Oh no, its Snow.

(Nature is so beautiful)

Even though today has been COLD, roads are really dangerous, the Snow does look lovely.

We wernt going to let it stop us from going to B&Q our local DIY shop. Managed to Finally get the last kitchen cupboard door, and built in wine rack we needed - Wooo!
Picture us with a pull along basket, filled with Xmas decorations on sale (bonus!) - wine rack laying over basket, with kitchen door ontop. Then i saw this -

£5.... Yes you read that right. I snapped it up, once i spray it white, it will be perfect for the bathroom, it can go next to the mirror so we can put perfume, make up etc on it! :)

Then we battled the carpark to get our goodies to the car - ugh... stupid snow.

This was the snowy scene for the drive home...

Looks nice, yes? but - cold = bad.

Cold hands and sitting in the car for ages means a quick stop to get one of these ..

I got a hot choc, then remembered i don't like theirs, i prefer costas. Yuk! its to strong. Mike had a latte, smells lovely, but coffee = yuk. lol

Check out the snow, its fairly deep considering the tyre is a huge one thats on a land rover.

Perfect opportunity to write my name in the snow, my finger felt like it was going to fall off after this, it was SOOOOOOO cold! haha

Off to Bedfordshire to get some sleepy-ton... zzzzzz

Radvent Dec 17th: Entertaining

Oooooh this is a good radvent prompt!

I love to entertain, well i love the idea of it, i do get a bit panicky that everything needs cleaning two or three times. I constantly am scrutinising my place thinking, 'oh god, i hope they don't notice that shelf's slightly wonky', or ' i hope they don't notice that dog hair on the sofa'
What the heck, most the time i panic about the place, and people say 'Oh your place is so lovely, it makes me think mine look horrible' (insert confused face here) :-/


I would like to have a girly party just a few close friends watch some movies, have soft drinks, snacks and just chat and have a good time. I dont do it often as i dont really get the time.

Here's to hoping i can actually get the time to do it, watch this space!

Radvent Dec 16th: Giving

♦What is the most surprising gift you have ever gotten?♦

My day after my birthday this year i had gone home early from work as i was in pain with my wrists, i was just getting settled at home with the dogs and the door bell Buzzed...

I received the parcel in the picture above, i was like 'Huhhh?' whose this from...

Now let me explain a little background about my birthday first...I was feeling incredibly bummed that my dad hadn't sent my anything, anything apart from a few postcards.

Firstly i met my nan for birthday lunch, she gave me a poster tube, which i assumed was her present of a letterpress print i asked for. BUT no... it was a Water Colour that my dad had made for me!!!!

i was totally shocked.

I love it, very very much, and ill always treasure it.

So back to the story, I was wondering who the parcel was from, and what was it...

So i checked the delivery label and the writing is my dads!!!! - i was like 'uh ohhhh' i feel guilty now as i had left a comment on his face book saying don't forget my birthday etc ... oops

I opened the mystery box ... and all my prayers had been answered.. HELLO KITTY!!!

I really love HK, like love as in have a tattoo of her on my wrist love. My dad knows i love her.
He sent me this whole parcel full of goodies, i cried and cried my eyes out when i opened it. I was so happy and so overwhelmed he had done this, all for me! ♥ (Big love to you Dad, U Rock!)

♦What have you been holding back of that you could give more of? ♦

I could give more of myself at work, i need to push for promotion and not just bumble along in my day to day Job. I would love to pursue my photography, or Hell, even give it a go being a blogger. Realistically though, my day time job pays the bills, i need and want more from it.
I think i need to give more effort and perseverance towards punctuality and attendance and i will succeed much better there.

♦Create a small 'My favourite things' basket to give to a friend♦

This is an amazing thing for me to do, im going to do it for my friends birthday, shes going to be 21, so i guess im going to do a mixture of her favourite things, and mine. Twilight and Hello kitty seem a good mix ;-)

Watch this space, ill post after xmas once shes turned 21. ♥


There booked!!!! Wooooo Vegas here we come! (2011 that is....) ha!

