Review: Nica Verona Bag from Bagable Ltd.

I have a new bag...

Yes another one, i don't deny im a bagaholic, i probably should go to Bagaholics Anonymous...but where would the fun in that be?!

I was sent this bag from a company called Bagable, they supply quite a few brands such as Nica, Juno, Kipling, Antler, Hello kitty! and Paul frank. They have a really good range of bags, and it took me a while to choose which one to review.

I decided to go mid range and choose something that i would actually purchase myself, i chose the Nica Verona Across body bag in the colour of Mink.

Cute isn't it!?

The photo makes it look like a huge bag, but in actual fact its the perfect sized across body bag for a day out shopping, or a meal or an everyday bag. I've been using it for work every day, the only thing it doesn't fit is my snacks (i take fruit to work) but i can fit the following, very easily.

  • Purse
  • Phone
  • Compact mirror, 3x lip balms, plasters, ladies essentials ;) hand sanitiser, hand cream.
  • Diary
  • Notebook + pen
  • Work ID
  • I-pod Nano + bass buds headphones
 Told you that a lot fits in this small bag! 

I love the detailing to the bag, the bow on the front is so cute. The small cut out holes on the front make it look really feminine. The material is really nice and soft its a really well made bag and i feel it can tackle a few day long shopping trips!

The strap on the bag is adjustable and is skinny, so its not intrusive of your outfit by cutting you in half.. but its strong enough to withstand a few things in your bag. The only thing to mention with these skinny straps is don't put too much in your bag or it will cut into your shoulder a bit, and no body wants that!

The interior of the bag has an awesome bright floral pattern, this pattern is also in the drop pocket on the back of the bag and has a cute flamingo.. ♥

The inside of the bag as a pocket with a zip, and a mobile phone pocket which my samsung S3 actually fits into! yay. Although i have actually been using this for my ipod and headphones that have their own little pouch.


The bag retails for £39, however its on sale at the moment for £27.30 which is an absolute bargain. Even better you can get an extra 10% off if you use the code ROG.
Bagable also offer free UK delivery. Winner!

Excuse me whilst me i go and swoon over my new bag... mmmm

Primark Haul: June 2013

So i had a cheeky little sneak into Primark a week ago with Katy, we popped out for the afternoon to do some shoppping, grab some lunch and a coffee. Just the norm for us :)

I spent £11 and got all of this...

Disco pants for £7, necklace for £1, black flip flops for £1 and the Mint green sandals for £2!


Arent they lovely... these are my favourite sandals from primark, they are like jelly shoes, so comfortable. My last pair broke, and they had walked some serious mileage so it was about time i replaced them.

This necklace was also a sale item which cost £1, it had a silver coloured cross on it, but i dont like things with crosses on, so i ripped it off. lol ta-daaa new necklace :)


My new Addiction: SMASH Folio by K&Company

I love a bit of craft time, and i have always loved to have a journal. 

When i was in my teens i always had a note pad, a special one that i picked out each birthday and used to Journal in, i stuck pictures, magazine cuttings, drew pictures, wrote letters to friends (we swapped journals to write back to each other! lol) and just generally wrote really hormonal things in.

So picture this... i was browsing Instagram and noticed someones picture of a 'Smash book'  i asked them what it was and then googled it... then my ADDICTION began!

It was exactely what i imagined my wedding Album to look like... i havent even put my photos in an album yet as i wanted to include show tickets, money, luggage tags etc and i couldnt think of a way to display them, well now i can!

I found out that Hobby craft supply the K&Company SMASH line, so i asked Mike if he would drive me there after work one day, and he said yes... 30mins later we arrived at Hobby craft, the Mecca of craftiness.

I chose the Wedding style which has the cream spine.

As you can see from the pages they are all printed with either a nice pattern or a bold graphic print. As far as a 'scrap book' goes these a pretty special in my eyes. They are £12.99 each which is so reasonable considering you can buy a hardback book with white pages for the same price in Hobby craft. The special thing about a Smash book is that they come with a Smash stick; which is a Fine Liner pen, with a glue stick on the other end!

I have made a start to my wedding journal, and did the beginning page with a picture of us about 8 years ago, i wrote on a Journal card about how we met, the date and when we were offically an item. I think its a nice thing to pass down to your children or grandchildren. (I dont have a picture of this page as its not finished yet)

This page is like my opening page, its the date of our wedding, and a little bit about where we got married. I got the numbers and the letter N from hobby craft for 40p each. 

I also bought a few other bits whilst at hobby craft... 

Smash book with the 2 Smash pads + stripy paperclips

Books with Hobby craft tape and Embellisments

I spent about £27 on all of that which i didnt think was that bad for the amount of craft stuff i bought. the tape was BOGOF so cost me £2.99 for both. (its still on BOGOF) , The embellishments were £1.49, however the wedding one is now on sale for £1, typical!

 I am sorting out all the prints i want to put in of our wedding, and our holiday in Vegas so once they arrive ill be Smashing away in this book. I'll show more updates along the way.

Please let me know if you have a smash book i'd love to see!

My Make up storage Video!

So i have branched out into the world of youtube... and i decided to do a video that is my favourite type of video to watch...

I hope you like it, please feel free to Like it or comment :)

Bourjois Bronzing BB cream 8 in 1 Review!

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen i had a little splurge in Boots...

I really wanted to get the Bourjois Bronzer, which is a huge pot of bronzing goodness...and on offer for £5.99 at the moment.. BUT it was way to shimmery for me, so i passed up the bargain, and decided to get the BB Bronzing cream 8-1 instead.

It says that it.... Evens skin tone, Sheer tint, boots radiance, 16 Hour moisterisation, smooths skin, prolongs tan, SPF 15, and finally has a refreshing sensation.

Let me show you a little bit of how it applies..

L: Plastic bottle with Pump application, R1, one pump, R2, lightly rubbed in, R3, Blended completely.
And so you can see what it actually looks like on the face...

So the big mug shot on the left is me Pre-make up!
Then you have the scary dark cream on the face... this is themoment of O-M-G this is like the wrong coloured foundation, what have i done... Then once blended and with compulsary pout its done!

From a distance it gives a nice glow to my skin, and matches it without looking too dark.

As you can see from this close up the BB bronzer is still sheer enough to see my natural skin, i.e freckles, moles etc it doesnt mask my skin it just enhances it. 

I really like this and im glad i bought it instead of the bronzing powder. This BB Bronzing cream is on offer in boots at the moment for £6.99.

10/10 from me! 

Let me know if you try it out too. 

Race for Life 2013

I signed up a few months back for Race for Life, i participated in the one in Guildford on sunday 26th May. 

It was a pretty cool day, i got lots of sponsors and i ran about 1.5k of it, which considering i did no training i dont think was that bad, my time was 44mins 44 seconds.. :)

I think that the course we did was pretty boring, but it was for a good cause so thats all that counts, i raised over £200 in sponsorship money which was amazing!

I used an app on my phone to track the route, i started it way to early though, but you get the jist...

It doesnt look far, but maaaaaan i wish i had done some training! i was cream crackered after it, but so glad i did it. 

I have raised £240 for cancer research UK and hopefully if i do race for life next year i can raise even more!



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