Sweet 16...

I cant believe it, my sister Bow is 16 tomorrow....

I can remember when she was born, she looked like a little pixie.. :)

Me and Bow have had one of them typical sibling relationships where i hated her growing up, she ruined all my stuff when i was at school, it drove me mad. it got to the point where i said to mum i had enough and i moved to my grandparents. I havent been as close to my sister really since i moved out.. even when i moved back and we wernt room sharing.. I feel closer now though, i feel now shes that bit older and we can talk about adult stuff that its good, sometimes i just wish there wasnt a 7yr age gap and that we could be of a siimilar age.

I have been baking today in preperation for her birthday... Im taking a plate of cupcakes in her favourite colours to a restaurant that were having her birthday dinner in. She doesnt know... i love suprises!

I have even sorted out some nice helium balloons that say 'sweet 16' on them, got to remember to pick them up tomorrow...

Any way, here's some baking pics from today:

(Supplys for icing the cupcakes!)

Took so long to make them, but it will be worth it tomorrow when i see her face! :)

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