Anna Lou Jewellery... Love it!

A favourite website of mine is Anna Lou she has amazing jewellery, i have 3 necklaces made by her, and i just bought my sisters birthday presents from her to -

There is a couple things i love on there at the moment -

Shopper Bag - £12 ... BARGAIN! Wooo

G Necklace - £10 on sale! :o)

I was also thinking that i kinda wanted some nice earrings for the wedding, then i saw these and i thought they would fit into my union jack theme for the wedding quite well... AND there only £15! super bargain :o)

Also fitting in with the Wedding theme i thought it would be good if Mike bought me this...

And... i kindly sent him the link on Facebook... hehe!

So many Initials ...

£15 bracelet, total bargain... i need all these intials!
£30 g Necklace, love this one its quirky! - reminds me of the letter fridge magnets!

Oh how i love you Anna Lou... ♥

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