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Have you heard of - I hadn't until recently,  i had dismissed it at first thinking it was sports /surf wear... but then i looked closer and found some hidden treasures! ♥

 I put together my wish list of things that i would LOVE for this winter... the catch it had to be less than £250! I came in at *drum roll please* £247.93!


1. Animal Blessings Jacket in colour 'Grape Leaf' - £99.99 - Click
Perfect coat for this painfully cold weather, Fur trim hood, Utility pockets which are always useful when you have two dogs, plus the cotton  lining is all stripey - Bonus! ♥

2. Element Baby Bag in 'Caramel' - £24.99 - Click
Love this little bag, its like a sack, it goes over your body with the strap of you can detach the strap. It has the one compartment which closes via a draw string plus a inner pocket (you cant lose anything in this bag!)

3. Animal Enhance top in 'Charcoal Marl' - £44.99 - Click
 I am not a bird lover.. but this season I'm loving Owls, i just cant get enough, to the point where my colleagues take pictures of Owl things and send them to me! ha ha
This tops made from Knitted yarn, its scoop neck and a nice slouchy fit. Perfect for layering up.

4.  Animal Weezer Leggings in 'Phantom' - £19.99 - Click
I love a good pair of leggings, and the have to be thick material, nothing worse than seeing someones leopard print thong shining through for all to see. Plus the waist bands a nice touch.

5. Pieces Blika round earrings in 'Gold Leaf' - £3.99 - Click
Bargain central alert... how cheap are these, plus they don't look 'cheap' either. I thought they would be a nice girly touch to a somewhat Tomboy-ish style outfit.

6. Firetrap Savel Scarf in 'Black' - £9.99 on sale - Click
I have a thing for scarves, i just like a simple plain old winter scarf. I think it is something that's ageless and you can wear with anything.

7. Rocket Dog Boots Tansy style - £43.99 on sale - Click
One thing i need desperately is a new pair of boots, these look so snug. I like pull on boots as they save time when I'm trying to dash out the door with the dogs. However these boots still look fashionable with their toggles, corduroy and faux fur trim.

I hope you like my Wish list.. ill just go and imagine I'm wearing all these lovely things :)

Go check out it has 750 branded items and free 2nd class delivery on ALL orders! (now we all know that's a rarity on most online shops!)

Happy shopping!

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