CODE Beautiful volumising mascara review

I was very lucky to be given a mascara from CODE when i went to the Dowal Walker xmas event. I had never heard of the brand prior to going to the event;


The Brush
I have honestly never worn a mascara that makes my eyelashes feel nice after. I dont get that cruddy dry lash feeling when i remove it. Its makes my lashes look natural and not clumpy.

I wasn't given this to write a review, i genuinely love it. I had a little read up on their website and it says that the formula has vitamins, and wax to help encourage lash growth.  It has little teeny fibres in the mascara which really makes a difference in the length of my lashes. In the photo above im wearing one coat of the mascara... can you image if i layered it up! 

I also noticed on the website that it sells for just short of £20... now i have to admit i would not pay this for a mascara, i begrudge paying for my Maybelline Rocket mascara... so when this runs out it will have to go on my xmas list.


  1. Wow that makes your lashes look amazing, and after just one coat?!? I think this might have to go on my mascara list too... Great blog hun xxx

  2. Oooo....loving the look of that and always trying new mascara's out. Might have to pop this one on the 'wishlist' x


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