Fish Tank update!

I haven't posted an update in a while, but my tank is looking a bit different. (and even more different today since my golden nugget plec has ripped up yet another plant!!)

The Tank is a Juwel 125, the plants have mainly been ripped up by the plec (i need to find him a new home as our tank isnt suitable... but the husband says no) 

Im loving how much the Anubias has grown (plant on the left) its even got buds like its going to flower now!

Here is some photos of my fish!

Shadow - blue spot Gourami

Ickis - Corydora catfish

Sunshine - The yellow Gourami.
Black Widow Tetra - I have 10 of these in a group in my tank, and there so cute!
Hope you enjoyed a little fishie update!

Giveaway: Mia Tui Lottie Bag

I have a lovely competition for you today to win a Mia Tui Lottie bag!

Mia Tui makes bags for all sorts of uses, Gym bags, Changing bags,  Travel, or just for a busy woman who needs a bag with lots of organisation. If thats you then you need a Mia Tui bag in your collection. 

I have posted before about my other Mia Tui Grace bag and i love it. Its still going strong and i use it as a camera bag mainly for when i have photo shoots as its waterproof. Enough about that, you can read about my last post here - Mia Tui Grace 

So here is the small, but perfectly formed Lottie Bag in Steel blue. Its an over the bodybag with a front zippered compartment, and the main body of the bag has a phone pocket, Pen section and a elastic strap to attach your keys! (No rummaging for your keys with this bag!)


I love the star shaped zips!

On an outing ♥
I gave this bag a test run at Lego land recently, and it fit loads in it!

My camera, my phone, purse, some make up bits, snacks for my nephew. I found it was a decent size to wear over my body and not get that horrible aching shoulder from a heavy bag. Its nice to have a thick strap thats sturdy! 

The are £18 from Mia Tui and you have to go check out the lovely bags and different colours they have! Soooo lovely!

You have the opportunity to win a Lottie bag in the colour of your choice. All you need to do ito enter is fill in the rafflecopter info below! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

You Beauty Discovery Box - April 2014 Edition

I carried on with the Discovery box as its really good value at £6.95 a box, and i love the fact you can choose a product!

I recieved my email on the 1st of April showing me what was on offer to choose from for the month, i decided to go with two skincare products.

The Magazine that tells you about the products, and gives you discount!

This is my discovery box upon opening it, EXCITING!

The products i picked were the Melvita moisture replenishing Night nectar, im in the market for a new night cream, so thought i could give it a go. I was sent a 15ml sample which should last a few nights, so ill report back if its any good.

Next i chose the Steam cream, i have heard about this before but never tried it myself. Its basically a natural cream thats for hands, face and body. Its made in the UK and Japan, so no wonder why i like it! :) 

I also LOVE the tin it came in, its so cute! (Their website has TONs of tin designs too)

Its a full size too, which sells for about £10 a pot, so considering i spent £6.95 on the whole box, its an absolute BARGAIN!

I also recieved two more products that we're ones which they pick out, i had a sachet of Organic pharmacy Antioxident face cream, which im yet to try. And there was also this..

9 Bar Fruity... I was quite happy to be sent food. I mean who wouldnt be?

Its a gluten freem wheat free snack bar. It had a chocolate coating on the top, and the bar itself is made up of lots of different seeds, and nuts, and fruits. It was different to what im used to eating. I have to admit i ate half and then got bored of the seeds, but if your into this then i recommend trying it. I just think that if im going to have chocolate, i want CHOCOLATE, not seeds with it!

I have yet again really enjoyed the discovery box, and i cant wait to see what next month has to offer.

Let's Grow Wild!

I love the spring and summer time, walking through fields with wild flowers, butterflies gracefully floating around, landing on flowers, and looking beautiful. The smell of the flowers in the summer, little bumble bee's collecting pollen...

Its a beautiful sight.

If you are like me and you love the summer and all things nature then why dont you watch the video below and see how you can help grow some wild flowers, it might help you see some more butterflies and cute little buzzy bumble bees in the garden, local park or a little window box in your flat!

*Sponsored post

Art on a Budget!

I decided that i needed some more Art work to brighten up my Sofa wall in the lounge. I had an empty Ribba frame from IKEA that was crying out for some artwork. Not to mention i was getting sick of seeing this..

I was shopping about a year ago in Clinton Cards and saw some really high quality gift wrap that had a really cool vintage print of dogs, most i think are some type of old advertising.

The gift wrap was really thick paper and it cost £2.99 per sheet, as wrapping paper this is EXPENSIVE, but to use it as art its super cheap!

All i did take everything out of thee Ribba frame and see what placement i wanted the paper to be in the frame, then i used the mount to work out the correct size as this needed quite a bit cut off to fit.

Simple enough for anyone to do!

Here is the finished product, as you can see i didnt use the mount as i wanted to see more of the paper.

Not bad for £2.99 (considering i already had the frame, if not then it would still be under £10)

Please let me know if you have done any DIY art or things in your home, i love homely things!

