Putting pen to paper

I love writing by hand, its so much more special to receive actual letters in the mail. A while ago i found a website dedicated to Hello Kitty, and the people on there are awesome! check it out here - Hello Kitty Junkies

I found a section about penpals, and people who wanted do swaps of hello kitty stuff. I was like 'hell yeah!!'
There is alot better HK stuff in Asia and the USA than there is here, so i wrote a post on the forum to say i was looking for a pen pal, and i had 3 people contact me straight away. I write to a lady in California, Singapore and Bristol in the UK.

We basically send letters back and forth and add Hello kitty stuff in the letters, i have received some amazing stuff from them, like Hello kitty note pads + pens, sweets, hello kitty teddy's, stickers, stationary, key rings, toys etc. Too much to even remember! its so awesome!

Here is my most recent parcel -

I love the paper, so cute! and the key ring plush! soooo cute too, the Hello kitty box has a key ring re:remt toy in it.

I miss the days where i used to write an actual letter to my dad, but emails quicker to speak to him, so its all ok. But getting these mails from friends are so fun as you never know what your going to receive!

Here is a photo of a few of the letters i could grab ♥

It definitely brightens up my day to receive these letters, its so fun writing them and finding cool Hello kitty or other nice stuff to send my friends.

The Best thing since Sliced bread

Really sliced bread isn't that amazing....not when you consider things like flying to the moon and stuff!

For the first time in months we went to mums for a Roast Dinner. YUM

The Line up
yum yum yumm
Cuddles from Billy ♥

I love family roast dinners at mums they are cozy. There is nothing like family time, as only you understand you families stupid jokes! :)

My sister ... enough said! haha

This week ...

My week so far ..

Bloggin, Texting, & note writing.. Im a busy girl!

watching 500 Days of Summer.... love this film.

Head massager - ohhhh my goddd! i love these!
only 97 cal for a a huge hangful! yes please!
sleepy diesel in the bed with me
Sleepy vinny in the bed

View from my kitchen... rain rain go away!
Some art work for the hallway... more on that another time.
Cooking some lunch. and  i do hang sunglasses in the kitchen... Just because..

What's in my Bag ?

Im starting my own Tag post, i love seeing what people have in their bags, because im nosey like that!

Here you go...

The bag was in a sale at Primark for £3 ! total bargain.
Inside Prints of the bags amazing!

Now the fun part... INSIDE the bag!
Im pretty shocked at how much i can fit in this bag, its a small over the body satchel, i have it quite well organised too. :)

  • Hello Kitty Monster purse from Loungefly.
  • Diary & 2 pens (Hello kitty /Elmo is my fav)
  • Blackberry Torch Smart Phone
  • Japanese sweet mints called Pinkes & chewing gum + old train tickets.. 
  • Hair band and some buttons which fell off so i kept them safe in my bag.
  • Work ID pass
  • Hello kitty note book & another pen. (a gift from a pen friend in the USA)
  • Hand sanitiser from Next, smells of orange blossom.  ♥
  • Hello kitty compact mirror
  • Nail buffer
  • My keys.
  • The essentials - 2x lipsticks (one No.17 Boots & one Estee Lauder) 2 x lips balms, Vaseline + Tampon + tissues (hello kitty of course!)
  • Umbrella.
You may notice a trend... i have a lot of hello kitty stuff on me at all times! hehe
I told you it was well organised though so here is the proof

The umbrella just sits on top of my phone only when its rubbish weather though.

Product review: Soap & Glory Make up *Part 2*

Part 2

These 3 items were ones i bought with some Christmas Money i received from my lovely grandparents. Luckily for me also there was a 3 for 2 on all Soap & Glory make up in Boots! \(^_^)/

My first item i practically ran to get was the Kohl eye liner, i had seen it a few times and it was only £5... yes £5!!! total bargain as it has a built in sharpener in the lid. Which lets face it you dont get that with Rimmel... ;)

Smoulder Kohl - Waterproof eye liner with built in sharpener.

I use this for my waterline and it doesn't smudge and it doesn't affect my eyes, they can get quite sensitive with eye liners, i usually use Nivia Kohl eye liner which so far i have only been able to find in France. So as you can imagine im so happy i can get a decent eye liner for such a cheap price in the UK!

Its really smooth on application and its really easy to apply to upper lash line as well, i dont wear eye liner like this much though, but would be awesome for someone who does.

I can honestly say i'll 100,000% be buying this when i run low.. heck i may even buy another one on pay day as back up. Love it!


Another product i decided to try as from using the tester in boots it seemed pretty good was the Concealer.
I have such bad dark circles all the time 24/7 rain or shine... i hate them. So ill give anything a go that says it will camouflage my dark circles.