Radvent Dec 15th: Recieving

(Loot from xmas 2009)

Im really good at giving things to people, whether its presents, my time, my listening to their problems, giving advice, Giving them a hug, a kiss to say thank you etc

But im not so good at people saying thank you to me, i get over come with being nevous inside, its like Ok.... i know its coming, also i always have to over explain myself when i give them a gift, i cant just say i bought this as i thought of you, i have to really explain it, ahhh it makes me look an idiot. haha

Today i graciously recieved :
  1. A cup of tea made by my collegue
  2. a cup of tea made by my manager
  3. Help with some work
  4. Being told i didnt need to work tonight at pizza hut - (BONUS WOO!)
  5. A christmas card from my grandparent in france.
I love buying presents and im learning to say thank you and not being embarressed.

For example: Last Xmas

We recieved £200 as an xmas present from the inlaws, i gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug to say thank you, and obviously told her she really shouldnt have.

we recieved £50 as an xmas present from my sister inlaw to be, She also got a hug and a kiss.
(We were so grateful)

My Nan bought me some Irregular choice Shoes and Bag as an early xmas present (to wear when i get married) she got big Thanks!!!

Im loving these, i love them like my lungs love air.

It does kinda get my goat when people arnt grateful when i offer to help them, or give them a gift, for example i gave a wedding gift to a friend and never got a thank you, let alone a thank you card... some people... tsk tsk!

Christmas craft Attempt

(I actually have fallen in love with the Baubles in this pic!)

I attempted to decorate some baubles with some embossing powder and a heat gun from an idea i saw on Bower Power - however they didnt turn out very well and i gave up.

It melted the Bauble... and nearly my finger, so i thought it wise to quit whilst i was ahead.

I think this would work out well if you had permanent spray paint, then peeled the stickers off.
I on the other hand, tried ink pads which were not permanent.

Looks kinda cool, but ink rubs off - kinda obvious that would happen, but i was having a dumb moment. ha

This was a last attempt at making something Xmassy. I kinda like it, looks nice on my window sill at the moment :)

Radvent Dec 14th : Reading

I love Reading, always have.

I find less time to read 'books' now though, i spend more time reading Blogs and looking at peoples photos.

I do have a lot of books though, and they mean alot to me. I would never throw a book away, regardless of what it is. I aim to have a huge collection of books on all subjects so that one day i can have a Library style room, purely for chilling out :)

I always remember having a selection of books when i was younger, used to love my Disney Annuals (they were originally my dads! - vintage books at a young age!) Loved Rupert the Bear annuals. Post man pat story book, I am 5 (arts crafts fun book), Benny the bear (came with a yellow teddy and a story tape!)

(My Little Mermaid book, original 1980's!)

My favourite book was & is - Patrick goes to bed. author Geoffrey Heyes - 1983.
I have this booked in storage with other old toys etc
I was trying to find it on Amazon to show the cover, but couldnt find any artwork....
BUT - the books on sale on there for ... *cough splutter* £150 !!!! WoW
my little 23 year old book is worth all that!!! - ii cherish it even more now :)
So that kinda ruined my plans to buy a copy for mum for xmas... dang!

(My Arty books & Japanese phrase books ♥)

(Shelf with a selection of books)

My comfy place to read is either : Bed, Bath or snuggled on the arm chair with a cozy blanket.

(See told you i did some reading)

I managed to fit in about 20 mins of reading this evening, i read: 'The short life of bree tanner' - and eclipse novella. I just cant get into it though, i LOVE the Twilight series, but this ones just been sat on my shelf since July and i only read half of it since then! argh - its my mission to get it finished!

(Some craft books, and randoms that Santa gave me)

Radvent Dec 13th: Beginning

♦ Have you ever quit something without regret?♦

Yes, Yes i have! - about 2-3 years ago i quit eating meat, and i have never looked back, i dont regret it one teensy bit. I feel happy and Positive about it. Yeah sure, it was sorta hard work at the beginning when you were stuck for going out to eat. But now a few years on im less fussy in the vegetable department and i eat pretty much everything. (Im not so kean on Milk, but im getting back into it gradually)

♦ New begininings♦

Im starting something new at the moment, im on a diet, im not by any means eating as healthy as i should, but im excising ready for the Wedding Next year. I just want to be healthy, thats the main thing. Ill also Be getting Married next year, so thats one BIG new beginning.

