What happened in Vegas... Shopaholic edition

How do you fit this in a case? ahh

I spent 1 whole YEAR saving to goto Vegas, i took a wad of dollars with me especially to go shopping, i think i mentally put $500 aside just for S-H-O-P-P-P-I-N-G!!

I planned to have $100 a day whilst in Vegas, but as its so cheap there i spent a lot less, seeing as some days we didnt go out until the afternoon, so i was saving lots of money to go shopping.
My main plan was to get the wedding out of the way, then i could make sure we had everything paid for that needed to be sorted on the day (literally like $250 for tips and my hair and make up, crazzzzzy!)

The day after the wedding i let my hair down, put my comfy shoes on and my purse had a beating!

Hooters Haul

First stop of the day - Hooters!! i spent about $50 in their merch shop, i had to get the orange vest top... its like the hooters law. So i thought i might as well get the yellow one too as i can wear it as a normal everyday tee shirt with jeans. The drawstring bag was a promo thing for $1.50 if you spent over $35. I also got the retro postcard, and the hooters magnet, which was $8 !! bloody expensive
i think the orange vest was $22, and the other tee was about the same-ish.

Hot Topic Haul
Hot topic was on my list of shops to visit, i had read so much about it online and on other peopls blogs that i had to give it a look. Im so glad i did as they had a sale on, and i found this amazing Elmo hoodie for $32.50 reduced from $50!! wooo I ♥ Elmo so much, this is so totally me! haha
Its also reversable too,  the inside is the print that you can see in the hood, its a bit to crazy for everyday though. I also bought some Pop Rocks, 3 packs for $2.. after my penfriend bought me some im kinda addicted to them. I got the traditional cherry flavour, fruit punch and bubble gum. Yummmy.

Tacky Vegas Haul
I bought this t-shirt from the i love las vegas Gift shop, it was in the sale reduced to $12. I only bought this one as i had been to a seriously tacky shop on the strip and bought a black one which just said 'i love las vegas' but i stupidly left it in the Bellagio after getting excited after a win and leaving my bloody shopping there, i could have cried as loads of hello kitty merchandise went with it. SUCKS to be me.

M&M World Haul
I love M&M's and the Store in Vegas is amazing, its 4 floors of chocolatey heaven! i wanted to buy something from here, but it was really pricey. So i hunted high and low in the shop and on the 4th floor just as i was about to exit i found this cup, its so old shool - you shake it and it has glitter and floaty m&ms in the layers. Love it and it was only about $9. I bought the actual m&m sweets from the 7-11 though as they were waaaaaay to expensive in m&m world.

Forever 21 = Heaven!
Well i had dreamed of this day for a whole year, when ever reading Vlogs, or other peoples blogs i was desperate to have a proper look in the store after all its not the same as looking at their website.
But seriously for anyone who has never been to forever 21, you HAVE to goto the one in Vegas.
Its huge, literally 2 floors and i think 126,000sqft. i went in for a 'quick' look after having to pay mike and steven to goto Starbucks (so that was $10 i spent before i walked in!)
They have clothes to suit literally every style in forever 21, they have preppy, girly, smart, mens clothes, kids clothes. I really wanted some new casual t-shirts, so i headed to the section with them, and there was so much choice, i kept picking things up, putting them back etc.

Forever 21 Haul
Here is what i got and the price-

1) Chiffon floaty top - $15.85
2) Sanrio Hello kitty cropped sweatshirt - £19.80
3) Stripe tight tee-shirt £12.80
4) Super Cat Hooded sweatshirt - £15.80
5) Stay Cool Casual t-shirt - £12.80
6) 2 racer back ribbed vests - $4.80 each

So for $96 i got quite a bit! Im definatly going to Forever 21 in London once i have saved up some shopping money, and lost a bit more weight... it'll be my treat to myself :)

Hello Kitty Haul
Cute ♥
 Opposite Hot topic was my over Heaven, Sanrio. I was a bit over whelmed with what to look at first in here to be honest, and its really quite expensive. I settled on a Hello kitty dressed as a Lion Keycap which was i think $3.90. Then i got the Kerropi bag for $14. On a second trip back i bought a 2012 diary which is cool as it has 2013 in there too, so i get 2 for the price of one! woo

ABC shop Haul
 This is a sad story for me... *sniff* on the same day i won the $50 in the Bellagio casino, i went into the ABC shop, as i had heard from a few friends that they sell amazing Vegas Hello kitty stuff like the keyring, and post it notes in the picture above. So i found 3 really cute keyrings, one the same as above, one which had HK and a cute teddy, and another vegas style one, then i found some really cute post it notes, and it was buy 4 get one free, so i picked out loads of them for myself and for my penfriends. Then i found cute nail files, so grabbed a pack of them as well. it came to about $20, and my dad kindly paid for me.

