Weekly Randoms

This weeks randoms....

The BEST dinner i think i have ever had!!!

(Mozzarella burgers, Aubergine with tomato and garlic on top, Salad + Cous Cous.)

Take away Curry we had last night.
Vegetable Korma, with Pilau rice, Naan bread and popadoms!!!


Chocolate ice cream with cookie pieces!

Extra Yummmmm

My fish tank was cleaned, looks lovely and sparkly now, found a dead fish as well.. :(
Neon tetras are not hardy fish at all... you only have to look at them and they die... lol

My Hello kitty Lantern, Love it!!

One of my places of work.... the crap paid one, that i actually enjoy working at... go figure.

Mini Hello kitty pens! ♥

My fridge... with LOADS of Random stuff on.. Post cards from dad, Photos, And lots of Hello kitty!

We went food shopping, the fridge is full...

Over and out.

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