London Day out! Part 2

So as promised here is the second part of our day out to London....

After Art box we ventured over to the Stila Festical of colour event which was in the very funky ice tank venue.

It was like walking into a festival, we sat on camp chairs, there was a teepee, Cans of drink in every chair. One thing i have noticed with events and promotional days they always hand out free drinks! i had a bag full by the time i got home. Free coconut water from H&M, cans from this event, and beauty water bottles.

When we got to the event they drew a love heart on our hands, and said all would be revealed later on.

We were shown a presentation of this the summer collection by their creative director, who was wearing a lovely green dress, she looked so fabulous.

Throughout the presentation the model had a make over to show the different products for the summer collection.

Range of the Baked eyeshadows

Models make up after the presentation

Groupoe, Light show, and Lyric Countless colour pigments
Becky being a dork! :)

Stila Lipglosses, BB blush and Bronzer.
Half way through the evening when they got to the Stila after glow lip colours, they showed us why we had the hearts on our hands... The lights went off, and the black lights came on!

The lip colours freaking glow in UV light!!! and i dont mean they glow... i mean they GLOW they would be awazing for raving, or festivals.

When the even finished we were given a goodie bag of things to try, so i will write about them soon after i have used them for a while.

Stila light source serum, Encoure eyeshadow, oreo's and beauty water.
After the event we went to Pizza express for dinner...

 Becky persuaded me to try Olives, and i have decided i neither like, nor dislike them. But i'd happily give them a miss in the future haha

Dinner time!
We both had a good day, lots of laughing, shopping and eating. We actually went to forever 21 after dinner, as its the best time. it doesnt close until 10pm so you have no people to get in your way whilst you shop. We then hopped back on the tube to waterloo, and literally had 2 mins to spare and had to RUN to the train home... im suprised we even made it!

Flustered Feathers...

A while back i went to the Nails inc Spring summer collection event, and i was shown some amazing nail polishes which were textured!

Now your probably seeing them every where, barry m does them, MUA has pots of texture to dab your nails in, BUT i havent seen anyone do the feather effect like nails inc has.

These pictures were taken at the event..

Funky lid design with feathers etched on

Feather effect on one of the Dowel walker girls

Colour range of the Feather effect... the orange is really nice!
The problem with going to these events so far in advance is that you forget when the products are being released, so i wanted to let you know there out now!

Nails inc Feather effect - click here to check them out!

London day out! - Part one!

I was invited to the Stila summer festival event, so i popped along with my friend Becky on thursday last week. We decided to make a day of it and got to london at about 2pm, we headed straight to Camden..

We had a look around the shops, american apparel and Irregular choice... Love!

 We walked around the Stables market which is awesome, and has a huge variety of shops, so i recommend anyone to check it out. 

We then went over to H&M on oxford circus as it was its open day, they had a cool photo booth which we jumped in and had our pictures taken (with the props they provided)

Top left is the funniest picture, we didnt realise it was taking the second picture already! haha
H&M is pretty cool, had 4 floors and loads of clothes to look at, its worth a visit. :)

Next we went to the Salvage Army charity shop which is just off Regent street, this place looks shabby and unorganised, but it has lots of hidden gems. Mens designer shirts were £15 each!!! All saints, Hugo Boss, christian Dior, Armani etc.. i picked up a Jessica Simpson bag for £3.75.

Cute isnt it, plus you cant beat the fact it cost £3.75 and the money goes to a good cause. i'll be sure to check out more charity shops when im in London, just to see what other bargains i can get my hands on.

Next stop was Covent Garden, and i took Becky to Artbox... we both came out with this postcard haha

I bought a planner for £1.40!!! I love Asian style stationary, and i know ill be going back to get some more writing paper and a notepad :)

Its a year planner which is all blank so you can start at what ever month of the year you want, and it has check lists, things to do and notes on every page. Well worth the price.

Come back for part two Next week with more info on the Stila event i went to.

Miss Sporty Nail polish

I had a sneaky little boots shop the other day on my lunch break and had enough points to buy some stuff, one of the things i bought was the Miss sporty nail polish in a really nice bright shiny red.

Oooh so pretty......

I have always assumed Miss sporty was a teenager brand and its cheap, therefore its crap. However this isnt the case, this nail polish says it lasts up to 10 days. I have been wearing it for 7 days and itd got minor chipping. (Considering i type all day, and walk the dogs alot this is impressive!)

I did use my nails inc topcoat, but usually my polish still chips after a few days, so im really impressed with this. The brush is a good shape as well one swipe on my little finger and it was painted. I also did just the one coat and it turned out well..

Here it is 7 days later...

7 days later, still looking good!

7 days later..
  I'm really impressed with this and i'll be looking out for more, specially as there only £1.99!!

London Oxford street: Forever 21 March 2013

I went to london this week for an event, and afterwards i just had to pop into Forever 21 to see what they had to offer this season. 

They had some lovely clothes, but me being all de-motivated to lose weight i was all 'nah that wouldnt suit me' i did however pick up 2 items...

Yes a whole 2 items, and £15 spent.

First was this Elmo racer back vest for £12, how could i pass that up. I love Elmo so i grabbed him and plonked him in my basket. It came in handy for 'Wear Red' dress down day at work. 

The second item i got was from the 'Heaven floor' thats my nickname for the jewellery floor. As the lift door opens, its bright white and you can see shoes, bags and jewellery. Thats heaven to me ;)

Rose gold style hammered heart

Its much more obvious in person...

I heart it

Sunday ramble: Tropical Fish

Sundays are the best days...

They are the days where i know i have work the next day and i need to cram as much in as possible thats just me and mike time... its nice to just be together and have a random day out.

Like today, we got up early, walked the dogs and then we hurried out the door to go and look at fish tanks.

