Review: e-cigarette

We were sent another e-cigarette to review by Smoke Relief

Here are some facts about the e-cigarette:

  • The contain no Tar or carbon monoxide smoke
  • Nicotine is its principle ingredient 
  • They are alot cheaper (£7.99 for 10 refills which is the equivalent to approx 200 cigarettes)
  • You don't get stained teeth or bad breathe
  • Less environmental impact. 
When you breathe out, like a normal cigarette smoke exhales from your mouth, however its not real smoke, its vapour. This cuts out the problem of second hand smoke inhalation and it less harmful to others around you, as well as yourself.

The cigerette we were provided with came in a plastic cigarette style box which holds a charge to charge on the go, which unlike other models we have tried this is SO much more convieient to use. No being caught short when your out and the battery has died. 

An extract from their website:

Basically your rechargeable kit includes: an electronic cigarette, charger box and 5 cartridges (the equivalent of 10 packets of cigarettes).
You plug the Charger Box into a usb port to charge it up, it lasts about a week. With the Charger Box you can charge your cigarette battery on the move. With the electronic cigarette battery charged up just screw a cartomiser on and enjoy. 5-7 drags is equivalent to one tobacco cigarette. The charger box takes about 4 hours to charge from a USB or wall socket. A cigarette battery takes about 2-2.5 hours to charge in the Charger Box.

Mike has been using this for over a week, and he said:

I think its good, its good in comparison to its competitiers, it gave me slight headaches like a headrush which as soon as i stipped inhaling it went, so it stopped me from using it too much, which probably wasnt a bad thing! 

Useful for smoking in my work van, and onsite, means i cant get told off as its not an actual cigerette! - I also liked the easy way to charge whilst i was at work, i wasnt ever caught without power. 

Here are few pictures of the product:


As a special offer to my readers you can use a discount code of SHIPMYKIT just enter it on the website

Diary of a weight watcher...Pilates

So im still trying to lose weight, i've crept back up a little bit. Think ive lost 10lb in total... need to lose a lot more to get to goal. 

I've been doing Pilates for a couple of weeks now as my friend is an exercise-phobe but she likes it, and suprisingly i like it too! 

I never thought it would be that hard, its just stretching right... WRONG, have you ever tried to plank when your 3 stone over weight!!! 

No i hadnt either, MAN its hard!!!

You would think a youtube addict like me would have checked it out on there first, but to be honest im glad i just went in not knowing what it was, the hour flies by. We tried out the intermidiate class which was hard!

I found this video on Youtube which give a good example of what we did.. my knee's were not thankful for it, but after the intial pain, the next day my knee's didnt hurt. So it must be working!

By the time you have read this i should have also tried out Zumba, so ill report back on my thoughs..

Benefiting my face!

Soooo.... it was easter time and the bunny delivered. 

Well it actually steered me into the Benefit shop in my local town.

I bought the Gina goes glam set for £7, it has a full size perfume which is described as..

Woody & Oriental - an alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry & patchouli this is a seductively provocative scent. I love the smell of it, im getting quite a collection of perfumes at the moment which is nice as it means i my good ones. i.e Marc Jacobs one is lasting a long time :)

 You also get Porefessional, which i thought was pretty Mehhh when i first saw people ranting about it, but i tried it in the shop on my hand and it gets rid of all the pores and lines!!!  it completely smoothes out your skin.  


Its in a small tube, but a little goes a long way so it should last a few go's. I also got a tester tube of They're real Mascara which is really good, the tube should last a while to as this only the sort of Mascara i would wear for a night out. 

Nice packaging.

The concealer with moisterising outer edge.

 The next item which was on my wish list was the Fake up Concealer, i liked the way its meant to not allow creasing, and it helps moisterise your eye area. I need this so thought it would be good to try out! it was worth getting as i have been using it every day and its really good, not as heavy as the erase paste so its nicer to wear for work, and i can use erase paste for nights out.

I bought a few more things which ill post about later in the week!

The Best Bagel in the Land...

As you  may know, i goto weight watchers

In the little magazine you get called 'Your week' There was a recipe for Quorn Tikka Bagels.

Seriously. They. Are. Amazing.

You will need:
  • 150 g Yogurt, Virtually Fat Free, Plain   
  • 2 Level Teaspoons curry powder
  • 2 teaspoons Lemon juice
  • 1 Clove Garlic
  • 350g Quorn Chunks
  • 4 tbsp Light Mayo
  • 100g Lettuce
  • 75g Cucumber
  • 4 Bagels

Pre heat grill to High, Line a baking tray with foil (or use pyrex like i did)

To make the Quorn Tikka pieces you will need to: Mix together the yogurt, curry powder, lemon juice, and garlic until smooth. Stir it all up to coat everything. 

Dont use curry powder that went out of date 5 years ago... it was ok though im alive arnt i!?