Then .... that same night i won the $50... (pretty cool huh..) when going to get my winnings, i must have picked up my shoping bags, but im guessing the bag that contained my 'i ♥ Las Vegas' tee shirt, and the $20 worth of Hello kitty stuff slipped through my fingers and i left it behind. *sniff* :( waaaaa
I literally wanted to cry my eyes our when i got back to the villa and realised. it ruined a really good day. Sounds so silly, but i was so happy with what i had bought, and it was just the thought of having to traipse back through the strip to get to the shops again... .ugh - So on the last night when we saw Peep show, mike and myself decided to go to the ABC shop which was in the miracle mile shops in Planet Hollywood hotel, and we bought loads of souvenirs for people, and i bought myself the keyring and post it notes above. I thought sod everyone else im buying it for ME! :)

Cute Converse!
I went into a Store called 'Ross Clothing for Less' its like TK maxx, and i was rummaging around the shoe section to help my mum find some Sketchers Ugg boots, as she wanted the tone up ones which she got for $29.99. total bargain. And when looking i found these Converse for $19.99!
They fit perfect and there so comfy, so i snapped them up!

Rockin Tunes
 Also whilst in there Mike treated me to a new pair of headphones as mine were rubbish and i wanted some DJ style ones, these were only $7.99. total bargain~!

Pressed Pennies
Another thing i did whilst out and about was collect pressed pennies, this comes under shopping as it cost me 50 cents a go. The one of the left was from my step mum when we were at the stratosphere. I also got one whilst there. The bottom one is from the Mirage hotel when we saw the Dolphins. The top one was from a machine outside a 7-11 on the strip. And in the middle its a $1 coin, apprently quite rare, you generally dont get them as change, but when you use the monorail they ONLY give you $1 coins as change... slightly odd.

So thats all i bought really. I went in SO many shops, but yet i just couldnt see anything i wanted. Although now i wish i had bought -

Loungefly purse
Loungefly Hello kitty Handbag
Hello kitty Vans
Jewellery from Forever 21.

But there is always next time :)

Baby Daisy Photoshoot

I regulary take photos of my friends baby Daisy this is the 3rd lot - cute

What happened in Vegas .... Day 7.

So sad... the Day before we left to go home... *sniffle*

We had a meeting at the chapel to go and get our wedding photos, the Pro ones, we were there for about an hour, we went through about a hundred or so photos, it was hard to pick them as to be honest i didnt like the photos that much... well i didnt like Me in the photos. I just dont like the way i look all dolled up in a wedding dress, with wedding hair etc... cringey.

Once my dad came back to pick us up the heavens opened and the weather was Craaazzy! - raining, lightning, thunder! I got my dad to drop us back at the Fashion show mall as we wanted to go choose our seats for the Holly Maddison Peep show that we were going to see.

Peep show tickets
 Soooo before we headed over to Planet Hollywood we went Via Forever 21 as i was desperate to get a Sanrio green Kerropi sweatshirt, but they didnt have my size... BIG FROWN :( waaaa
I suppose if i lose more weight it could fit me! aha!

Then i thought i'd have another sneaky look in the Sanrio store as the weather was tipping it down, so though what the heck ill stay in the dry and spend some money! The lady in there was so nice, we were chatting to her for a bit and she was saying she used to live in the UK when she was a teenager, and she didnt live that far from where we live now, crazy!