Kick Ass Concealer - Three piece flaw camouflage kit.

Love the packaging ♥
 I bought it in Medium as it was the closest to the back of my hand colour... im not dark skinned but im not pale either, i have olive skin so this suited me best. What i wasn't expecting was the texture of the under eye concealer, its so mousse like. i was expecting it to be creamy like the concealer. When i first opened the pot i felt a bit cheated as it doesn't seem like you get alot, but it definitely goes a long way. I think that The most impressing bit is that a little goes a very long way with it.

Left: under eye - Right: general concealer.
 You get a handy mirror inside the compact, then if you flip the mirror part down you get the setting powder -

Setting Powder & little puff.
Here is Step 2, which is clearly labelled on the side which is pretty helpful to be honest. Its the Setting powder which comes with a little powder puff. This powder is seriously amazing and literally sets the under eye concealer all day. I've even worn this when i had to attend a funeral and the concealer didn't budge after i had a cry. So its tear proof! amazing.

swatch of under eye concealer with setting powder

This is the only product which has ever dramatically reduced the look of my dark circles, so much that i even look at myself in the mirror and think 'ooh whose that fresh faced person!'

I will definitely  1,000,000 % be buying this again, its the best £10 I've ever spent!!!
Thank you so much Soap & Glory for making me one happy girly!!


 The Next item i got was eye shadows, i bought these because i feel i need some more staple colours and im getting bored of wearing greys all the time. I was originally going to buy the Smokey Dokey palette, but i decided to get the 'Whats Nude' Palette instead.

 You dont get a brush with this palette, which im cool with i would prefer to use my own brush anyway as you get better coverage than with one of the cheap sponge applicators. 

My favourite colour to use everyday is the top right, its called Pink T. Its got a lovely texture and i use it as a base coat or just on its own. its perfect for work as i dont like to look too made up,  i like to just have a little hint of make up. I use the Top Left called Vanilla as a highlighter for my eyebrow area. I haven't used the bottom left yet which is called Mud honey, but im sure i will at some point. I have used the bottom right called Aubersheen in the outer edge & crease in my eyelid. Its really nice and gives a very light sparkle.

Here are the colour swatches -

 They have a very creamy texture and they feel really nice on your skin, They have that smell that reminds me of good quality make up, it reminds me of my mum when i was a little kid and i used to steal her make up... hehe :)

I'm so glad i bought this as i have used it nearly every day, and its always the eye shadows i reach for when i stick my make up on.

I had a quick look in boots earlier and they have FINALLY re-stocked the Soap & Glory section, they have the coloured lip balms, so ill be trying some of them out on pay day!! wooooo 

Go to www.soapandglory.com to check out the lip balms. I'm thinking of getting Chocolate Cherry.. and maybe Juicy Peach.. ;)

Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, and i wasnt paid or perked for writing this post, i did it because i simply love the products.

Product review: Soap & Glory Make up *Part 1*

Here is the second post about the Soap & Glory Make up, the BEST bit !!!

Again these were Christmas presents, which im so glad i received!

Love at First Blush - Multi shade blushing powder.

My mum bought me the Blusher which is something i never wear, im not sure why i never wore it before, but i wear it everyday now!!! I love this blusher, its called 'Love at first Blush' in Pink Pop Pearl colour.

Its so pretty! i love swirling my brush around the colours, it has such nice coverage and feels light on your skin. After I've applied i then use my finger to highlight my cheek bones with the white colour, goes on well and looks really good.

All the colours in one swirl of the brush look like this -

The whole blusher palette on one swipe of the brush.
But i suppose you could use them all seperatly if you wanted too, and if you had a small enough brush. These are the colours individually.

You can see that the white is quite bright so its a good highlighter! The blusher comes with a mirror as well, and it has cute vintage style packaging.

  I'm so happy with this, and even though i was a bit apprehensive when i received it from my mum, im hooked, i will definitely replace it when it runs out as its only about £11 which is cheap for something of such good quality!


My next item that mummy Santa bought for me was the Mascara, it came in a nice pink box, and i couldnt believe how thick the tube was!

Thick & Fast Mascara - Super Volume False Lash effect mascara.

I immediately tried this mascara out  as soon as i opened the box i was like 'Whoa' the brush is huge.The mascara tube itself has a nice feel about it, it feels good quality not plasticy like most cheap brands.

Now i have quite large hands... so this brush really is huge! ;)
My only negative comment is that i think the brush it a bit too big. It does that annoying thing where the mascara goes onto your upper eyelid right above your lashes. Now i try and apply the mascara so carefully to prevent thing, but i still end up with a little smudge of black right top and centre on my eye lid... >.< gah!