I know i need to get a new stand for my tank as the Ikea lack table has done well holding for 3 years but its starting to sink in the middle from the weight of the tank. sigh.

We saw a few Tanks which we liked, but we did the typical... Hmm well this tanks nice, maybe we should get a new one, a bigger one... then we saw an even bigger one. Now im undecided. 

I have had my tank for a few years and for the past year i've had 4 fish, 4 that you cant really notice; Snoop is my Pleco which is a rare occasion to see him as he hides all the times, 1 mountain minnow which doesnt have a name, 2 catfish (Corys) called Pepper and Steak.

I was previously put off by other fish as i stocked my tank with Live bearing fish, thinking it would be cool if they had babies.... oh was i so wrong!

Guppies, platys and Mollies are lovely looking fish, however they reproduce like rabbits and i was consistantly giving fish away to people, and had to have a breeding net to put the babies in, in the end i gave up with the breeding net, let them swim in the main tank. They all survived, but then i was over run and gave all the fish away and left myself with one which then died. Probably because it missed its mates.. ah well.

So now i have recently re-stocked the tank, i have some Mountain minnows, Zebra Danios (Marty and Stripes) I got 2 cherry barbs (Cherry and Barbara) 1 butterfly plec (Bruce) and a Honey red dwarf Gourami (name TBC) and a tiny Panda Cory catfish called Rupert.


Our plan would be to get a bigger tank, as in 125 litre, stock with bigger fish like the Gourami's and add more schooling fish like the Minnows, danios's and Barbs. Just to add some colour and make it visually appaealing. The plus side to getting a better tank would be they come with really good stands to support them, and we wouldnt risk coming home to a lounge full of water.

These are the options... the top ones is the Juwel Rio 125 and comes in White, black or Dark wood. Preferably i'd want dark wood, although i like the white... £269 with the stand.

This one is the Juwel Rekord 70 which i believe only comes in white or black... i really like the white, the black one looks really cheap. Ohhhh decisions, decisions.

Do any of you have Fish? i'd love to know and chat about it :)

Geek chat over. ;)

Bassbuds Bonanza!

Now i love music, and good head phones are key to good quality. I have seen these before and they caught my eye due to the funky colours they come in... 

Cool arent they, now they dont just look cool, they also promise to isolate noise, have advanced crystaltronics sound quality, they also have call and MP3 controller, and a handsfree mic. Not just a pretty face are they!

You can buy them from here - Bass Buds website  for £49.95.

Bass Buds are having an official Launch party next saturday the 23rd March at Wemberley Arena, it looks like an awesome event. Its called 'The 90's R&B groups edition'

Artists include:

Dru Hill
SWV and Changing faces

Its starts at 6pm... Are you available then???

Well to WIN tickets go on Bass buds website - Click here to enter the Bass Buds competition

The Grand prize!

 Looks good doesnt it... there is also 2 other huge prizes, plus hundreds of Bass buds ear phones to be won.


Even if you arent lucky enough to win the tickets, you can buy them for £35 each, im kinda gutted i cant get tickets... im actually going to london Sunday! typical :(


Safe Haven + dinner

I decided to write a little bit of a movie review, and just a recap of my night out...

Myself and Katy went to watch Safe Haven, i saw it advertised when i went to see Warm Bodies (which was also really good) the film is very similar to sleeping with the enemy.

 Its starts with Katie running out of her house to a neighbours and asking for help, then it skips to a bus station and shes trying to get away with the FBI following her...
She eventually gets off the bus in a quiant little town. She was only meant to be there for a stop over but decided to stay. She meets the owner of the shop, he has 2 children. its basically a struggle for her to find love again, she is reluctant to be friends with people as shes scared due to the way shes been treated before by her husband. 

She meets a neighbour and makes friends, she eventually lets Alex into her life and they become friends, which then goes onto them dating and falling in love. Her husband is hot on her persuit and will do anything to find her... Alex finds a wanted poster saying Katie is wanted for 1st degree murder, only this isnt true. Her husband is actually in the FBI and will do anything in his power to find her. 

Me and Katy found this film really good, its suspense thriller in parts where your like... ahhhhh *covers eyes* some ones going to jump out...' :)

I wont eleborate any more on the file, because i dont want to ruin it, but basically its a good film, gripping and has a really nice ending.

After the film we went onto Pizza express and had a bite to eat..

Originale Bruschetta .. YUM

Naughty Banoffee Pie

Katy & Me.
Im going to try and goto the cinema more often now i have one on my doorstep.... literally not even kidding, its 1 min walk from my front door!


Instagram Monday!

I just felt like posting some recent pictures from my beloved instagram !

From the top left all the way though in order - 

Cold early morning ready for a 4hr journey to the zoo, Weight watchers magazine and new Journal, My clean fish tank, New fishes: cherry barbs, New Bearded dragon set up, Katy & me, My fav magazine, finally fit into my maroon skinny trousers, New fishes: Zebra Danio's.

Girls night Feb 2013

I forgot to post about my girls night from the beginning of Feb!

We all goto the same Weight watchers together, so we all have something in common... we like to eat! nom.

I know Jen though work, and because of the photo's i have done of Daisy, and Katy is my BFF From school and i met Lindsey through Jen :)

L:Lindsey - R: Jen

L: Meeee - R: Katy

We went to Mimosa, which is an all y9ou can eat chinese + indian buffet, we did this on a tuesday, after our weigh in. Oh yeah... we break the rules.

My food... yum yummmm

Lynchburg Lemonade.... ♥

Origami Flower made by Jen, awesome isnt it! I still have it kept safe in my lounge :)

It was a really nice night to chat, eat good food, have a drink and just generally do something different. I work so much that its nice to let me hair down every now and then. 
Im hoping there is many more of these nights! 


Christening day!

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