Mix, mix mix it all up

 Spread out on the baking tray/pyrex lid, and grill for 10 mins stirring a bit so it doesnt burn.

Whilst the Quorn is cooking... chop up the Lettuce and cucumber, and toast the bagels... all whilst stirring the Quorn! 

By doing all of that at once, this happend..

My freakin toaster melted!!! 

I've had it for 8 years, so its served us well i think.

Once you have toasted the Bagel put some mayo on the bagel, add lettuce and cucmber then add the Quorn...


Final view, with a bite mark.. om nom nom noommmmmm



Lush: Fluffy Egg

Whilst i was in London i popped into the Tiny Lush in waterloo Station. Even though its small its a little treasure trove of goodies. Its suprisingly well laid out, so after i browsed the amazingness that is Lush, i decided to pick a few easter bits up.

I picked up the Fluffy Egg bath bomb which is just so cute, it smells good too. 
I always look at Lush online, and think ohhh yeah i'll get that, and that and that... 

but then...

I go into the store, smell it and im like ickkkkkk thats horrible. (Lush is awesome, but i cant stand christmassy scents like cinnamon etc, so sometimes you get a bad egg..) 

Its just a good job i dont order online as i think i would be disapointed sometimes. The plus to going into the store means i check things out that i wouldnt have looked at before.

Annnnyway, the Fluffy egg.

Cost: £2.95

Smells of Candy and Love and Hugs.

Yep, there is such thing in my head.

Blurry, but the actual colour of my bath water.

If they still have them, then definatly go try this out!

Weekend antics.

Its been eventful... me for anyway! ha - dont get your hopes up.

My hoover broke, due to the dogs, thanks boys!

I ordered a new one, Dyson Animal.

I think i may love it a bit more than my husband.

Seriously this Dyson sucks up dog hair like no other Dyson could.. ever!

Enough of the Dyson... before i get tempted go do the vacumming again. #ineedtogetalife

Another little story, Thursday night there i was happily toasting some bagels for our dinner, and i thought, hmm the warming rack on our 8yr old toaster doesnt look right. 

Thats because it was fricking melting off!!! our toaster is no more, finito, nada, nothing. RIP mr Toaster.

 The plus side is, the kitchen looks less cluttered without it, and i can use the grill if i want toast (rarely eat it anyway) and ill just have to use George Forman to heat my bagels in the future. The grill, not actual George Foreman, that would be wierd if he just lived in my kitchen for all my grill heating needs.

The rest of the weekend was spent picking up our new fish tank, and kitting it out ready to transfer my fishys over!

My hands are paying the price right now though, SO Dry it hurts. if anyone knows a good hand cream, please do let me know! :)

Ill post some fish tank pictures another day once its all settled.

Little and Large


London Mini Break - Part 2!

After a pretty good sleep... The trains were a little noisy and the bed was pretty hard.. ugh
The totally amazing freshly cooked Fry up made up for it, and totally re-fueled me for a busy day ahead!

We jumped on the Tube early and made our way for the Natural History museum, and BAM we hit the Queue, took about 20 mins in the freezing cold to get in. It was totally worth it though, i love the main hall with Dippy.

We spent the time looking at everything Dinosaur, reptile, mammal and fish related... the Dinosaur exhibits have changed since i last went! 

They are amazing now, really well laid out so you walk through and see everything, and queue to see the Animatronic T-REX... which is pretty scary up close. 

We also saw the Big blue whale, but that room was rammed with school kids and to be honest made me lose my patience. There is only so many times i can be bumped into and pushed out the way by small children before im like 'GET ME OUTTA HERE'

So off to the gift shop we went... last time i came the museum i had no money so i avoided the shop. This time i was like... i can buy what i want... Okay!

One book, 2 Magnets and a few post cards later we were off to the science museum!

---insert science museum collage---

We played about with a Google machine where it takes your photo and converts it to an image in the sand. The clever computer uses a arm to draw you... awesome. Annoyingly it wouldnt draw the both of us... technology eh?

I have been to the science museum before so i wasnt too fussed about looking around, plus i was getting hot and bothered and my feet were hurting, and the school children were in hoards around us annoying me .. haha 'lighten up Georgia i hear you say'

My bright idea was to walk to Harrods which is in knightsbridge.... not the knightsbridge near south kensington tube station. Aghhh - we walked for about 2 miles passed the Royal albert hall and back to the then we were pissed off and hopped on the Tube to Leicester square for lunch. Garfunkels was the venue of choice, 2 burgers later (1 veggie!) we had a cheeky look in the M&M Store... i love this place, i feel like a kid... in a sweetshop. 

I had to get another cup to match my I ♥ Vegas one, sadly they didnt do the same kind as the vegas one (the plastic one which you shake and it has glitter inside) so i had to make do with this London one, still pretty cool. The i totally went mad and bought a M&M xmas tree decoration... i dont really like it much now either, it wa a good idea at the time.. haha

The next stop was Harrods, the motherland of all things expensive!

