Whats in yours?

Your handbag that is..

Apologies for the blurry photo...

Firstly my bag is from Ravel - its leather and cost me ..... *drum roll please* £3.99. Bought in the british heart foundation charity shop!
I love it, but its really slim so i cant get everything in very well.. gah!

So this is what i have with me on a daily basis-

1. Business cards for my Photography
2. Medication
3. Door keys - (which i need to remember to put in my bag.. got locked out yesturday! :(
4. Lip balm!
5. ipod nano - present from mum & mike for my 22nd birthday
6. Work id card
7. Hello kitty & Elmo pen - present from my stepmum in JAPAN, my 2 fav caracters together!
8. Paperchase diary
9. Cover up stick
10. Mirror - hello kitty of course... ;)
11. Purse
12. Food voucher for Mac Donalds, ya know incase i get the fast food craving

Thats it... i scaled down my bag as i used to have a huge Betsyville over the shoulder one, but i carry too much crap around with me, so this is the set up at the moment.

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