Beauty Blog Sale - Nails inc, Mac, Rimmel, and lots more!

I have had a clear out of some beauty products i no longer need, or bought in error. So i thought it was about time i posted my first blog sale!

If you are interested in any items then please give me an offer, whats the worst that can happen! :)


Postage to the UK is £2.90 per order no matter what you buy. I will obtain proof of postage, however i will not accept refunds or be responsible for damage caused in transit.

 I will post overseas just ask and ill find out the postage costs for you prior to purchase (Leave a comment with your overseas location and your email address)

I am NOT able to post Nail Polish overseas due to postage restrictions. (I can post them within the mainland UK only)

Payment to be made by PayPal. I will email you an invoice.

All you need to do is Comment below with the item/s you want and leave your email address!

For sale:

 Stila Positively cheek palette - Brand new unused - £6
Rimmel Shimmering Maxi Bronzer - Brand new unused - £3

Stila Skincare Light source spot correcting & brightening serum RRP £32 (50ml full size) - Used once - £10

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous cleansing butter with muslin cloth 90ml (Full size)- Brand new Unused - £6

Simple Radiance Brightening moisturizer SPF10 50ml- Used a few times 75% left - £3
Korres Citrus little body milk 50ml - Brand new unused - £2
Purity conditioning cleansing lotion make up remover 150ml - Used a few times 90% left - £2
Benefit triple performing facial emulsion 8.9ml (Mini glass bottle) - £2

1. 17 single eyeshadow in Statuesque - used once - £1.50
2. Maxfactor single eyeshadow in Ombretto - Brand new Unused - £2
3. Vie ready to wear eyeshadow Collection Quad -Used a few times,Mirror inside is cracked- £3
4. 17 Smokey Eyes palette - used a few times - £2
5 - Revlon CustomEyes palette - bought from a previous blog sale - Used but LOADS left - £2

1 . Soap and Glory 'The Daily Double' All day colour lidshadow & Linerstick pencil - Used a few times - £4
2.Sephora Outrageous volume dramatic volume mascara - Used once - £6
3. Miss sporty pump up booster mascara - Used once - £2
4. Loreal Glitter top coat mascara - Used once - £3
 5. MaxFactor Max effect dip in eyeshadow - Brand new unused (Sticky residue on the lid from the security sticker) - £3 

(From left to right) No. 7 Beanie, Vivid Violet both 10ml used a couple of times - £2 each No.7 rose truffle 4ml 50p
NYC water street blue Quick dry 9.7ml - unused - £1
NYC Raindrop 9.7 ml Quick dry - Unused - £1
Miss Sporty metal flip 7ml - £1 
Collection Hot looks quick dry Desert Rose - 8 ml - £1

(From Left to Right)

Ciate Full size 13.5ml - Kiss chase - £7
Nails inc 10ml Bruton Mews - Brand new Unused -  £5
Nails inc 10ml Concrete effect Marble Arch - Used once - £5
Nails inc 10ml Special Effects Sprinkles Sweets way - Used once - £5
Bourjois Ultra Shine - 10ml - Brand new unused Bleu Asphalt - £3
MUA Nail constellation in Libra - Used on one nail -  £1 

MAC Liquid eyeliner - 2.5ml in Boot Black - Used a couple of times - £7
MAC Pro longwear paint pot in Vintage Selection- Used twice- £9

Close up of the paint pot

Last but not least a Paul's Boutique Bag charm (Came with a satchel but i took the charm off and never wore it) - £5

If you have any questions please leave them below, or tweet me @georowe


LegoLand Windsor day out!

On Saturday we took our nephew to Lego-land, i haven't been there since it opened in 1996 and it hasn't changed that much. There is a few more rides, but its basically the same.

We got there at about 11am, and it was already pretty packed, we made our way straight to Atlantis which is what the little guy wanted to go on first!

Its basically a submarine thats half submerged, you  just walk in through the top door, they shut it after you (about 8 of you in one sub) then it goes through an aquarium through 'Atlantis' it was a pretty cool ride, and our nephew said it was 'Awesome' !

Through the porthole
 After the ride ended it opened up into a 'Sealife' centre with some aquariums, and little tunnels for kids to go under, it even had a bit where you can hold sea urchins!

Next we had a wander around the rest of the park, and came across the Pirates of Skeleton bay show, this was a good show full of action and had our nephew clapping along and getting all excited!

Pirates jumping from the light house into the water below!
We then made our way to the Lazer raider ride, we queued for what felt like forever. (believe me if we didnt have a 5 year old in tow we would not have queued for the ride)

I was more impressed by this than the real ones in Egypt! :)

What i love the most is the photos i took of Lego land through the eyes of a 5 year old...

We went on a few more rides, but it was getting cold and we couldn't resist having lunch and a sit down for a bit, we admired the views of London whilst we were resting our feet.

You can see Windsor castle to the left, and in the far distance Olympic park

Christening day!

Last Sunday we were invited to a christening for our friends Daughters, it was a lovely day and really nice to catch up with friends and fa...