London Afternoon tea at The berkeley round 2!

Ohhh we did it again...

Myself and my bestie went off to London for afternoon tea a couple of weekends ago, we made our booking for the Pret a Portea afternoon tea in January, so you need to book well in advance!

We popped to Carnaby street first as we have never been there before, I dont know why i havent been there before as the shops are awesome! (See the next blog post for my haul!)

We had the spring summer collection this time which included some amazing food, the sandwiches you can see down there were made with strawberry bread! So so so tasty.

The cakes were lovely, one of them had a edible flower on top!
 We decided to try out an Uber, after all the hoo ha on the news about it i decided to give it a go, you can get free £10 credit* if you use code ubergeo87 (dont say i dont treat you!) *when you use the code it gives me £10 credit as well

We felt all post getting collected by a taxi outside the hotel rather than walking to the tube, we went straight to covent garden to have a mooch about and hunt out somewhere to get cocktails. We went to covert garden Piazza which i have never managed to find before, and its so pretty, i love the buildings and watching the street performers. They also have a really well laid out accessorize which we had a good look round.

After we had shopped some more we went to Maxwells for a well needed cocktail.

Mine was a Berry beam (Jim beam mixed with sours, crushed ice, mint leaves, strawberry puree) ♥

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  1. I've not really considered that Uber thing before but i guess that if there's more than one of you travelling it makes sense. Looks like a lovely day and I can't wait to see what you bought - I love Carnaby Street!


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