Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and family!

My Outfit was pretty much chucked together, i wanted to wear the black and white dress, but didnt want it to be too formal, or too black... So as i was literally running out the door i threw on the pink jacket and necklace. I cant express how much i loved my outfit!

Dress: H&M, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Jacket & Necklace: Newlook, Watch: Fitbit

A nice photo of Mikey and me!

Mike's mini beer... :)

The beautiful christening cake for the girls!

Easter Weekend: Birdworld Photos!

On Easter Sunday we went to Birdworld, its kind of local to me and its a nice family day out.

They have loads of different types of Birds, like penguins, flamingos, parrots etc - they also have a farm where you can get in with the baby goats and pet the small animals.

We went with my cousin and the twins, our friends and their girls, and our family and niece :)

Easter Weekend London Photos.

I had a really good Easter weekend, we took Mikes nephew out to London for the day and man was i tired at the end of the day! :)

We went to the Natural history museum, the sensational butterflies exhibition, science museum and Hamleys. Its hard work looking after a 6 year old, we felt like we were on high alert all day! haha

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DIY: Succulent table!

If you like an easy DIY then this is for you...

I have had this Ikea table for a while, but the top of it broke when a canvas fell off my wall and smashed it. So rather then take it to the dump, i decided to upcycle it!

I then bought the supplies, they weren't cheap i will admit. It was about £30 in total for the soil, stones, and all the plants.

The table i was reusing was waterproof, so whatever you buy you need to make sure you aren't going to get any leakage. The table i have is still available from ikea, and i *think* its around £16.

My selection of cacti, succulents, and other rockery type plants. Soooo cute!

Step 1 - fill the base with about an inch of pebbles, this is your drainage.

Step 2 - get your placement just how you want it, then plant away!

Step 3 - Add some decorative pebbles, i got mine at the £1 shop, and then add a few of the stones that you used for the drainage on the top too. It brings it all together dontcha think?

I must say, im rather proud of my creation!

It adds some well needed greenery to my lounge and its really low maintenance. Even if i do have to gather the large pebbles up sometimes as the dog keeps stealing them.

Let me know if you create something similar, I'd love to see it!

Baking myself an Easy Jus Rol Breakfast!*

I always see the Jus Rol pastry cans in the butter aisle, and always wonder how it works. Do Croissants just pop out? Do i have to cut them? what are they... what is this invention?

I was kindly offered the chance to review some Jus Rol products, so i decided to try out my FAV food, Croissants.. nothing better than a nice fresh baked Croissant for breakfast.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!

Watch it go POP when you rip it open!

It took minmal effort to make these, you literally roll the pastry out, its pre cut so you could carefully tear it apart, or score it with a knife. Then you just roll it up as shown above (and on the packet) and then you can glaze them with some milk after to add a nice golden colour when they have baked.

All you need to do is get your butter and Jam at the ready and wait 10mins for them to cook...

 And then ta daaaaa...

 Now they dont look fantastic as it was my first attempt, i have made them again since and the looked a lot more like a croissant that you see in the shops. They are quite small so this was enough for 2 people, they make a perfect breakfast for a Sunday.

I literally cant stop buying them now to have in the fridge ready for Sunday Breakfast!

Im easily pleased when it comes to food... nom nom nom.

 *I was provided with vouchers to purchase the item featured in this review. I wasn't paid to write the post, and all comments are honest and are my own.

Im back!!!

I know... who am i right?

I have had nothing but problems with my stupid laptop for months, so finally i have sorted it out. Its a bit temperamental but should work for long enough for me to not risk losing my patience and throwing it against the wall...

I literally had about a bazillion emails too as my yahoo app wasn't working on my phone either. Technical nightmare!

Im still trying to delete the 1000's of PPI and car crash claim emails... ugh!

I have had major writers block too, i always seem to think i have nothing interesting to write about, although when i look back i had done so much. Its so easy to get caught up with work and the boring things like cleaning and washing etc.

Let me give you an update on the past couple of months...

December -

We had a 'christmas' party with some friends and my dad and Chisato... Yup my dad came back for christmas! and he's still here now. So at the party i made waaaaay to much food, but we had a good time and you can never have to much party food!

Then we had christmas, we spent the day at my nans house, i had both parents together for what i think may have been the first christmas ever...

 Not alot happened that i can remember in January... ill have to come back to you on that one. Oh yes i remember... i read all 3 Fifty shades of Grey books whilst cooped up at him with a bad back. I had to have something to bide the time!

In February i saw Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema... meh.... books are better. I also went to a Museum with Mike, Dad and Chisato... its called Milestones and its basically the area i live in back in the Victorian times. Its pretty cool for a small Museum.

And then March...

So i had my hair cut.. short. Well short for me anyway.

I love having a 'Lob' its so much healthier, i love love love it!

It was my dads birthday last week so we all went out for a meal, i think its the first birthday i have ever spent with my dad.

So thats me so far...

Im trying to get back on track with the old blogging Malarky!

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...