I always look for new oppourtunitys, but, im thinking that in the new year im going to do some craft classes at my local centre. They look fun, i need to be more creative as it makes me happy.
I have learnt to not offer help to, too many people anymore as i think i get taken for granted, people dont help me as much as i offer/help them.

Radvent Dec 12th: Procrastinating

(Last Xmas whilst staying at mums playing on Laptop wasting time, not doing important things)

Well, this is a perfect title, pretty much sums me up!!!

Procrastination is something i do frequently, im actually embarressed to say it, but i put things off All the time, then i usually forget to do it. I have a terrible memory it worries me sometimes!

For example, today i put off - Cleaning the bathroom, cleaning bedroom, taking dogs on a longer than usual walk, writing xmas cards out for work, take rubbish bags out.

There are so many things i want to do in my flat, but i always end up starting, then thinking 'actually ill do that another day - when i have more time' ... More time??? all i end up doing is watching tv, or going online! lazy cow i am!

Funny thing is, nothing but good things would happen if i tackled all the tasks i have at home, if i actually got them out the way i would be so much happier, for example -

Our hallway cupboard is crammed full of- xmas tree, xmas decorations, suitcases, D.I.Y stuff, board games, junk, junk and more junk. Because of this our Dyson vacuum live in our very small hallway. If me and mike got in the cupboard cleared out the junk, put more shelving in there etc we could fit the dyson in there, and other things like the Aircon unit from the Lounge...

Oh and another thing, our old microwave which is in the New microwaves box on the chair in the kitchen, has been there for about a month now and we still havent taken it to the Dump!
(thats not really my fault though as i dont drive so i cant take it there..)

I am good enough already. but i need to get somethings done. Im going to set a realistic goal and give myself until Jan 4th to do the following:

  • Clear Hallway cupboard as much as possible (ill post before and after pics!)
  • Get rid of Old microwave
  • Clear out / find a place for Avon rep paperwork
  • Throw away box of old cleaning prioducts that are behind the sofa and put paint pots in a safe place away from the dogs.
  • Clear clutter from behind arm chair in corner of lounge.
I have quite a few more things i want to actually do, but im not going to push myself yet! ha

I do push myself sometimes and make myself do things, thats only if i have had to set a reminder on my Blackberry to 'remind' myself...

Ah well... i wont be too hard on myself, i do work 2 jobs, have 2 dogs, a Fiance and have to run our home's day to day jobs!

Its someones 30th Birthday....

Radvent Dec 11th: Dreaming

♦ What is your personal dream? ♦

I sometimes dream of being a photographer, fully fledged have my own studio, taking peoples photos everyday, making them Happy. But then again i dont want to ruin a hobby byu turning it into a 'Job'. I love doing art and crafts, and secretly would like to do some kind of art and craft club for kids. I think that too many people let there kids sit in front of a tv or computer console and not actually iteract with them. A parent and child craft centre would be a dream. Probably one i will let go of, as i dont think i have the funds or the determination at the moment.

♦What would happen if your dream come true?♦

It would help me to make people feel amazing about them selfs, taking photos of them and showing them how beautiful they are!
Or by doing Arts and crafts it would give children who have a lot of potential to show it off in a way that keeps them entertained and keeps there brain busy by doing something worth while not something thats pointless.