We walked in the door and within 10 mins we were like how do we get out... seriously its a fricken maze!

We had a look around, and we were going to get coffee but all the cafe's inside were closed, which made no sense since the store was still open. So after we found the exit it was pitch black outside and about 8pm at night, we hot footed it over to Selfridges... with one thing in mind.

I had Original size (which was huge for a small!) Chocolate yogurt with Strawberry, melon, smarties and chocolate curls. They packaged it up for me to take away, put a little icebag in and everything. 

Next stop was coffee for Mike, so we wandered around the food court to Lola's Cupcakes. Mike chose the chocolate chilli, and i had the Banana cupcake which was a mini size.


That was the end of that day pretty much, we didnt get dinner as the late lunch had still kept us nice and full.... Then mike popped out and came back with the biggest portion of chips i've ever seen. All for £2.50!!! you wouldnt even get that where we live and were in a town about 60miles from London... just goes to show it can be cheaper in London haha

Everyday Make up - Neutral

Here is a little look into my everyday make up look.

I never used to wear make up to work, but since the beginning of the year i have made the effort to stick some on every morning. Its all thanks to my Finding Mr Bright set from Benefit.  (i wrote about it here)

The main items i used for this was...

Maybelline Rocket mascara in Black
Stila Countless colour pigment in Encore (not released yet - due out in SS13)
Clinique brown soft eyeliner pencil

The rest of my daily make up items are:

(Nivea Lip butter, Soap & Glory Lid stuff neutral palette, soap & glory blusher, Benefit erase paste in Medium, and a Avon clear mascara)

So all i use for the neautral eyes for work, is a smokey eye in all the browns. i just layer the colours with the lightest first, right up to my brow bone, then the middle shade blended up to the crease, and then with the darkest brown i blend it into the crease of my eyelid and up above it abit. This is really hard to explain when arent a Pro!

Then i line my eyes with the Clinque brown pencil from the middle of my upper lid right around to the middle of my lower lid. (Although i dont line the bottom for work, incase of watery eyes)

Next step is my Mascara, i only put it on my upper lashes for work as i get watery eyes due to the air-con, so i want to minimise the smudging, 

The brush on Maybellines Rocket Mascara is good, i didnt like it much to begin with, but it is good and ill persevere with it. It gives your lashes a boost which is nice for daily wear, but for evening i would reach of for Benefits there real.

 I then use my Avon clear mascara to tame my eyebrows, and then I then stick on a bit of Rimmel bronzer and some blusher, wack on the Nivea Lip butter and away i go! 

Except i added Rimmel Apocolips on for this picture.. and im not bald, even though it looks like i am in this picture.

London Mini Break :)

At the weekend me and Mike went away to London for a couple of nights. We booked for maxmium touristy adventures!

We had a fun packed few days, and were pretty knackered once we got home, it was worth it though.

We stayed in the Wellington Hotel next to waterloo, the room was nicer than i expected, although i had checked out some tripadvisor reviews and other peoples photos they never do the real thing justice.

After we had settled in, unpacked watched a bit of tv as you do, we hopped on the tube to the british museum, the objective: Egyptian exhibits!

The Museum was heaving with people, but we managed to mingle our way through to the exhibits. Even though we have been to Egypt and seen all the temples and been to some amazing places. It never  stops amazing me at how awesome the Eypgtians were. The mummys, the carvings in stone, the jewellery. It was a nice afternoon spent looking at some history. The other highlight was the Museum shop - im a girl, all shops excite me :)
We bought a Tutunkaman mask Magnet, we collect magnets for all places we visit so we have a nice memory every time we look at the fridge. 

Next stop was a mooch about Covent Garden, i had a look in Art box and i was sooooooo pissed off as they didnt have a scheduler book that i wanted to get. Daaaaagnamit!!
I did however pop into Benefit and tried out the new Fake up Concealer, which i have to say is pretty awesome and really does moisterise and prevent creasin

I then had to rush out as we went to see STOMP at the ambassedor theatre, we booked seats in the Circle (row G) and we had a brilliant view of the stage. The show was very loud, and they literally use everything and anything to make music, like Zippo lighters, shopping trolleys, plastic bags, brooms, and even just stamping their feet and clapping their hands. It was quite comical in parts with the gestures they made towards each other, they dont speak at all, but it was still funny in its own way, and they even got you to interact with them by clapping along. 

We finished the night off with a freezing cold walk from Embankment across the bridge to the southbank centre and had dinner at Wagamama's, it was mikes first time. We both had Katsu curry, mine was Yasai (veggie) i had a side of their classic salad, and Mike had Ribs. It was a pretty yummy dinner and i was totally stuffed by the time we left, perfect for just going to chill at the hotel and watch Tv.... finished with Zzzzzzz

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...