I bought myself a 2012 Hello kitty diary that mike pointed out, its cute and it does half of 2013 too which is a bonus! woop

We had to then hot foot it to the taxi rank and get a taxi back to the Villa to get our selfs some food and then get changed ready for our night out together to see Peep Show.
I put on a nice colourful summer dress from Next its the same dress i wore to a funeral a few months ago... it was a colourful dress code for a funeral.. and anyway, i wore some black gladiator sandals with a black over the body bag.

We had to waste some time in the Planet Hollywood casino as we got there too early (to be honest i cant actually remember why we got there early, or what we did... but i know we spent some $$$ in the casino before hand.. haha)

The show was good, the singers were really really good. But i just didnt think there was enough Boobs... i know this sounds silly for a girl to say, but if your gonna pay $60 to see a topless show you expect everyone to be topless for like most of the show.. lol
It was however a lovely evening to end our trip in Vegas, i felt so depressed leaving to go back to the Villa as i just knew that we had to get back and pack. IT SUCKED!!!!!!

The hardest thing was nothing would fit into my suitcase! hahah i had to stuff it all in.

Shopping Post to come tomorrow

What happened in Vegas .... Day 6

A little bit of shopping and the most amazing show ever!

Today we had a lazy-ish day, then we decided it would be a good idea to jump in the car and hunt out the Local Premium Outlets, we drove for about 15 mins and after getting lost once, and an arguement in the car.... sigh.

We made it!

rubbish photo, but i was excited... haha
 The South Premium outlet had tons of shops, but the main reason i wanted to go was to get some Timberlands for my Stepdad, and to have a look in Hot topic outlet.
I managed to get some Timberlands for $67 in the dark chesnut colour he wanted as well, BARGAIN! think it worked out to be about £45 ... which is about £100 less than you'd pay here, so i was well chuffed, and so was he!

I had a look in hot topic but to be honest it was more expensive than the main shop, Although i am still kicking myself at not buying the Loungefly purse i saw... Gah! damn you hindsight!

I ended up searching everywhere for some Hello kitty Vans, but there was ONE shop... yes just One that had them (not even the Vans outlet had them! Wtf?) and they had a size 3, and im a size 6. I could have cried.
So i consoled myself and went into the Puma shop and bought some trainers for $40, i saw them in the windo then walked in made a be line for them grabbed my size and off we went... no thinking, or umming and arrhhing i just grabbed and paid! haha - Now i have worn them for a bit i bloody love them, there so comfy!

There totally cute, and comfy and cheap! so win win all round. :)

That was the only thing i bought at the Outlet for myself, i just couldnt see anything i like... i guess outlet shopping isnt really for me, i prefer the normal shops like Forever 21, Hot topic etc

In the evening we went to see The Blue man group... One word - AMAZING.

Our tickets - present from my grandad Preston.

Yep thats me in the tv screen!

Words cant really describe how good this show was, they really make you all interact with the show and its such fun! check this video out i found on Youtube -

I hope they tour the UK again ill definatly go see them again, was such good fun, im so glad we used our wedding present from my grandad to buy the tickets, as we wouldnt have been able to afford it otherwise.

More Vegas adventures soon!

What happened in Vegas .... Day 5 cont

I nearly forgot to post about going to the Stratosphere tower!

We did so much in Vegas i keep forgetting what day we did certain things.. you really lost track of time, and says in Vegas its Craaazy!

It was a last minute decision to goto the Tower as we had such a long day seeing the dolphins and shopping, but i managed to persuade Mike, Steven and my stepmum. No one else wanted to come, so sucks to be them!
We got to the Stratospere at about 10pm, the last entry was at 11, so plenty of time we thought...
When you get there, you have to walk about 10 million miles through the hotel right to the back to the ticket desk, then you have to queue to go through security, then have a green screen photo taken which we passed on as we were not going to pay for another one!
The you have to queue some more to go in the Double Decker lift.
The crazy part is the tower is 109 storys high i think, and the lift goes 3 floors a second... ! Your ears POP when you go up like your in an aeroplane!! its so odd, but kinda gives you an adrenaline rush.
Indoor viewing floor.