♦Have you ever had a dream come true?♦

I havent yet, but i had a few dreams within the last few months that were kind of wierd.
I dreamt that me and mike had a baby, the strange part of the dream was that i could smell, the baby, see it, all its features, it had dark hair, mikes nose, it was a boy... (?) surreal dream.
I believe that this is something that will happen one day, but not for a while! :)
(dont panic dad if your reading this, you have a few years yet before your a grandparent! ha)

Radvent Dec 10th: Loving

Today on the radvent Journal is Loving. ♥

My self-affirmations-

  • I Love the nature that i am surrounded by nature and i love all its wonder.
  • I have family which love me very very much.
  • I can give out as much Love and Kindness as i feel the need to.
  • I have so much emotion and tears it makes me feel ALIVE!
  • I love the person i am, the person im going to be, and the person i could be.
  • I love to Love, people, pets, favourite things.
  • I can achieve my dreams!
I like to be positive, and always try to have a positive outlook on life. At the end of the day, life is so short why be negative about it? - No matter how many bad cards life hands you, im sure there is always something good you can think of. Like...... How you have nice Eyes, or you have lovely work collegues, or there is someone who loves you very much no matter how bad things get.

I have a pretty good life, when i think.... Ohhhhh its not fair i wish.... 'insert wish' - i stop and think, at least i have a stable job, a roof over my head, 2 dogs which i love to death, and a Fiance who is here, and may not always show he loves me, but i know he does deep down. (and i know that i love him very much, even if he thinks i dont show it ♥)

♥I love my dogs, my fiance, my mum, my dad, my grandparents, my siblings, my stepdad,my stepmum, my friends (the few i do have, quality is better than quantity) my family, my laptop, my camera, my creativity, myself, nature, the sea, the birds songs, the smell of the countryside, animals, babies, hello kitty, fashion, accessories, princess lasertron, meg from what ever blog, young house love, christmas, easter, summer holidays, autum time and so much♥

♥Lots of love!♥

Radvent Dec 9th: Inspiring

'Ask someone you love to show you what inspires them'

I asked a couple people i love what inspires them, I asked Mike what inspires him, and his answer was Matt Hayes a famous Fisherman......
Reason being he inspired him to go out and push him self to fish, try new tactics, uip his game and catch bigger fish, etc.

I also asked a few people: 'What have i done to inspire them' -

My Nan said :
'By getting yourself another job its an inspiration as you are trying to better yourself, and by going out your way to work 2 jobs your going to get the things you want in life.

My Mum said:
'Your kindness and determination is an inspiration as you always help people, and go out your way and have the motivation to get what you want.'

Mike Said:
'Your Phototgraphy inspires me as your so passioinate about it that it makes me Happy that you get motivated to do something you Love.'

5 Things that Inspire me

  1. IKEA - It inspires me to make my Home, a Home. To make it a somewhere that im proud of, and Happy to be in.
(The Lounge partially completed)

2. Nature - It inspires me to be free. To be at one with my thoughts and remember that, i can do anything that i want to do.

(Blue Bells in a wood near to my town)

3. My Grandparents - Both sets of them inspire me to work hard to give myself a good future, so that when i have children, or retire i can travel or just live comfortably.

4. Meg from Whatever Blog Inspires me all the time, She inspires me to be an incredible mother when i have children. To be there 24/7, to be loving, creative, and someone my children will look up to and be inspired by.

5. Love - it inspires me and makes me feel warm, Love makes you feel complete, makes you feel like NOTHING else matters. All you need is love.

I had a very inspirational day today, went out with my Nan, Mum and Younger sister, we went to Ikea in southampton to pick up some Xmas supplys, i feel full of inspiration and motivation to get some stuff sorted in my Flat this weekend. I want to de-clutter, tidy, clean, re-arrange, sell some old stuff. So much to do! so little time, as its mikes birthday sunday! woo

Until tomorrow, good night!

Radvent Dec 8th: Creating

My Camera is my main source of Creativity, Some times i take photos that i CANT believe i took.
I get so happy that I have the oppourtunity to take peoples photos, and create happy memories for them. ♥

I always have my camera on the shelf in my lounge, in easy reach. I always have cameras on display, old vintage ones which i admire. One of them is over a hundred years old!!!!! I cant believe i own a camera... which is OVER 1-0-0 years old! amazing. proper vintage!

