Its wierd to think, 'What was i doing 5 years ago?' If i was asked 3 years, i would have no idea, but... 5 years ago me and mike were preparing paperwork, signing away on mortgage paperwork. I was making numberous phone calls to our mortgage adviser Andy, really nice, decent, and chatty man. I remember once you called him you couldnt get him off the phone.. had more rabbit than sainsburys that bloke.. ha!

I remember our little flat, tiny in comparision to where we live now, although more private.. the layout made it more cozy, it was Home.. our first home together. ♥

Crazy to think, now 5 years later we have 2 dogs who are like our children..... (even have their own xmas stockings.... with their names on... yep have i told you yet, im a bit crazy..)
5 years is such a long time.... so many things have changed. Back then in 2005 i thought i was an ADULT ! - ha. I dont think im an Adult now, so i definatly wasnt back then.

I had minimal respionsibilities back then, rent, food, Pet food - thats it. Digging in the memory box in my mind is painful sometimes though, i remember how i had pet Rats, Rizzo and chico first, then Demon and Taz. To most people they are vermin, to me they were my LIFE, i think not being allowed pets as a child i went a bit overboard as an adult, i get too attached to easily.
These rats had the best of everything, lived in a rat equivilent of a palace... had the best food that i spent hours mixing up, buying about 10 different ingridients that meant they had the best varied diet... ugh. The pain of remembering them is something i hide, i dont like to think about loising them. It is what i imagine losing a family member is like, only that will be a million times worse.

I remember feeling rushed with christmas in 2005 as we didnt know when we were moving house, we put the tree up but it didnt feel festive.
strangely enough the one reason i should remember that christmas is that Mike proposed to me.
looking back now i realised i was too young, i was too scared/embarressed to tell anyone as i thought people wouldnt take us seriouisly. Although we have had the ups and downs of any usual relationship its only this year that i feel like the engagements REAL! - and i dont care who knows it, i want to shout it out to everyone. IM GETTING MARRIED!!! Woooo ♥

I remember one present i got for xmas that year.... so random. A teddy chihauhua in a purple tub. (storage tub?!) Why cant i remember anything else? Oh and my engagement ring.

Nice isnt it...

I LOVE with a capital L the idea of having some kind of tradition for christmas, we have a summer one which every year we do. (We goto the beach with a group of friends)

I think this Xmas, im going to Text a bunch of people and set a time and date to meet at Costa coffee, have a nice drink and chat. (and cake! yummm)
Just a group of girls to chat, talk shopping,talk about what we want, and dont want for Christmas... eek! - im going to get on to them texting now...

(Im taking part in the Princess lasertron Radvent blogging event)

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