This weeks Randoms...

I decided this week that, now im an ' Adult ' i can have what ever i want for breakfast...

So if i want Curry and rice from last nights takeaway, ill bloody well have it!!! yummmm

(Veggie Korma, and pilau rice!)

I also had pasta bake for breakfast this week, nothing better than last nights dinner for breakfast.. :)

Saw this cushion and decided my Sofa needs it... funky!! - only a tenner as well.

How Random is this rubbish Bin??? - a kid ran up to it and stuck his arm in its mouth, whilst its mum preseded to come running after him saying ' dont stick your arm in there its a rubbish bin - Yuk' - did make me laugh.. :)

This is a broach i made this week, all makde from Felt and fabric... posted it off to someone who bought it from me. I make headbands too, there quite cool.

My Fleecy pillow case! - courtesy if my dad :) ♥ it!

Yumm yum yum Melon and Grape pot from M&S.

Thats all for now... i think there is enough randomness to last for a while


Up, Up and away!

Me and mike did something totally spontaneous ... we went to walk the dogs at 9pm at night, not only was it totally pitch black and freak me out... but it was kinda romantic too. :)

We saw lots of sky lanterns taking off in the distance, and i remembered we had one in the car from my birthday last year, it was ripped and a bit crushed. But i thought what the hell, its only going in the bin otherwise...

It inflated within a minute and was eager to take off...

It floated up in the sky, (and straight off towards Farnborough airport.. ha) took a couple of minutes and it was completly out of sight. It was so nice and peaceful watching it float away, filled up my jar of happiness... :)

Im an Addict

In case you havent noticed yet, im a bit of a Hello Kitty addict

She is everywhere in my home, on me, at work, on my computer.....

When i found this from a fellow blogger, i had to write about it!!!

How cute, hello kitty Cake pops, Im definatly going to try and make these, and when i do ill post pictures!

Weekly Randoms

This weeks randoms....

The BEST dinner i think i have ever had!!!

(Mozzarella burgers, Aubergine with tomato and garlic on top, Salad + Cous Cous.)

Take away Curry we had last night.
Vegetable Korma, with Pilau rice, Naan bread and popadoms!!!


Chocolate ice cream with cookie pieces!

Extra Yummmmm

My fish tank was cleaned, looks lovely and sparkly now, found a dead fish as well.. :(
Neon tetras are not hardy fish at all... you only have to look at them and they die... lol

My Hello kitty Lantern, Love it!!

One of my places of work.... the crap paid one, that i actually enjoy working at... go figure.

Mini Hello kitty pens! ♥

My fridge... with LOADS of Random stuff on.. Post cards from dad, Photos, And lots of Hello kitty!

We went food shopping, the fridge is full...

Over and out.

Its finally the weekend for me.....


As of 9.30pm this evening its the weekend for me.... i have 1 whole day off tomorrow then back to work Monday for a 50 hour week again.... ugghhhhh

Money though!! wooooo *big thumbs up*

There will be a lovely photo filled post tomorrow evening, from this weeks randoms... :)

Beach trip!!!

West Wittering Beach - Chicester

Every year we organise a trip to the Beach with friends some family, friends of friends etc... basically anyone who wants to come.
The weather was meant to be crappy, but it turned out really good!!!

Our friends 6 week old baby had her first day at the sea side!

My best Karate Kid pose....

Yeah... i was crapping myself... and landed on my bum in the water.

We then went to another town, Hayling Island. It has a fayre but i didnt go on anything.

Battered Sausage and chips... proper british food!!
(although, its probably more british to have a curry.... ha!)

Arcade games ..

One HUGE ice cream....

Mike, Me & Diesel (one of our dogs..)

PERFECT day out!!

A random day out last year..

I went to Hampton court Palace last year with my cousins and my grandparents.

Best day out i have had in aggggggess!!

The main entrance from the inside of the palace.

Well, i had to maek the most of the sign. ha

The Edwardian part of the palace.

Henry the 8th and Catherine Parr.... Yeah, we went back in time.

My Initial...or G for Geo and R for ramblings...

How nice of them to do that for me... lol

Christening day!

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