Wish List for 2011

Here is a few things i cant stop thinking about.....

I have one print from this Etsy shop, but i plan to get some more - (click dreams pic for link to shop)

(I want this for the bedroom!! ♥♥♥)


Emma Bridgewater
I cannot believe the tea pot i want is reduced in sale to £25!!!! from £59.95!!! argh so typical that i cant buy it.... well not 'cant' but wont spend money on anything non essential at the moment.... i can dream though, and put it on the birthday list... ;o)

Isnt it lovely and vintage looking.... wouild love lovely in my kitchen, for my morning tea... *sigh* if you need my postage address for an early birthday present email me... haha


I cant wait until Mike and me get Married, i can get some Gorgeous jewellery like this from the Vintage pearl!

Mine will say G + M though... obviously.. :o)

I really, really and i mean ... REALLY want to treat myself to a bouquet made my Meg from Princess Lasertron, i do deserve a lovely homemade fabric bouquet for my wedding dont i?

Lovely, gorgeous, neeeeeeeed one!!! :o)

I was also toying with the idea of buying a bouquet kit, but i dont know if i have the time or
patience to make one, when the ones she makes are so fab.


A random thing i would very much love... but will never get... lol

The house that YHL Sherry and John live in .... *dreaming!* of living in such a nice large 1 level house!


Check out the sunroom, thats my dream room. I could just sit in there and read, or play with the dogs and just relax!

One day, we will have a nice house, with a sunroom / conservatory, space to run around and play with our doggies... ♥


I think thats enough wants for now..... :)

(Photos are from the sites listed below them)

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