This weekend...

I went for a work meal to an all you can eat chinese buffett, and i actually didnt want to eat much, its a miracle! work even paid for it, and a couple of drinks :)

I wore - top from H&M, Jeans from Next and Shoes from Topshop.

We got new Bedding as well this weekend, its SO comfy!!! - and only £25 from Next total bargain.

Xmas decorations! - only problem is there all wonky and dont stand up, and one of them's leg snapped off, so there being sent back, and im going to get this instead -

Someones being playing COD Black ops lately... and he even let me have a go, and i suprisingly didnt do too badly!!! lol

We are in prep for xmas day, and we made our round table into a square one to fit more people round it, looks nice i think -

I made a start on writing some xmas cards out whilst i was cooking sunday dinner (it was my turn, and im not as good as mike at making roast potatos.... ha!)


Finished off with X-factor.

Thats it for this weekend...

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