2011 ... Already?!

Arhhhh where did 2011 come from?

2010 went so quick i barely remember it.

This year im going to try and savour every moment of my life... because i have a feeling its oine day going to be 2027 and ill look back and think .... blimey remember when it was 2010, i was 23... and now im 40... lol

I recieved a lovely Paperchase Journal for Xmas, im going to use it to actually document my wedding planning, thoughts and feelings for the years events that will get thrown at me.

So far over Xmas and New year - 2 friends have celebrated births of babies, 1 person i went to school with Died (in my year, didnt know them all that well).... it hit me, 23 isnt an age to die. Why her? why did she have to die ... There is so much we 23 year olds have to live for.

I want to make this year a year to remember!

  • Get married
  • Lose weight
  • Work hard + Save hard!
  • enjoy the things in life that are FREE
  • Spend time with Loved ones, exspecially my great Nana, as i feel this is going to be her last year.... it saddens me to say. :(

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