The mascara is quite thick, as you can see it gets a bit gloopy on the brush, but it doesnt bother me too much as it does the job!

Eye eye captain!
This is with one coat of the thick & fast mascara, i love it! really defines my lashes nicely and doesnt leave any annoying gaps like some of my cheap mascara's. Although i do like this Mascara a lot, im not 100% sure i would buy it for myself when it runs out.. maybe if the brush was slightly smaller i would just to prevent the upper eyelid smudginess. I do think that with it being £10 its about average price for a decent mascara though so thats not bad at all.


Keep an eye out for Part two!

remember go to www.soapandglory.com to check out prices and the other products they offer.
Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, and i wasnt paid or perked for writing this post, i did it because i simply love the products.

Donuts & Weekend Lush stuff

I had Friday night off work, so i put it to good use and dyed my hair, i used the Schwartzkopf Live foam in Red berry, i have used it before with assistance from the husband, and i braved it and thought I'd go it alone.

 I dont think i did a bad job on coverage, i did wipe most of it off my skin with a baby wipe, but you can see there is still some on my neck in the picture.. oops!

Im happy to say once it had been washed out, i dried it with my *NEW* hair dryer (^_^) babyliss salon pro, in a shiny metallic purple, its so good! my hair was dry super quick, it did scare the dogs though and they wouldnt stop barking at it which was kinda annoying.. Any way back to the hair, its a lovely glossy shiny deep red colour and i have no greys! wooo

I got to show my newly coloured hair off when Me & my friend Amy popped into Guildford on Saturday morning, we got there at 9am so we could head to Krispy Kreme for a donut and a cup of tea...

My favourite is the Cookies & Kreme one... they remind me of oreo's. Yum!!! I have a feeling this will be our shopping ritual from now on... Donuts are the best fuel for shopping! :)

Seriously yummmmmmmmmmm donuts., they taste more like cake than donut, i think thats why i like them so much. Although i dont like how much they cost...

We had a wonder around, i wasn't aiming to spend any money as i only need to exchange something at Primark, so being good i only took £10 out of the cash point (i had paid for train but that was separate to shopping money) I went into Paper-chase as i love love love it in there, the stuff is so cute! i didn't buy anything though regretfully.. :(

The next stop was Lush, it was so quiet in there we ended up spending over 30 mins in there talking to staff and getting to know and understand more products.Its the first time that i've had the chance to do this, but im glad i spent time talking to the staff as i now know so much about the products... NOT good for the bank account, even Amy has said shes slightly addicted now.. haha! oopsie!

My Kind of newspaper... smells gorgeous
 I recommend if you go to lush you pick up their 'Lush Times' Newspaper its really interesting, it tells you about the monthly products and guides you on how to use them and the different varieties. I know have a little list written of a few things to pick up next time i go to lush.

Definatly trying one of these out next time

Tried this in store, its awesome & edible!

I bought a nice Bubble Bar called 'Magic Mushroom' its one of their Valentines Day items. Having new used one of their bubble bars its a good job they gave me a demo, the lady just used the stalk part of the mushroom and crumbled it into a jug of water. she then poured the water in and out of two different jugs to mix it, and i couldnt believe just how much it bubbles up! i also didnt realised you could just break off a chunk and use how much you wanted, i thought they were one hit wonders! so really £2.45 isnt bad for the bubble bar.

Here it is after i broke a bit off
There is still plenty of use left in it after i used some, and it made my bath SO bubbly. well impressed!

I had a little look at the Fresh Face masks too whilst i was in Lush, they always catch my eye in there shiny silver bowls sitting in a huge ice tray. So i asked about them and we were told what would suit our skin type and they offered us samples, so i had two of them - BB Seaweed & Oatifix.

They are only small sample tubs about 3/4 inch deep and about the size of 10p, but i got one face mask out of half a tub. So either i didn't put enough on or they are really generous with there samples.

BB Seaweed
Half a pot used, still loads left.
I'm glad i didn't use the whole pot of this one on my face as it was quite tough to get it off, i used warm water and a flannel and yet i had to go over it a few times to scrub it off. My skin felt so amazing after i had moisterised it though, so i cant wait to use the Oatifix one as it smells of banana's! yummy. (click here for Lush's website)

I nearly forgot to mention a cute gift i got my sister from the Discovery store, its closing down so everything is 50% off, this was only 50p -

Its a re-useable shopping bag in a monkey pouch! so cute ♥

Random stupidity of my weekend - pointing out a bag in primark and saying 'Ohhhh i love that bag!' - then realising that i own that bag and im currently wearing it over my body... Amy just rolled her eyes and laughed.... yeah im stupid! haha.

Christening day!

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