Zatchels - Mini leather Satchel

Oh yes...

Oh yes i did. I got myself a satchel from Zatchels.


*fist pump*

I was being a bit sneaky and checking my personal emails and saw *FLASH SALE 70% OFF*

I have never been so fast to whip out my card and buy something without second guessing it.

I love satchels, and i have always wanted one from this company but i would never have paid £75 for one, even if it is real leather.

But i got this baby for £23!

I love the dark brown leather, and i cant wait for it to age so that the edges get that fluffy worn leather look.

Its a mini satchel so you cant fit alot in it, its about the same size as my Samsung S5, if i had a small wallet/purse i could probably fit it in as well. Its cute though, and ill make use of this, even if i have to narrow my stuff down to just essentials. 

This is basically a birthday present to myself... you have to treat yourself sometimes!

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