This weeks Randoms...

I decided this week that, now im an ' Adult ' i can have what ever i want for breakfast...

So if i want Curry and rice from last nights takeaway, ill bloody well have it!!! yummmm

(Veggie Korma, and pilau rice!)

I also had pasta bake for breakfast this week, nothing better than last nights dinner for breakfast.. :)

Saw this cushion and decided my Sofa needs it... funky!! - only a tenner as well.

How Random is this rubbish Bin??? - a kid ran up to it and stuck his arm in its mouth, whilst its mum preseded to come running after him saying ' dont stick your arm in there its a rubbish bin - Yuk' - did make me laugh.. :)

This is a broach i made this week, all makde from Felt and fabric... posted it off to someone who bought it from me. I make headbands too, there quite cool.

My Fleecy pillow case! - courtesy if my dad :) ♥ it!

Yumm yum yum Melon and Grape pot from M&S.

Thats all for now... i think there is enough randomness to last for a while


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