My birthday want list.....

I turn 24 on the 11th July, so just over a month away... eeek! (24.. omg... i dont know if i can handle being a year away from quarter of a century!!!!) *deeeeeeeeep breath*

These are Top of the TOP of my list...

(i would love the middle black ones, checkerboard ones, and the pink top right)

2. I love the clothes on Forever 21, never even knew this site existed until yesturday!

1. Sailer pumps - £
2. Love is beautiful boob tube - £10.50
3. purple bag - £16.75
4. Blue french dog sweater - £9.99
5. wishing on a star t-shirt - £10.40
6. red bag - £21.75
7. HK hoody - £18.75


3. Hello kitty Momiji Dolls, i have one of these anyway from my 21st birthday, but its not a hello kitty one like these-

I really want the one in Yellow called Chiriro - bargain @ £9.95


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