these a go soon.

I got a lot of beauty gifts so ill be doing another couple of posts to round it up. Let me know if you got any nice new nail polishes!

December Daily Photos.. days 9-16

Well hello there...

I didn't finish up with my daily photos that i have been following with the #fmsphotosday challenge on instagram, my bad!

Here is where we left off..

Day 9

Day 9 - Weather today
Day 10 - R is for...
Day 11 - Green

Day 12 - Joy
Day 13 - Composition
Day 14 - Drink
Day 15 - Lights
Day 16 - Makes you Merry

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