So sweet ♥

View from downstairs

There are rides at the top which quite frankly you need balls of steel to ride, i was freaking out just going on the outdoor viewing floor, i couldnt go near the edge until my stepmum told me it was safe etc.
ughhhh sccccaaaaary! lol
I went back inside and left them all to look about, i was straight in the tacky gift shop :)
they all sell the same kind of stuff though which is a bit rubbish, although we did find this -

'Mikes Hard Lemonade' Yeah it was made for him! haha
Here is some photos of the incredible views

And this is just because i think its so retro! 
hard to believe this is Vegas in 2011...

Stay tuned for more Vegas adventures!

what happened in Vegas ... Day 5

Newly Wed's!
 We only had a few days of Honeymoon, so we woke up early and went out with mikes brother Steven for the day.
We set off with food in mind, so we went straight to the Fashion show malls food court, i went to somewhere called Jac & Ray. It did grilled sandwiches, salads etc and they were Yummy! i had a grilled veggie one, and they made them fresh from scratch which is rare for fast food! The boys both had KFC, so they were happy.

fashion show mall

my grilled veggie sandwich
 We then went ona sneaky trip to the shops in the Mall, but im saving all shopping related stuff for its own post! (so keep an eye out for that)
We then set on our travels down the Las vegas Boulevard to get to the first hotel, which was the Mirage.
 To get there we walked a bit, first we went through the Treasure Island hotel as i wanted to see the Pirate ship, annoyingly they only do the shows in the evening so we were not going to hang about for another 6 hrs!

T.I hotel
We carried on walking for what looked like a short walk... no walk is short in Vegas.. the buildings are SO large, they trick you! :)

The Mirage is such a nice looking hotel, there is big ponds outside the front with statue, and palm tree's a real paradise.

Once inside the hotel there was an amazing lobby, it had a waterfall and palm tree's more statues, it was hard to get a proper photo as it was just to big! They had done the place up for Autumn and there was pumpkins and mini ones everywhere, it looked lovely.
Autum Display

After a treck through the Hotels Casino floor we went outside to the Dolphin & White Lion Habitat.
I really wasnt expecting much, i even thought it would be free, like the MGM's lion habitat.
It was about $18 to get in, which at the time seemed alot... But once we got in there and it was like a mini seaworld, we couldnt believe it was in a hotels grounds!

The mummy Dolphins were so sweet, they were so protective of their babies, everytime the babies swam off the mums chased after them and brought them back to the edge where the trainers were.

Mummy and Baby

Laughing Dolphins

We had a wander around the Birthing tank, then moved onto the main tank where the trainers were swimming in with them, and they were feeding them some fishies. ♥

They also had an underwater viewing section, so we had a little look down there and it was sooooo amazing to see them swimming around.

In the dolphin Habitat they also had a lion sanctuary called 'The secret garden' this was all secluded and shady, it had Leopards, & White lions, tigers. Like most tourist places they took photos of you as a souvenier, they did them against a green screen so they super impose you onto a background of your choice.
Quite funny some of the photos, we chose the ones which were less cheesy.. well we tried lol.
The photo's we bought were $22 for 2 so we got a nice one with us and some Lions, and one where we were stood in front of the Las vegas sign.

Not much different from humans.. :)

The lions and tigers were all asleep as it was about 40c. Hot hot hot!
 Lovely couple of hours there so glad we went.
Then we went on a treck to the Mandalay Bay hotel which was on the opposite end of the strip... seriously mileage for the feet. So we walked to the nearest mono rail station which took about 30mins.. ughhh, i think it was in the Imperial palace hotel in the end. It cost us $5 each to get all the way down to the MGM grand  hotel monorail stop. We then got off and walked over the intersection to the Excaliber hotel's monorail which then took us to the Mandalay Bay... told you nothings close by!

We came to Mandalay bay specially to goto the Shark reef aquariam, it cost $18 each to get in, but if you pay $30 you get a free gift, entry and a souvenier photo! so we paid $48 to get in and i got a shark teddy, we chose a photo of us where were standing in front of the walk through tunnel. its cute ♥

The aquarium had a komodo dragon, some other lizards, and snakes too, which was cool.

In the actual shark reef part they had so many different types of shark species, alot i had never even seen before, one looked like a hedge cutter! haha

I love gift shops - FACT! although as i got the shark teddy and photo with my entry ticket i didnt buy anything. Another good couple of hours out, but it couldnt beat the dolphin habitat. ♥

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