(A selection of photos i have taken for clients/friends)

One of my favourites being this one-

(My friend when she was Pregnant)

I really enjoyed taking her picture as iwas creating a moment ini time, something that she will never forget, ever. Its something she treasures.

When i was younger i astonished myself in Art quite a lot of times, i was amazingly good at copy drawing. I would find a picture or cartoon and just copy it, usually it turned out almost the same.
I learnt many different techniques in art and some, which i still have in my sketch books, i still look at and think 'wow i did that!'

My creativity is what i love most about myself.

Go on... you know you want to !

Radvent Dec 7th: Playing!

This has to be the best topic ever.

My favourite game as a child has to be playing 'Make believe' games, like:

Teachers: involved begging for a new note pad so you could make a register.
Mum & Dads: Playing with my Mini Mouse pram, usually putting my little brother in it..
Hospitals: Making bandages out of toilet roll, and using my fisher price Doctor kit.
Roomies: Just generally pretending to be other 'Older' people that were on Neighbours or other soaps... ha

I spent a lot of time at my grandparents, so i played with the local neighbourhood kids, Alan, Francesca and Peter. Alan was my bestest friend ever known him since i was 3 years old.
Every weekend was spent with him, i would wake up, get ready have breakfast as quick as possible get dressed and run/skip/cycle/roller skate down to his house :)

We spent the weekends, riding our bikes round the street, or at the BMX track, we would roller skate (even though the road was too rough so it was kinda too bumpy) Or Lie in the Skate board and roll down the hill as fast as we could. I even have a scar on my left eyebrow from where i crashed on my bike and skidded face first on the pavement! OUCH! i cried.... alot.

I was a very imaginative child, i could make a game out of any situation. My imagination was the source of fun, i was inventive, fun, slightly odd. i.e Play games by my self alot, just pretending there was other people there....... yep..... Odd child. ha!

Favourite things involved going to the local news agents to get some of these, and have plane races! Me and Alan used to love making them and trying to get them just right so they wait effortlessly float across his garden...

(I bought this today from the toyshop over the road from me, its magical in there, they sell all the toys i played with when i was little - Playmobile, Silvanian families, Lego etc!)

Another regular Game was to build a Den, usually out of blankets, and we would try to support it between sofas or armchairs, use a table as a support. Anything so that we could climb inside and pretend we were camping, or in an igloo, or anywhere out little 8yr old imaginations would take us.

(These are the toys i bought today, i spent 75p!!! next to nothing. Used to keep me busy for hours, kids nowadays just dont have the imagination we used to...)

I remember the days when a cereal box used to keep my happy for hours, the trick was.....
Sneak into the kitchen - get a cereal box/porridge box - carefully remove inner packet and place back into the cupboard - sneak off with said cereal box - get scissors and make a little Shop, or town or house from the box... it still devastates me to this day when my grandma threw out my little Fish and chip shop i made, it has chairs and tables and everything! *sniff* haha

Childhood photos

(School bike race - check out the 2 wheels, no stabilisers!)

(On Holiday in Majorca with Nan, loved that Seal teddy!)

(Barbie House! - One of my fav toys!)

(My porky little baby brother inside my Mini Mouse Pram! hehe)

My bedroom

I played with my 25p mini Pinball at work today whilst on the phone, quite fun to try and score 500. Keeps ya busy!

Radvent Dec 6th: Adventure

Adventure is something i LOVE ♥

Although i didnt have time to do something different today :( boo

I have had many in the past though....

  • May 2009 - I took the day off and took myself to London on the train, i went to museums and galleries and learnt soooo much!
  • I randomly went to the Zoo July this year, it was fun!
  • I went to Hampton Court with my family and took some amazing photo graphs of our day out.
I am meeting an old friend tomorrow evening for coffee, thats a mini adventure.

At the weekend im celebrating Mikes 30th Birthday, im so excited, more so than him! :)

Radvent Dec 5th: Rocking out!

Music is what makes me Happy, sometimes Sad, but sad in a good way ;-)

My Year in music would mainly consist of the following:

  • Hot N Cold - Katy Perry - She is my girl crush.... LOVE her music.
  • Summerboy - Lady Gaga - Shes amazing! - makes me realise you can be what ever or who ever you want to be
  • Pack Up - Eliza doolittle - Lovin the bouncy happy tune
  • Fascination - Alphabeat - HAPPY TUNE!!! love the lyrics to this, is a sing-a-long when your in a happy mood.
  • Lily Allen - Blue sky - this is one of muy absolute favourite tunes, it makes me so happy when i hear it i get a bit of a spring in my step!
  • Monaco - what do you want from me? - this is a really good indie track, love Monaco reminds me of when i was growing up.
  • Move Mania - Sash! - Moviiinnngg, were living in a move mania! moving people thats what we arrrrrre... good dancy track.
Ha - most the tracks are lovely happy tracks, i guess i have had a really Happy year... its gone bloody quick i know that one, cant BELIEVE its nearly 2011 !!! WoW!!

Radvent Dec 4th: Forgiveness


I have never really forgotten the following:

  • The time my mum threw my Forever friends plate accross the lounge in an argument with my Step dad..
  • The time we moved house and my box of Lego disappeared - i.e mum threw it away.
  • The time my dad chased me up the stairs to take my dummy off me when i was about 3, it really scared me.
  • When Mum took Demon to the vets and he ended up being put to sleep, i never got to say goodbye :(
  • When i babysat for my mums friend and something bad happened to me.
  • When a collegue /friend said my photography was crap and i over charged.
I find it hard to forgive. I notice now most are to do with my mum, the one person i love unconditionally i seem to have the most hang ups about.

Its really pointless me keep thinking about them really, they have no effect on my life now, with exception to the photography one, i dont need poisonous people in my life, and i cut them out.

(Been mostly snowy here lately)

Radvent - 3rd December: Writing

(My paper supplies / stickers / Notebooks)


  • I love stationary.
  • I love writing everyday.
  • Nothing makes me more Happy than receiving a hand written letter.
I have decided I'm not going to write a letter to myself. I don't know what to write, i don't like very much about myself at the moment i already know that-

  • I'm working 2 jobs, and putting all i have got into them.
  • I need more time, more time at home, more time to be ME!
  • I want more freedom, more creativity in my life.
  • I'm Dieting to lose weight for the wedding.
One thing i know is that i seem to be doing alot, but not getting much out of it. I don't feel satisfied with my life at the moment. I want, i need... why do i have to want and need things... ? Why cant i just be Happy with what i have right now. I have My Youth, I'm only 23. yes ONLY 23.
Its the beginning of my adulthood really, not the middle, just the beginning.

I can do more, i can do my photography, i can write and be more creative with my life, i would love to look back in a years time and think, WOW Georgia you have made a change.

I would love to think, i have made some changes and made my life even MORE amazing!
I will be married~!!! - be looking forward to our first Christmas as a Wife! Its exciting times. ♥

I suppose this ended up as a letter or more a motivational speech and a bit of a vent...

Radvent: Dec 2nd - Organising

So.... Organising.

I love to Organise Events, and outfits, and stuff in my home. Apart from, I'm not that good at it.
I mean, it works for me most of the time, except it doesn't always work for my Fiance.

I have a tendency to tidy up, organise and then lose things..... oops.

I have always been someone who hoards things useless things, like rail tickets, cinema tickets, tags off clothing that look slightly Funky.

A while back i started to organise my home a bit better as it was getting ridiculous. I chucked out TONS of crap, like paperwork, magazines, cosmetics that were out of date or i would never use.
Then we both set to clearing out our wardrobes, we both have a double wardrobe and a chest of drawers. We managed to clear that many clothes, that now we share one of the drawer units, each have half a drawer (there are 3 drawers in total). We had a mountain of clothes that we charity shopped, chucked away or sold at a boot sale. (I forgot to take photos! damn!)

I have blogged this befoire, but this is a few things i have done to organise or pretty things up-

Lately the thing thats kept me organised ..... Technology!

You gotta ♥ a Black berry!

Christening day!

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